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Published: 12 years ago
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Hey Cora ~

Can you read either Japanese or Polish? I found two articles on Calcium-Phosphate metabolism in Addison's Disease... which is most likely not nearly as rare and they think and has all the same symptoms as Adrenal Insufficiency. Here ya go if you feel like tracking them down and translating them...

Here's info on Disorders of Phosphate Concentration...

It could be your kidneys, it could be from the re-feeding, it could be ongoing cachexia as loss of protein gives off phosphates, it could be from any number of things...... and I'm still guessing that all your problems are stemming from blown out adrenals! You're symptoms... including your recent report of pernicious anemia that quickly reversed itself... are almost identical to mine with the exception that I never stopped eating or lost my appetite.... with the exception of a couple of times when my tummy got upset from the low dose hydrocortisone I'm taking... which irritates the stomach if taken without food. (I also wretched a couple of times when further traumatized recently... but that's a special story that warranted another video. It's in the can... as they used to say. Let's just say for now that I'm surprised they didn't dress up as aliens and drop me into the marsh near Cherry Point, NC! *lol*)

You can locate all sorts of info on Addison's Disease/Adrenal Insufficiency...'s_disease

This is a particularly good one... and you can afford it...

And this one's got some real gems from old medical texts...

(A little bit of trivia.. if you dig deep enough into Thomas Addison... you'll find that he even used Coca-Cola as one of his treatments for Addison's Disease! This may very well be the reason the Coke Flush that Dr. Sutter recommends works so well on some people... because the phosphoric acid helps with the liver and Coca-Cola STILL contains coca leaves! And Pepsi... it was formulated by a chemist and contained pepsin as a stomach aid! Yessireebob... we've not only been fighting drug wars... we've also been fighting Cola wars too!)

Now... none of the information regarding Addison's Disease is entirely accurate... and I'm betting that the Adrenal Insufficiency comes first... before the auto-immune antibodies that would show up for Addison's Disease or before the tuberculosis or parathyroid problems or a long list of other medical conditions. You had indicated previously that you thought your mold sensitivity led to the problem with your adrenal glands. It works the other way around. I had a severe case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Systemic Candidiasis, and EI/MCS... that caused me react to all kinds of stuff! (I was one of Dr. Theron Randolph's last patients before he retired.) I was also subclinical hypothyroid, anxious and depressed... plus had endo and uterine fibroid tumors... and had been sick with one thing or another for most of the years of my life! When your adrenal glands are healthy and your ability to deal with stress are in good shape... all of those conditions will very easily and rapidly clear up with minimal additional medicines! I eliminated every bit of that prior to Jan 2008... including returning my cycles back to clockwork... and even with now having Adrenal Insufficiency, an Acquired Brain Injury and Epilepsy... I'm still not having any of those previous symptoms... except my cycles have stopped for the last couple of months! No hot flashes or any other peri-menopause symptoms... just no bleeding... and this has gradually changed since the onset of my Adrenal Insufficiency. My own doc has me now diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome again... but it is entirely different qualitatively than what I had before. Its consistent with the type of fatigue that's experienced by people with a Brain Injury.

Speaking of which... wanna have some fun?

I had contacted the Brain Injury Association of Illinois and asked them to send me literature that I never received. Of course... nearly every doctor in Illinois would like to deny that I have an ABI... but it's not stopping them from using my test results, signs and symptoms to come up with new research studies! Take these for instance...

See if you can get John Hopkins to do a saliva cortisol test on you... they can confirm that you have Adrenal Insufficiency. Tell them that the cortisol blood tests are not accurate... and they're absolutely worthless if they're also stressing you out! They can also forget about the ACTH Stim... since it's probably missing heaven-knows-how-many cases of Adrenal Insufficiency! Provided they use the right saliva cortisol test... it will also let you know if you have Reactive Hypoglycemia... which can lead to Neuroglycopenia if the Adrenal Insufficiency is not treated. That's a real bummer because repeated bouts of that and *WHAM*... you've got yourself an Acquired Brain Injury! (If they won't do the test... call me when your cut loose and I'll hook you up!) See if they'll have a neuropsychologist conduct either a Halstead-Reitan or a Luria-Nebraska. I don't have the H-R testing equipment.... or I could also do that for you myself. I could look over the test results and review the report if they do it at JH. They should be able to then diagnose you with an ABI... although based on your symptoms alone... from what I've read... there's a pretty good chance that you may have one. Then try to get them to run an Ambulatory Video EEG... which will tell you if you're also having seizures. These can come about from untreated Adrenal Insufficiency or Hypoglycemia... and also from a Brain Injury itself... and you want to make sure that you find out because those suc***s can cause more brain damage too! If you send me a list of ALL of your symptoms in detail as well as what makes them better and what makes them worse... I can tell you of another test that they could run. I'm pretty sure I already know the answer... particularly in your case... but it would be interesting to see what the results were anyway... and I'd bet that they didn't run it on me with their last little stunt! Oh... I could also arrange for the Ambulatory Video EEG for you too... and you can even have it done in the comfort of wherever your staying. Should you decide to come to Chicago... I can also suggest some excellent accommodations.

Anyway... back to that link up there from the BIA of IL... if they figure out that you have an ABI... you can go to the Survey section. (That whole research section is all new by the way... and what a coincidence that so much of it either directly or indirectly is something I've experienced or had familiarity with!) The top link under survey will take you to a questionnaire that deals with writing abilities... here..

I know my handwriting was about that of a 4 year olds for a while.. but it's already gotten quite a bit better... as has my typing. I still make all sorts of mistakes... but nothing compared to what I was doing before. And if you come to Chicago and are having trouble with insomnia... you could also sign up for the Insomnia Acupuncture study! I'm debating about doing that myself... although those needles are so much more painful when you have Adrenal Insufficiency... and there's a whole world of difference between someone who sticks acupuncture needles in ya and someone who really knows Traditional Chinese Medicine. I don't know the doctor who's doing the study... so I have no idea how good she is as an acupuncturist or whether or not she also knows Chinese herbs or about a TCM diet. I DO know that by going to the homepage... and then clicking on the new Brain Injury Toolkit...

... and watching all their videos... there's still so much that they have to learn... particularly about Acquired Brain Injuries... and especially those that are caused by a metabolic disruption. It's unfortunate that they would rather portray me as nuts instead of acknowledging that they made a mistake and that I DO indeed know what I'm talking about! I suppose they're all bent out of shape because I don't have a medical degree... but THEY haven't spent over 10 years with their ass on a meditation cushion or studied natural healing like I have either! They also don't have the training as clinical health psychologists... nor done neuropsychological testing... nor have they likely experienced the other illnesses that I have! And they certainly don't have the nearly 50 years of experience with trauma that I do! So yea... you bet I know what I'm talking about... and they should be lucky that they didn't get their education in the way that I did! I have half a mind to work myself up into a real good agitation and let them know what I think... but I have much more productive ways of using that energy!

Also... here's some general info on phosphorus...

Make sure that you're careful with electrolytes in general... and particularly calcium and potassium...

You also might be interested in reading this...

You do know that bromide was used to treat seizures... yes? In fact... bromide was one of the ingredients in that beautiful cobalt blue bottle of Bromo-Seltzer... since replaced by acetaminophen. That's unfortunate for those of us with any sort of seizure disorder... but the guys probably like it because bromide's an anaphrodesiac. In fact... that was one of it's original uses... to reduce the incidence of erections in British soldiers during WWII. I wonder if that's when they also came up with the idea that drinking sea water was also deadly... because if the soldiers were already taking bromide and then drinking sea water on top of it... they were getting a whopping dose! You did know that Sea Salt has bromide in it as well... right? So the Iodine pushes the bromide out... and the Sea Salt flushes just puts it back in!

As I said a long time ago... the effectiveness of Iodine therapy is more as a result of the Sea Salt and vitamin C... both of which support the adrenal glands... than it is about high levels of iodine! J. Crow was right about only needing a little and kelp will do the job too! The miraculous "cures" that are attributed to Iodine therapy are the result of people who do not already have major adrenal problems using the companion nutrients. The added support to the adrenal glands... and hence immune functioning as well as a bunch of other good stuff... allows a person's body to naturally be able to heal itself. On the other hand... for someone like yourself... or vets... or anyone who's experienced major trauma... iodine could very well kill them! And there are PLENTY of people who have reported all sorts of problems with iodine therapy... only their posts have been hidden or they've been too afraid to post about it!

It's amazing the things that some guys will do for a little wood and a lot of ka-ching! It's also time for little boys to grow up and become real men!

*Here's something else for you on DHEA... although I wouldn't suggest using it until you've had your levels tested... which the test I use does. Neo will also probably find it of interest... since a doctor once told him that he didn't need any at all!

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