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Re: concerning you having your mom on a low potassium diet

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: concerning you having your mom on a low potassium diet

Earlier, I mentioned I did not think putting a diabetic on a low potassium diet was good.

I was reading the book the cure for diabetes (highly recommended btw)by Gabriel Cousens and he said on page 84 that "if the diet is depleted in potassium, it can lead to insulin resistance at post receptor sites."

He further states, in part, on pages 221 and 222 that "potassium helps reduce insulin resistance at post receptor sites. It seems to improve insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity. For diabetics, the use of insulin therapy causes the loss of potassium, High potassium reduces the risk of heart disease (BTW 75% of diabetics die from cardiovascular diseases, and lowers blood pressure (which you said hers is too high)."

A study showed groups with relatively high potassium had lower bp than those with relatively low amounts. A study of 17,000 adults showed their was a correlation with high potassium intake and lower blood pressure.

He does state, though, that there is some danger of potassium excess, especially with diabetics and kidney function and that if someone is receiving high potassium supplementation, kidney function should be periodically evaluated. He states that potassium is alkalyzing.

Good food sources of potassium are prunes, tomatoes, artichoke, sunflower seeds and almonds.

Since so many diabetics cured their diabetes with a raw food, low fat vegan diet, it would seem to me that diabetics should not be on a low potassium diet.

Curing diabetes will help most of her other problems since they are pages of things links with high blood Sugar including, of course, hypetension, retinopathy and kidney problems.

Since she has already these complications of high blood Sugar like retinopathy, hypertension, and kidney problems and since a high percentage of diabetics wind up on dialysis and then die within 5 years of that, she should WITHOUT DELAY get on the full incurables program the 30 steps and the other things I mentioned IMO.

Do not make the mistake I did with my mom of being scared to start the incurables until I could try to get her kidneys better. I now realize that (even though she would not do either), my fears lead me to not push even harder I should have pushed full steam with her earlier but due to my valid fears of her being overwhelmed with toxins from detoxing with a chance with such a low percent of function in her kidneys could not get out and the circulating toxins in her bloodstream would make her feel worst, I hesitated. I tried to contact Schulze with my questions and fears, but faile(

I know in my heart, she would not have done it as she resisted strongly for ten years nearly everything I suggested and stubbornly clung to her poor eating habits. Only when she finally saw amazing results in the last months of her life from a few things she finally consented to try, did she want to do it.

Unfortunately, she had as heart attack just as she were in the process of ordering the herbs.

Instead of giving her the stuff I left that had stopped two previous heart attacks, she instead went to the hospital where they killed her. Even at the hospital, shje one tiime consented to taking cayenne and it make her visably better and got from blood pressure from the 30s to normal and stopped much of her pain, she stubbrnly refused to take it again and even got mad at me for crying as I watched her dying as she wanted to go She did tell the nurses after I left in the wee hours, I later heard, that she was worried about me, her oldest daughter, as I had a hard time accepting her death and was resolved to face..I knew she did not have to die even then, but she wanted to.

Still even though I know she would not have done the incurables earlier,even if my fears had not made me hesitate until I could try to get her kidneys better, I now believe that I was in error on hesitating.

I hope you will not make my mistake and will immediately get her unto juice fasting (dilute juices 50-50 with water and concentrate more on veggies than fruits), the full incurables and the 30(now 36) steps before she is hindered by dialysis which forces people to severely restrict their intake of fluids, potassium and a host of healthy foods.

Sometimes our fears hold us back when time is marching them on to even worst health. You are lucky that your mom trusts you with her health, so keep going in the right direction and get her on this stuff ASAP before it is too late.


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