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--Invincible-Answer--Purpose of this Forum--Goal
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Published: 13 years ago
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--Invincible-Answer--Purpose of this Forum--Goal

Hi Maya,

Your comment: Dearest Moreless

I have come to help you :-)

Answer: I am surprised you showed your face again after the way you blocked all your posts when you left curezone approx 18 months ago, but I am glad you have returned and made an offer of help,Thank-you for your offer. End.

>>Part of the problem I have is spending time reviewing some of the posts on other forums where those who Bash and Complain have set up shop!<<

This is where my Vanity is getting the Best of me, when I take the time to respond!<<

Your vanity is THE problem and it's not just your response to others, it's your continued thinking about what others are thinking about you.
Why is it so important for you to have others approval?

Why do you care what anyone says about you and your protocols?

If you really believe in what you have to teach, then you do not need to defend yourself, ever.

The majority of people are not heckling your protocols: Eat good quality food, remineralise, grow food, cheap mineral drinks etc .. most of it people agree with. They are just bored and irritated by your meddling in their business and the childish tit-for-tat.

What you are accusing others of doing is in fact what you are doing yourself. You are the amplifier.

Answer: Thank-you for your thoughts. End.

>>The Bible tells us to not answer a Fool in his folly!<<

The Bible also tells us:

"Judge not lest ye be judged"

"Turn the other cheek"

"Love thy enemies"
If you could try and remember those then you wouldn't get into so much trouble ... again and again and again!

Answer: Thank-you for your thoughts. End.

>>I believe that once I am able to Master myself to Stop reading any other forums and spend my time just on this forum, that much of this problem may be resolved!<<

Ahem!!!!!!!! Isn't this what I said to you right at the beginning and on an ongoing basis? Isn't this why Lapis requested a forum for you and why I originally agreed to moderate for you? And how many years has it been, and nothing has changed?

Answer: Thank-you for your thoughts. End.

>>Now the question I am trying to figure out is How to deal with those who choose of their own Free will to come to this forum to Start Trouble!<<

You are drawing them in. If you stop supplying the manure, the flies won't come.

Answer: I guess time will determine if this shall hold 100% true? End.

>>This is where it gets sticky!

How do I determine and sort out those Genuinely Seeking Help, against the Trouble makers?

What action do I take and How soon against trouble Makers?

If I believe they by their post are Seeking to make Trouble, do I Immediately Ban them?

If in their 1st post, they decide to start telling me How to run this forum, immediately Ban them?

If I feel they are just Seeking to make trouble, do I resist making any reply to them and let others reply and see where it leads and their reactions, before deciding to Ban them?

This is a Big problem for me to decide who, what, when, to ban and not chase away any who are Genuinely Seeking Healing!

I feel that if I can implement a system to control my actions to not cause any who are Genuinely Seeking Healing to feel intimadated or manipulated, as it seems some feel, that we should be able to help many more folks Genuinely Seeking Healing!

In the past I have resisted answering some posts because of the way the person 1st started posting, which made me wary of their True intentions!

Because of this I have been accused of not helping those Seeking.

It has seemed to make no difference how I approach the problem, that I would always end up having a problem, which would grow out of proportion and end up with folks who felt they had Hurt feelings, Egos etc!

I wish to come up with a Solution to overcome this Great Problem!

For the Whole Purpose of this forum should be to help folks who are Genuinely Seeking the Truths in Healing!

I am going to try to implement these ideas which have been made known to me as may be the Solution to bring Peace and Harmony to this forum!<<

There has only ever been ONE solution to Peace and harmony.

It's to BECOME the Peace and Harmony you seek.

It's so simple.
You attract to you what you give out.

It's all about YOUR vibes!

Answer: Thank-you for your thoughts. End.

>>Cause and effect :-)

If any of you feel I am stepping out of line from what God requires of us who are supposed to be representing him, Please let me know, so I may have your support in this Goal!<<

God requires you to Love UNCONDITIONALLY.

GOD IS LOVE? If you represent God, then you represent Love.

Love does not criticise, condemn, war, hate, fight, call names ....

What would LOVE do in any situation? If you could use that to answer each of your own questions then you might get the best God-given solutions.

Compassion, understanding, gentleness, loving kindness ...

Answer: Yes you are correct in these matters about God's love! End.

>>My 1st goal is going to be to Stop reviewing posts in other forums, so as to not influence my posts on this forum!

Then I am going to try to better answer to those Genuinely Seeking Healing and Stop answering those who seem to want to cause Trouble!<<

An excellent goal! Why not make this goal really, really important? Something you MUST make happen?

All or nothing.

Why not make this so important that IF YOU don't achieve this goal that you allow yourself to be banned from Curezone, for good.

The proof that you are achieving this goal is that you never, ever mention members not associated with your forum or quote from other forums again.
Are you willing to fully commit to making this change?

Take complete personal responsibilty and face the consequences - positive or negative?

I dare you to become the person you really want to be :-)

I'm sure everyone will be waiting for your answer.

I hope you take up this challenge to become more God-like! I know you can do it.

Answer: Thank-you for your thoughts, but if I am willing to un-ban those who have caused trouble in the past and help any who show enough humbleness and Genuinely begin to Seek the Truth in Healing, Why should I place myself above everyone else in this respect? After all I am just the messenger working towards the same Goals to improve my lot in Life and learn to become Better, so I may better serve others! End.

>>Somewhere in here I have to figure when to Ban those when they break TOS and Seek to cause Trouble!<<

Don't ban anyone. If you ignore them, they will go away. If you change like you say you want to, then everyone will love you and applaud you, whether they agree with your protocols or not.

For what it is worth, I commend your good work in trying to help others and in offering your time and knowledge freely.

As always, I wish you well and send you my Love

Answer: Thank-you for your thoughts Maya.

Now it is up to me to see what choices I make on a Daily basis to accomplish these Goals!

I have to ask a question of you.

You suggest all these ideas of Love that I need to abide by in relationship to God and I am in agreement, but I am having a hard time understanding Why you left curezone in the way you did and blocked all your messeges, if your True Intent of the Heart is to show love toward everyone?

Could you please share with us how blocking all your posts is showing Love, when this has left gaps in threads and people reading them now do not know what the thread was about or how you offered any love by taking this action?

I think everyone would like to know you are sincere in what you are saying and at this point in time We need some answers for these past actions.

I am being Brutality Honest with myself and admitting my faults and Seeking ways to correct the problem!

Why should I also not expect the same from you, when you offer to help?

Cause and Effect!

Smile Tis your choice.


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