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Image Embedded The 'DO NOT DO' Opus while healing and detoxing:
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Published: 10 years ago
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The 'DO NOT DO' Opus while healing and detoxing:

Remember these statements and ruminate on them the next few days and see how they feel:

1) Pendulums swing while they find balance.
When cleansing and finding something that is really helpful the fulcrum of toxins (broad word here) into your body WILL bring on cold/flu like symptoms. It's what you do at that point that is a marker for how good a mommy you are to your body. It is, in effect, a pointer to that protocol having been effective.

2) Do not let yourself suffer while detoxing.
You're experiencing a 'drunkening effect'. Ask any diabetic what they feel like when they're experiencing sugar imbalance. They appear drunk, don't they? Your body is both flooded with an unhealthful amount of something and lacking what it needs to properly escort it out. There are a myriad of things to do here but they boil down to ABSORB, FLUSH AND REMINERALIZATION. Charcoal/clay/greens, sole (salt solution), protein - the list goes on and each one can be specific to what you've fulcrumed. The answer is NEVER to suffer. That means you are in a narrow window of reabsorption and you don't currently possess the minerals to get it the rest of the way out (or you'd have never found yourself in this position in the first place.

3) Don't add to the body burden and the daily cue:
Do not use skin cosmetics, commercial lotion/cleansers or anything on your skin that you cannot eat, do not drink out of plastic, do not cook your food in teflon. Do not sleep under unnatural fabrics, do not wear unnatural fabrics (especially underwear), do not ever ever use conventional menstrual products - it's organic OR BUST. Do not wear underwire bras. Do not drink out of styrofoam. Do not drink out of a straw or use plastic utensils if you can help it. (enzymes are solvents and what are they doing to that straw or plastic utensil? interrupting your hormones is what). Do not eat out of styrofoam containers or aluminum foil. Do not eat conventional meat PERIOD. While finding hormonal balance DO NOT INGEST ANOTHER ANIMAL'S HORMONES. You will not find balance while doing this. Do not keep amalgams in your mouth. Do not use fluoride in toothpaste. Do not use cleaning products right now that are unnatural (solvents in thru your skin will keep you from balance). Do not EVER wear anti-perspirant.

4) Be weary of any supplements that have sat in a plastic container in a warehouse for a long time. Many of these products have solvents in them or absorption properties - what do we think they're doing sitting in an endocrine-disrupting container than absorbing what it's packaged in? Are we stupid or something??? If you must, get them and then put them in glass immediately. Teeny ball jars from the grocer's are an excellent solution to this.

5) If you can avoid it - don't sit under fluorescent lighting. In your own office? Bring your incandescent lamp from home, baby. No halides that aren't healthful, period.

6) Don't be around things that are low vibratory for you.
We are resonant beings - we resonate what we're around. Think about how happy you feel on a holiday surrounded by people that love you. That has nothing to do with the holiday really - it has to do with everyone resonating a healing and happy frequency. Be near and around the vibration that you love. Your body will mirror frequencies (high and low vibrations) that it's around, period.

7) Do not submit to sleeping/healing in an ugly room.
My personal favorite and I swear this is true: Sleep/regenerate in a room that's hard angles and all white walls? You're sunk. Paint that room a warm or relaxing color (ice lavender/storm blue is my favorite) and you will notice your health get better in days. When we feel the impending 'must do, must be this way' feeling from hard angle white walls we never feel like we're in the womb and can heal. I have a satin fabric installation on my ceiling for color therapy and it makes all the difference in the world, with colored walls. Trust me - it works. Here are two photos of ceiling installations that I stare at when castor oil packing and/or any healing:

This one was $20 total to do (well with christmas lights maybe $30):

This one is a bit more expensive but worth it, I think I spent a total of $100 on it but it's been hung in 3 homes of ours now and is a permanent fixture in our lives. I sleep under this every night:

Anyone can do this. I'll show anyone how that wants this. Do this above a child's crib or room and you'll see your child's creativity and healing potential sky rocket. We are not meant to live and regenerate in boring rooms. I believe this to be a HUGE factor in our unhappiness as a people. What, 60-70 years ago we started sleeping in white angry-angled walls? Sure, it's for lighting and energy saving....riiiiiiight. Bleh! Fix that! Go to the 'oops' paint section at Home Depot & the like and pick some colors. Granted, don't sleep in it that night or the next, good ventilation - hell - pay a couple of kids $20 each to do it for you - but get er done. Looking up at healing, calming colors & fabrics while breathing will do wonders to get you further on your healthful path!

Bright Blessings!!

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