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The Effects of John E. Machine on Water
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Published: 10 years ago
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The Effects of John E. Machine on Water

I have been a recipient of the run off water for 3 years now from the LWM5. and recently the man loaned me his unit until returns in October.

I would like to try and explain the effect that the John E. Water machines have on water. I went to the US patent site and read all patents associated to the John E. machine it does not take a rocket scientist to understand the associated patents written by scientist who discovered how to purify water. John E. simply made a small machine that does what the scientist discovered.

the UV will kill and sterilize any water that is exposed to it. But that is not the sole purpose in the Machine. the purpose is to create a pure distilled water without the normal memory markers in water. You see not all distilled water is without memory markers disease and no distiller produces absolutely pure water. the John E. machine produce a water purity level of 00.06 to 00.02EC, and the average home distiller produces 01.40 to 00.02EC, I used an electrical device used by water purification companies to check the water. while the device does not tell you what is in the water it only check the electrical conductivity of the water. basically it just gives an indicator of the waters mineral dissolution levels that conduct the electrical current. that means my deep well water which registers a high 564.4EC may not have any harmful chemicals but has a large amounts of dissolved iron, copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, salt and other minerals etc.

Touching the UV radiation, in the boiling chamber the steam is exposed to a certain level of UV radiation that converts the steam to Ozone, when the Ozone is cooled in the distillation tubes it converts back to water with trace Hydrogen Peroxide which is what ozone turns to naturally when cooled, Even rain water has trace levels of Hydrogen Peroxide naturally, this makes the water Pathogen free. this is why the water works against cancers no pathogens. also explains why nothing will grow in the water for some time after the distilled water has been stored in bottles.

The bond angle of water has been found to be lessened when pollutants are added to the water, the maximum natural water bond angle is actually 104.45 and some believe it can't be changed. However when shown the difference in a water sample from John E. machine they are surprised. Then someone came up with the solution as to why. the hydrogen peroxide and Ozone traces found in the water have wider bond angles that affects the water molecule. Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) has a bond angle of 111.5 and Ozone O3 - Ozone has a bond angle of 116.8.

Something else quite unique and observable is waters natural molecular shape is bent, but after the distilling it seems to be more biometric angular as that of H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) and O3. it would seem that the water takes on some of the traits of H2O2 (Hydrogen-Peroxid) and O3 - Ozone structures. this would answer the question of why the distilled product will form columns, crevices and mountains when frozen. I have had the water form ice peaks in my freezer.

Added together the properties of the wider bond angles can be attributed to the other two trace elements used to create the product. I have not gotten any verification from a Chemist as to the molecular structure of the product but it is still a form of water. it is not dangerous to drink as a matter of fact it has been found healthy is many cases.

Also the machine excites water by centrifugal effect by stirring the water at a high rate of speed. What I have learned when water is excited it becomes H2O+ (positively charge Oxygen)when the water molecule is in this state it can combined at a atomic level easier with other molecules like the H2O2 and O3. thought this is very hard to observe scientifically. But when water is excited it becomes H2O+. I am not sure how it all works but here is a quote from a scientist as to what I tried to say simply and clear, "the solvated electron can recombine with the H2O+ cation to form an excited state of the water, this excited state then decomposes to species such as hydroxyl radicals (HO.), hydrogen atoms (H.) and oxygen atoms (O.). Finally, the solvated electron can react with solutes H2O2 and O3 - Ozone and the solvated protons and then reform the hydrogen oxygen atoms."

Another factor the water being treated is heated to very hot temperatures and switched back and forth to a cooler chamber, this is known as the equilibrium thermodynamic system that is the E5. Now heating the water to great temperatures and then passing it back and forth from one chamber to a cooler chamber and back again this is what causes the water to be able to take on different characteristics of the H2O2 and O3 without becoming either. the equilibrium is done by a certain amount of pressure exerted on the water molecules as they are heated in the boiling chamber then when pressure is to strong it causes the water and mixed gases to pass each other in the tube and cooling chamber the gases of O3 and H2O2 are intermixed in the water and it is this P=KC constant (P=Pressure, K=Kelvin or temp and C=concentration of gases) that works a reaction in the water. I don't understand it all yet but I am still researching about it. it is exciting stuff to say the least.

also see John E. own web site under "how does it work" he will tell you how the machine works.

At this point I feel I must make this Disclaimer, this is my own opinion and theory as to how John E. machine affects water, and not fully verified by the scientific community as I am neither a chemist or scientist. However I am no dummy either. Furthermore. this does not reflect on any opinion or theory of John E., his family or his company as to why his product has a wider bond angle or its chemical components caused by hot to cooler chamber exchanges or UV radiation effects on water or steam. I do not know John E. or any of his family or business associates personally or professionally. But I wish I did.

These were just some of the few things I understood and observed about the functions of the machine, and as I sought to understand what these things actually did to the water it was amazing to see that a little machine could do so much. By the way I have not spoken to you about the chamber and tube sizes and some of the physical things that also attribute to the machines functionality and performance as all these factors contribute to the end product. I am still trying to find out more as to what effect the machine has on water.

But this I can say it lowered my blood cholesterol level, my blood pressure is lower, my heartbeat is lower, my stools are softer and more regular, my Kidney's and urinary tract stays clean and infection free, my little girl thinks I put Sugar in the water (I think you all heard that one before), I let some flowers die in a vase filled with the water the flower completely rotted but the water stayed clean and odor free then I removed the remains of the flower and it took three months before moss grew in it, and the water did cause a strong reaction in my deep well. I had to pump the well clear which took four hours before we could drink it again.

I hope this article will help some of you understand the effects of the John E. Living Water machine has on water. And in so doing this may help you to make a decision as to your purchase of the best water distiller on the market. There are no other machines that I know of that do so much to the water as John E. living water machine.

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