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Gallbladder massage
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Published: 20 years ago
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Gallbladder massage

DO NOT MASSAGE YOUR GALLBLADDER! If some of your Gallstones have a rough surface due to calcification, gallbladder massage could conceivably cause the stones to abrade the gallbladderís inner lining.

On the other hand, if you avoid the gallbladder itself, abdominal massage is not a bad idea at all. It might well get rid of that mysterious pain that remains after youíve purged your Gallstones or have had your gallbladder removed. Iím a massage therapist and I have some information that might save you some money and a good bit of misery.

Gallbladder trouble tends to promote the development of myofascial trigger points (tiny contraction knots) in the abdominal muscles. Pain from abdominal trigger points may constitute a great part of the pain that youíve been blaming on your gallbladder or other abdominal organs. Trigger points create an unimaginable amount of grief through their habit of referring pain to the viscera.

Trigger points in abdominal muscles can cause pain that feels like itís coming from your stomach, intestines, colon, gallbladder, kidneys, rectum, or urinary bladder. Itís not unusual for them to send pain to the genitals, including the ovaries, vagina, uterus, penis, testicles, and prostate. Abdominal trigger points make menstrual pain worse and they are often the unsuspected source of lower back pain. The pain they cause has even been mistaken for appendicitis!

As you can imagine, physicians who are unaware of trigger points, or ďdonít believe in them,Ē are quite likely to misdiagnose their effects. Your officially labeled irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, heartburn, chronic diarrhea, nausea, endometriosis, vulvadynia, and so on, can actually have a cause as simple as these small contraction knots in your abdominal muscles.

Massage therapists are not immune to these things. Let me tell you my own story:

I had been suffering debilitating abdominal pain for over a year before I discovered CureZone. This was somewhat of an embarrassment for me because Iím the author of the current best selling book on pain relief! (See It was only after many months of dedicated work that I did finally manage to subdue my abdominal trigger points with self-applied massage. But they were harder to get rid of than they should have been and they kept wanting to come back. Being an alleged expert in these matters, I was very frustrated and annoyed. Of course, as it turned out, Gallstones were the unknown perpetuating factor.

Alerted at last to the possibility of gallbladder trouble, I was pretty blue for a month or so, believing that surgery was my only option. Extensive research on Medline wasnít encouraging, nor was it particularly enlightening, except in confirming the dangers of surgery. Other information that I found online seemed too much like wishful thinking to give me much hope. Frankly, the herbal approach has never beckoned. I want to see clear evidence of cause and effect, and I donít want to have to try something for six months before I find out. Somehow I had the good luck to stumble onto this wonderful web site and all these amazing fellow sufferers, who are so willing to share their experience.

Iíve done five successful gallstone purges since Christmas and am now 99% pain free (the trigger points no longer come back). I do have a small surge of discomfort a few minutes after a heavy meal, apparently just as the gallbladder squeezes a charge of bile into the small intestine. But itís a very minor thing compared to the pain I had before, although itís probably a sign that some calcified stones remain in my gallbladder. Iím hoping that three or four more purges will expel them. Since Iím now a member of this hilarious club, Iíll be sure to let you know.


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