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Back after 2 years - my results
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Published: 12 years ago

Back after 2 years - my results

Hi everyone -
I went through all of this 2 years ago. i had my Amalgams removed by dr. huggins dental team. Then i tried detoxing and had a miserable time! That is an understatement. Considering i flipped out while trying to use DMSA and was like an angry vegetable. Seriously! I could barely walk or talk some days or i was really really angry!! Maybe because covering up the dangerous of mercury kind of upset me ..i don't know! That was pretty hard to take!!! Anyway, being that i was so pissed mom contacted the police to say i was having a nervous breakdown. Anyway, mentioning mercury poisoning got me called "delusional" and got me a weeks stay in the looney bin. What a nightmare experience. I no longer can talk to my mom for doing this to me..and she still has a hard time believing that their is a coverup of mercury toxicity including the intentional coverup of cancer cures and vaccination injuries.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know what finally got me mercury free. I had a disaster with DMSA. I finally found a supplement company that is pure wholefood based supplements. They had a chlorella detox supplement called REL and is made by "systemic formulas". This is what did it for me! I have since been tested for mercury and i don't have any mercury detected in my body anymore. It's been two years. I also used their supplements to detox my liver, kidneys and heart. I was sooo bad 2 years ago..i couldn't be near my computer b/c i was getting electric shocks. And i work online! I couldn't work. In addtion, I was soo bad i would turn my tv and lights on sometimes just by standing near them..i was so electrically charged. I couldn't touch my cat without giving an electrical shock..and my car doors would give me a huge electric shock. I'm now back to semi-normal with the mercury issue. I had help though. I went to see a woman in Hellertown, PA at the Well of Life Center..Cynthia helped me to detox using "muscle testing". She was wonderful ..she also helped my mom detox and saved her from having to go on liver medication by successfully detoxing her liver using the systemic formulas supplements together with standard process brand supplements.
In addition, I would use an infrared sauna at a clinic that i went to. This helped tremendously!!! You don't get the detox reactions after using the Far Infrared Sauna s. Anyway, i hope my info can help you all. I tried the didn't work for me..If you are in the same can try the method i used. it worked great!

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