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Re:35 read all the posts I made in this forum in addition to the 30 steps & more info on juicing
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re:35 read all the posts I made in this forum in addition to the 30 steps & more info on juicing

in addition to the suggestions in the 30 steps, please go through this forum reading all my posts as some info may be in the posts outside these 30 steps.

Remember the full incurables is the foundation and the 30 steps are the aids specific to your illness.

do as many as you can..all for optimal results.

first go through the steps a few times..make a list of all the things you will need to do the incurable program and the steps

Then make a schedule first put in every single things the incurable program recommends, leave out nothing

After you have that schedule see how man times the other things need to be the standing in water to the neck is 1-3 hours daily and the parsley root tincture is 3-5 times a day etc and then pencil in each thing..try to leave 15 minutes between each tincture if possible

be sure to not use the pulp in your juice and to take nothing with it that will interfere with it going right to the do not take the garlic with the juice only with 100% organic bottled juice like maybe with your superfood but save the fresh juicer made juice by itself as taking food with it can cause it to take several hours to digest instead of the 10-15 minutes to assimilate it when it is taken by itself with no pulp nor made in a blender or vitamix..use a juicer as it separates the pulp out unlike the vitamix or blender which uses the whole fruit or veggie.

Dr walker who invented one of the first juicers, the norwalk and is pretty much the father of the modern juicing movement said that taking your juice with food or pulp can make it take several hours to digest and then the vital elements (enzymes, nutrients, atoms and molecules) go mostly to digestion leaving just a small amount for healing and repair.

Also he said that when you use a heavily sprayed fruit or veggie, all the poison and pesticides, herbicides etc concentrate in the plant fibers but do not go into the cells contained within the fibers as they are allergic to these toxins like oil to water.

thus when one triturates and smashes the plant fibers releasing the organic vital elements (enzymes, etc) from the center of the fibers, you have in essence organic juice even from conventional produce,, He says this is his book

thus if one has limited money, they could save the organic produce for eating and use conventional produce for juicing and as long as they do not consume the poisoned plant fibers in the pulp, it would all act as organic in the body.

I thought that was pretty interesting.

I hope this info has been of help to kidney patients and their loved ones and again I dedicate this work to my mother, Simi, who suffered and died on kidney dialysis and who never believed in alternative health till the last few weeks of her life..hopefully, what I have posted if acted upon enthusiastically and with resolve and hard work and belief and courage, will save others in her shoes form the same fate..

Remember what Schulze says..tomorrow is what you do and believe today so get busy and be sure to thank god for leading you to this info and website which is so powerful.

You must work this knowledge, though, to have it work..doing baby steps will not work..go full steam with it and God bless.

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