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What is "Saved" from a NDE Perspective
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Published: 10 years ago
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What is "Saved" from a NDE Perspective

Before my NDE, I had a very limited understanding of who God loved... Even the name God didn't really fit the being of light I met. I died believing God loved people just like me but returning I realized God loved the love in people not like me;

God exists for every soul who has ever delighted in a beautiful sunset....or admired a butterfly as it drifted by...floating on the air... and God exists in a mother's smile... as she looks on her child as he shares a toy with a friend... God exists when an old woman gives up her seat on the bus to a young woman with frazzled hair and three kids clinging on to her dress... God exists in the playful laughter of children as they play nice with one another on a playground in Ad-Dawr, Al-Qādisiyyah, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Athens, Atlanta, Annapolis, Auckland, Alberta, Albany, Austin, Alameda, Acapulco, Anchorage, Arad, Alice Springs, Basra, on the Hopi Indian Reservation in the four corners area near the North West corner of New Mexico, and Fallujah; God exists in the pause of the soldier whose tense finger firmly touches the trigger, looks through his gun-sight...and rests as he realizes the dark shambling movement ahead is that of the kind and ancient old man from the village; God exists in the joyful laughter on the lips of children as far away in Xai Xai- Mozambique , Xangongo- Angola, Xanxere- Brazil; God even exists in Xuzhou- China for children there who do not believe there is a God... but believe in joyful laughter... or a gentleness shown... a kindness or compassion from anyone, anywhere for any reason.... just God by another name...

God exists in most everyone and everything... and while there are a very tiny few who have never had one moment of joyful laughter, ever acted with gentleness, or ever acted kind in any way, could not show compassion to anyone, anywhere for any reason, the prime mistake is to assume many billions of God's children do not know God... God by many names is planted among those who know the God we know and even in the hearts of those who do not know the God we know at all...

God doesn't throw away anything that is in any way joyful or gentle, meek or kind... God who is love... loves the love in you and me and even the love in those who do not believe in the God of our understanding.... If knowing the God of our understanding helps us add more light to the world and if knowing the God of our understanding helps us learn to act with compassion toward our fellow human being... and all of God's creations great and small... then we do well... but if knowing the God of our understanding makes us believe there are many billions of people who do not know God and there are many names that God is called... then we have failed to understand how much God loves the love in all... the love in every last one of us... and God will never throw away love... from anyone or anything... All love is saved by God who is love....

If you are interested in reading about my NDE: Here is my NDE in five parts:

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Part IV - Return to Earth

Part V - Returning to my Body

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