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For BundlesA1 (there's some GOOD stuff in here folks!)
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Published: 12 years ago

For BundlesA1 (there's some GOOD stuff in here folks!)

Well, I've had this post open (along with 4 others) and ready to answer for three days Yell.  Yes, I am behind.  Please accept my sincerest of apologies.

Uny, thank you SO much for the reply! You are so generous with your time and knowledge.  You're more than welcome!  Hopefully I'll be 'more caught up' very soon and able to respond in a much more timely fashion.

I have to make this short because I'm traveling this weekend and haven't started packing yet. Yikes.  Lol, I know that feeling, for sure!

Dairy / Kefir / Sinus infections & "allergies"

I think you're right re. the kefir and dairy. You see, I've developed a sinus infection and major allergy symptoms this week that I attributed to allergies and mold in the air. (Texas summers. ugh.) I hadn't had a sinus infection in a couple years until this... (used to have them frequently). In addition I've been walking around with eyes red, running, itching, twitching (all 4 eyelids!), and puffy! 

Listening to your own doctor within (when one is experienced & knowledgeable enough to hear "truly") is always our best option.  For the most part, if we start "something" and the reaction we get isn't the one we expected (or one that is typically reported), it's generally a good idea to stop the "something" (at least until we do more research and ascertain whether or not our reaction is typical, and what might be causing an atypical reaction.

Allergies to "normal" substances (substances others in the same vicinity, breathing the same air, do not react to), generally indicate overall toxicity/congestion (particularly in the liver).  Of course, if you're a new 'transplant' to Texas, what's normal for Texans isn't normal at all for you.  But I think you're already on the right track!  The more you can do "all together" the more effective your cleansing will be.  Bouncing from one 'organ cleanse' to another, never allows for all organs to be working efficiently at the same time....and if you add juice-fasting into the mix, you'll see things start healing MUCH faster.

Dairy/milk (even when raw organic) is still difficult for our bodies to process (pasteurized dairy is very stressful and actually depletes our bodies of calcium!)...and drinking milk is actually NOT natural to us (although it's embedded into society for centuries).  Think of it - what other animal on earth ingests milk after it weans?  Zero.  And of those animals that DO ingest milk after weaning (lol, none of them), how many of them would naturally drink milk from the teat of a DIFFERENT species?  Zero again (except for those in zoos or places where their mother has died) - but NO animal in nature ever ingests milk after they are weaned.

Yes, in Weston Prices studies cultures that consumed meat & dairy were healthy...BUT, those societies were not dealing with the ULTRA high level of electric/radiation, chemical stressers & poisons that our body deals with daily for decades.  So, staying away from any substance that is 'difficult' for the body is always best (it's imperative when in 'healing mode'). 

My thinking: Maybe I have candida, and to fight it, I need to increase the good flora.

Very logical.

I'd been reading that kefir was fantastic for this and that the lactase it creates (after secondary ferment) "neutralizes" the lactose etc and so it doesn't have the usual bad effect that dairy can normally have. (?) 

That's possible - I've never really studied kefir "in depth" because those great healers I've studies don't use dairy at all (or extremely rarely).  Dr. Gerson allowed a cup of yogurt occasionally (but only after healing was well established); once, Dr. Christopher uses milk as a 'carrier' for mullein (so the mullein would 'mucously stick' to the intestines in a man that had intestinal bleeding & horrible irritation (and he allowed an occasion hard-boiled egg, or eggs in mayonnaise IF using his mayo recipe with added apple cider vinegar).  So I'm not the "go to" for specific details on 'kefir action'.

But this recent sinus infection and "allergy problem" sure makes me suspicious.

It'd make me suspicious, too!

(I've been experimenting with fermented sauerkraut and kimchi and pickles... Just not as delicious as a kefir smoothie. 8-(  ) 

I understand - THE hardest battle we have in front of us is retraining our taste buds (Dr. Christopher knew this and talked about it frequently)...I'm an Iowa farm girl at heart...milk (particularly CREAM), ice cream, CHEESE (omg, will I EVER lose the craving for cheese? :::giggle, I hope not:::: shame on me!)

Will cut it out for a few days and observe the difference. 

That's always the wisest choice, methinks.  Of course, if you've actually managed to get a true infection going, cutting out the dairy isn't likely to remove the infection.  Still, you should be able to tell how you feel.  Also, there's also the possibility that the vast amount of various probiotics caused some major die-off (if indeed, you're sure you have candida).  There's also the possibility that the vast amount of probiotics (that are not in the same balance/qty your body actually requires) stressed your body.  But with any of the options, it just makes sense to 'give it a rest.

Timing of IF2

I got it. The directions you posted above make this crystal clear, too. Okay... I'm about halfway through my supply and I'm jazzed about how effective it is, so I'm going to order more and move forward doing it the right way (5x/day)... 

FANTASTIC!  I'm jazzed right along with you :)

By the way, over the past 3 years, I've done 3 Colonix colon cleanses, and a Blessed Herbs colon cleanse. I'm sure they are good products, but i'm having fabulous results with IF#2. All this time I assumed my colon must have been fairly clean to begin with, since the other cleanses didn't yield much (better results with Colonix than Blessed Herbs). Now I'm feeling like I'm finally getting it clean with IF#2. I really hadn't thought this formula would make that much difference! 

There are a lot of variables that go into "success" - the fact you've done ANY colon cleansing before is very beneficial, as are the liver flushes (whether or not they "yielded" as you'd have hoped).  Still, Dr. Schulzes formula was designed and perfected in his clinic, on very real patients, that were VERY compromised (the last years he specialized in 'incurable diseases', so many of his patients were on death's door when the got to him).  This is very important.  He was not a 'virgin herbalist working for a company' when he designed these formulas with profit as the bottom line.  He alone was responsible for providing the correct combination & protocols to save (or not) the life of thousands.  He'd studied under the greatest herbalist that ever lived, taught at his school and used the fundamentals he'd learned from Dr. Christopher (and many other successful healers) as he designed healing blends for a more a troubled/toxic time than those before him.  So yes, these formulas sometimes can make ALL the difference.  BUT, we also need to remember that Schulze has been out of practice since the late 80's (and our bodies & environment are hundreds/thousands of times more compromised & toxin than they were 25 years ago) - so it's us to US to 'ramp it up' to meet the health challenges of our era.  I have a very rare version of the Save Your Life manual, and in it Dr. Schulze suggests (for some patients) to take 5 TABLESPOONS of IF#2 daily.  I did that on my last short juice fast, and I had the most amazing results ever.  So don't hesitate to 'ramp it up' whenever you & your 'doctor within' feel that it's necessary.

Garlic and Flukes

Ha! You got it! Garlic and my mexican food dinner... I adore salsa and this restaurant has fantastic salsa. Hot (picante) hot with fresh cerrano peppers, fresh cilantro and lots of garlic! JUST the way I like it. I ate a ton of it with chips. Probably a full cup. 

Well, there ya go - logic & a bit of knowledge is just about all we need!...and critters hate "hot", too!

[An aside here: Were these flukes actually pieces of tomato, for anyone wondering? No definitely not. I know how flukes feel. They have a tough rubbery consistency and don't mush like pieces of tomato would. Also, they have a distinctive shape... Kind of like a mango, flattening out at the ends. In the photo some are pieces of flukes, and the bigger ones look like very mature flukes and are all partial pieces) 

Exactly!  And MAJOR KUDOS TO YOU (for taking the time to learn, compare & examine!).  You're setting an AWESOME EXAMPLE for others, and benefitting yourself immensely! 

All Hail BundlesA1 (the crowd roars!! :o)

I will most definitely follow your advice re. fresh garlic cloves and coffee enemas. But dang, I just can't start it this weekend. (Not to mention i'm still new with the enema equipment and I tend to spray coffee all over the bathroom. Mom wouldn't appreciate it in her bathroom.)  Progress is a process - start when you can.  Here's some tips to prevent 'spraying' (around here, we jokingly refer to that as 'fountains', lol).

--When you feel the slightest urge to expel, immediately start deep/rapid breathing through the mouth (like natural childbirth), many times this will relax the slight tightness that causes the urge to expel (or actual expelling).

--Use less solution - I've done MANY a two-cup CE that has produced the same level of 'liver sounds' (I always use a stethoscope when doing anything liver-related) as the 3-4 cup CE's.  So it won't be a "wasted CE" if you use a bit less solution and 'work your way up'.

--There is definitely such a thing as (what I refer to) "backward pressure" from the liver.  There can be so much pressure coming from the liver DOWN the hepatic artery system, that it can cause a hemorrhoid!  It seems to me this 'backward pressure' happens when the liver is trying to release bile, but too clogged for it all to come out like it should...and that would send pressure down the hepatic artery, causing a need to expel.   Paste from the following link:

I have noticed over the past two years that when my liver is the most congested and/or "achey", that it becomes difficult to retain CE's. I have also noticed that there's a DISTINCT correlation between the "bigness" of my 'need to expel' and the "bigness" of my liver sounds...and that there's virtually NO 'time lag' between the 'sound' and the need to expel. So it's logical to deduce: 1) when you first start doing CE's if you find them difficult to retain during/after big 'liver sounds', that it indicates the liver needs flushing and more attention. 2) That if you've been doing CEs for awhile and start experiencing a more urgent need to expel that correlates with the liver sounds?'s time to get back to work on your liver and give it the TLC it deserves. :)

Here's a picture and LOTS more information about "stethoscoping"

If we're going to be our own doctors, it only makes sense to get as many 'doctor tools' (and learn to use them) as we can!  Besides, listening to your liver is just plain amazing!


Battle plan for Nuking Flukes

(and general health improvement)

  • Change timing of IF#2 to 5-6x/day. Bump up IF#1.
  • More fresh garlic and CEs
  • Try going kefir-free for at least a few days (give my grains a rest); off it completely if i do better
  • Cleaner colon... then more (productive) flushes!

Absolutely awesome plan!  If you'd like to see results even faster, throw some juice fasting in there (even if it's just one meal a day), and you'll be speeding down your healing pathway.  If you haven't read this already, be sure to check this out! -

Thanks again, Unyquity! Feel like I'm finally on the right track.  'Sounds like you are - you're MORE than welcome!  Be sure to keep us updated :)

Healthiest of blessings,




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