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Dr. Dean Ornish
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Published: 10 years ago
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Dr. Dean Ornish

500 cancer gene expressions changed within 6 months with diet and lifestyle changes...

measured and presented...

You may have heard of epigeneitics and epigenomics, or nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics.

Problem today is that the vast majority of our food sucks... Genetically modified, with no idea of the repercussions;

The American Academy Of Environmental Medicine Calls For Immediate Moratorium On Genetically Modified Foods

sprayed very heavily with poisons that cause metabolic disruptions and hormonal alterations - one reason why some streams and rivers do not have male fish anymore...

Read Journal of Molecular Endocrinology...

Processed foods - this crap alters our genetics for the worse... and so does the following...

Modern livestock methods... which is not only appalling, but also creates a very poor quality protein product and dangerous fat.

Ever wonder why grass fed organic meet was tough? It is because the nutrient value and the quality of the protein is much higher... denser, heavier... and grass fed animals compete with fish for omega 3 content... how does that happen? Genetic changes... healthier animals... you are a Dr. are you not? This is a no brainer for people around here... they understand it, why don't you?

Of course if you know to leave this type of meat out for 12 hours or more before cooking, you will relax the proteins and start the digestive process... much like an animal that buries a kill.

And guess what? Fish raised in fish farms are also found to be a VERY poor quality of protein and have significantly reduced levels of omega 3s... and the fat is not so good either...

In fact, bad refined fats are most likely a huge problem for us, in addition to the refined sugars and refined proteins...

Man is who he is today due to healthy fats... what is your brain primarily? You want a junk brain, or a healthy one?

Wild caught fish is much, much better and this is proven... humans screwed the pooch AGAIN.

Pollution - environmental stress also causes genetic change... The Center for Environmental Genetics found that genetic changes can start during gestation in the womb when mom is exposed to chemicals and/or pollution of any kind, another found that genetic changes for asthma and allergies begin to occur JUST 3 days after living near a busy freeway,.

Darwin had part of it right anyway, whether you belive in evolution or not... so did Antoine Bechamp.

You may want to look him up... word has it Pastuer plagerized him and misrepresented his work... of course Pastuer was recognized... he had the money and politicians behind him...

The best Science is lost because of politics and money... and I bet you have seen it for yourself given your years in the industry...

Also the times you have kept your mouth shut when a colleague or yourself made a mistake... I know, I am surrounded by friends and family in the industry.

there is tons more...

get busy... there is a lot to learn.

Medicine including genetics is after the money, PERIOD... they will not tell people this stuff - it would eat into their profits.

We are destroying not only the planet, but everything on it and ourselves... because we do not understand how to live... and profit comes before people in all areas of industry that matters... water management, food industries, genetic engineering (no ONE knows what repercussions this will bring... but some, like the group above calling for a moratorium, are already seeing bad news today and on the horizon), manufacturing industries and the chemical industries...

Great grandma diagnosed with breast cancer, refused ALL treatment... lived 25 years passing in her 90's in her bed... after going to sleep on her own the night before... on the second floor... of course she ate great and lots of good home grown greens.

Have a nice day...



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