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for NOTcrazyjuanita :)
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Published: 12 years ago

for NOTcrazyjuanita :)

(from this cross-posted thread:  I am answering here to take the thread out of the cross-posted status, so we won't have to deal with trolls & naysayers)


Greetings Juanita - and welcome to this forum and the world of truly natural health & healing! 


I think you will find all the support and answers you're seeking to learn to heal yourself (and be completely in control of your health for the rest of your life!)

I am finally writing this. It has not been easy to reach this moment, since my symptoms give me so much mental anguish, and I dont know how to get started. I guess, I should use the chronological order.

 I/we understand (about the mental anguish) - you've started right where you're supposed to the beginning.  Good for you!

I need your patience. First of all, English is not my first language.

We'll do our best to have all the patience you need - but if you're worried about English being your second language, stop worrying now!  Your English is very understandable (and much better than that of many people who were born in the US!)


Secondly, this is really the first time in my life that I find myself so sick, really. I can't remember the last time I was sick (a childhood disease, surely, like chicken pox) I had them all, I think. And my mother had a bad time or eclampsia when I was born. My twin sister (9 lbs.) died, and I (2 lbs) survived.

It's hard the first time we find ourselves really sick with no solutions (and as you mention below, doctors are certainly NOT a solution!).  But we have solutions may take you some time to read/learn & understand how it all fits together, but we'll all do our best to support you as much as we can.    It's time for a little explanation: 5 months ago (when I was in the planning stages of this forum), I'd requested a couple of weeks to get all the foundational files & FAQs written before the forum opened, but the forum was opened the very next day.  And I got behind VERY fast, and I've never had a chance to catch up.  So I don't have the information compiled and uploaded (a whole "books worth").  So I (and all the others) will be giving you all kinds of links.  The first one? - is this post I made right before I opened the forum. Even though the post is directed to someone with adrenal issues, the information in it applies to every person (no matter what their symptoms are).  It tells a bit about myself (and my husband, Rocky53); it explains a bit about the difference between truly natural healing and "alternative medicine" (which is rarely natural at all), and has many other links in where you can start learning.   Please be sure to read the two links on juice fasting, the two on colon cleansing, and the two by Dr. Schulze (Superfood, Honest Store - these are short ones :)

I was delicate when I was little, because of my small size and the constant diligent care my mother had to give me (her doctor convinced her that I had more chances to "make it" under her care than within a hospital machine). I guess it is true, since my mother used a dropper to feed me, religiously, and with the help of the extended family ... I made it. I walked when I was 2, but was able to talk at 9 months (not surprising-I am a female). I reached 9 lbs when I was 6 months. Other than that, I did n ot have any other problems at all. 


Great!  You've been a "fighter" since even before you were born! 

Many years have passed by (40) and I am overweight (or frankly obese) 180 lbs. a 5'.

I'm 5' 1", and I've weighed as much as, well....a LOT more than that :)  You'll be surprised at how much easier it is to lose weight once you start cleansing and restoring your body with this protocol.

A few months ago I lost my job and started a search for a new one. I moved in with my sweet little mother and that eased my new stress... My eyes were almost itchy, all the time..did your eyes start itching after you moved in with your mother? Or before?  I ignored that at first, but it became such a constant bother it got me into desperation, no way to calm down my irritated, tomato red eyes... I went to the doctor who told me I had dry eyes and prescribed some drops, good for nothing. Then, I started to read in the Internet, searching.. I found Curezone (THAT WAS SUCH A WONDERFUL MOMENT..I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU!)  We're happy you found CZ and this particular forum - because this forum is all about treating/healing the cause of the problem, NOT putting all kinds of bandaids all over the problem with supplements.

After reading some, I ordered Dr. Shultze Brigheyes solution... That rescued me from that night mare. I started to use his solution in my eyes about 4 times a day and it worked! However, i still use that every day. It will not go away... The Eyebright Formula is fantastic, and it will certainly restore 'dry eyes'...but since you say below that you're still dealing with the itchy eyes, it's likely the problem might be something mold, fungus, mites, some other little critter or parasite

By the time I was dealing with my itchy eyes, I was been aflicted with ichy ears too... but that started slowly, and mainly at night... I used to "caress' my ears at night so much that I even got blood out of my left ear .. I did see it on my pillow one morning... Then, something happened...I got a soft mass or kind of semi liquid growth under my left ear (the one I had bleeding because my rude treatment while sleeping). I did think that was lymph or something.. I ordered CS and started to use silver drops in my ears... That helped!  Great!  Question: did the CS "cure" the problem (is it totally gone now?) or do you still have 'itchy ear issues'?  -I am so happy I found you, Curezone!-- I know i am repeating myself but it feels good and even healing to tell you... It always feels wonderful to find a place to learn AND a place where others 'think like you' and share...and it certainly feels good to "let out" all the bad emotions, fear, despair, frustration and negative feelings!

I was so busy i did not want to see a doctor (i dont like them much.. they would treat my symptoms and disregard the real cause..then they would tell me many scary things and I dont like to be scared...You are VERY wise!  Doctors do not treat the cause of anything; they do inspire fear; and the cells of our immune system actually have receptor sites for neuropeptides (which basically means our immune system actually "listens" to our emotions).  So if we feel defeated & scared, our immune system hears that!   This next link will take about an hour to read, but it's VERY good and I think you'll both enjoy it and learn a lot from it. In the US, the damage done by doctors, drugs, hospitals & surgeries actually add up to being the 3rd leading cause of death. ...and the interview with Dr. Schulze in that link is just amazing.  Any way, I had been reading your forums and I had some kind of inner feeling or intuition, a little voice saying: "you are toxic"- I said to my mama, "I am toxic" and because..  Yes, I agree, it sounds like you are.  But don't beat yourself up over it...almost all of us have abused our bodies horribly - and for the most part, it's really not our fault.  Even though we know inside when we're eating poorly and not caring for our bodies, we generally have NO idea just how toxic and saturated with chemical poisons our food & water actually are...nor do we know how truly dangerous white sugar actually is (and how addicting it is).  Here's an article about white sugar (when you get the time...the links in that very first link are the most important)

Because I was sinning big time against my body, and did not want to admit to it.. I was eating -out of stress_ when I was not really hungry.. Many times, I had stomach acid after eating dinner (without real appetite). I had never experienced stomach acid in my life before, and I was rationalizing: "About time I get acidity, i old enough"...that kind of thinking. I used to PUSH THE FOOD DOWN.. I know I am at fault.. do not really understand what is that mechanism that makes us do hurtful things when we are under stress..But I did that for a couple of months more.. I already had the itchy eyes, and the itchy ears under some control...


Yes (grrrrrr us), many of us eat too much/bad things when we're stressed.    It's fantastic that you're taking responsibility for your actions!  That is THE first part of taking responsibility for your health and starting to heal yourself!!!


As far as stomach acid:  When acid is in our stomach (only) we cannot feel the acid.  It's only when the acid moves UPward into our esophagus that we can feel it.  (Stomach acid is VERY strong, and it's in our stomach constantly).  From our mouth to our rectum is one huge, long tube...and everything is supposed to move DOWN the tube...nothing ever is supposed to go UP the tube.    One of the main reasons we have acid starting to go UPward as we age?  The tube gets layered and clogged with all KINDS of toxins, rotting food, fecal matter, mucous...and it coats the lining of the our lower intestines and narrows the tube.  The tube becomes narrower and narrower the older we get (because we don't give our body regular maintenance like we do our cars - and because we give our bodies the wrong "fuel" and the wrong "oil", etc), and instead of having bowel movements 3-5x daily (like we're supposed to, and like we did when we were babies)...all that food starts going through the tube slower and slower and slower.  And that creates LOTS of gas as the food rots - and that gas is the main thing that pushes the stomach acid upward into the esophagus.    And if you go to a doctor?  He'll give you a drug that causes your stomach to produce LESS acid...and even though that sometimes makes the burning go away, it makes the problem even WORSE!  Because without enough stomach acid, the food digests even SLOWER.  :::eyeroll:::



Well, this is meant to be Part 2. Please excuse me if I am not doing it right.  You are doing fine! :)

I forgot to tell you that that soft mass under my left ear went down and was not visible any more. Only that I can feel an small nodo (limphatic) if I palpate that area on my left side neck. But it is not visible or big anymore. I guess my inmune systme was figting the thing or started to fight like that.  That makes sense.  But it must still be fighting something if it's still there.  There are herbs that bolster our immune system and/or lymphatic we'll likely be able to get rid of that bump without much problem at all.

As I was telling you, I was forcing the food down, not big quantity, but my system did not want it. Now I can understand my body was trying to tell me it did not want to handle food at all. And that is why i am posting this in the fasting forum to see what they think of this there.  You are a lot smarter (and you have more discernment) that most people!  What's the very first thing an animal does when it is sick?  It stops eating!!  You are going to LOVE the article about juice fasting (that's in the first link)!  The process of digestion is VERY complex (from mouth to bowel movement)...and it takes 60-65% of ALL the energy in our body to process the food we eat every day.   But it takes hardly ANY of our body's energy to process freshly juiced fruits & vegetables.  And the fruits & vegetable juices are saturated with all the vitamins, minerals, & enzymes our body needs to heal (more than we could EVER get in "food").  So when we give our body back 60%+ of it's energy AND we give it "super premium fuel" (while we're cleaning out organs), our body heals itself SO much faster than it ever could any other way!

Since I had decided to save on gas I made myself a Walker- I live in a very walkable town. I figured it was going to be good for my health any way. It's great that your town is 'walkable' (and that you started walking!), but I don't really understand what you mean by a "Walker".  Did you need to use your arms to support yourself? ....something like this?


 I started to develop some left foot pain. As always, I disregarded, put it aside, until walking became a very painful activity..suddenly. I had to go to a doctor on emergency basis..They diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis (my feet are tiny with very high arches) and was not used to the amount of walking I demanded from them.

To make the story short, I could only walk now by placing all my weight on my right foot.....And something extremely funny (but tragic) happened... I did hurt my right knee by doing so... Since I was already heavy for my knees, it is easy to understand that my right knee could not take the new heavier, this is funny, but very truth...
I am now walking with a cane, very slowly, not to mention that my job search by walking (and by any mean) has been very limited lately.

I'm familiar with Plantar Fasciitis, and I also have a good idea about the stress you put on your other knee.  Good news!  There's a couple of herbal tinctures and oils (along with hot/cold therapy) that you can do while you're doing the rest of the healing...that will definitely speed the healing of both!  In the meantime, if you can get some Castor oil and a natural fiber cloth, saturate the cloth in Castor Oil (the Castor Oil must be cold-pressed, or organic) and wrap a cloth around your knee (cover them with plastic and apply heat/warmth), and one around your foot every night (this is called a Castor Oil Pack, this will give you a LOT of relief and healing.

My poor sweet mother says that I do not have much common sense. I guess she is right. Very sad to admit it to you...find comfort to know you dont know me personally. This is really embarrasing, but this is my present situation.... regarding motility.  On this forum of Curezone, we ALL know that we ALL have made mistakes...some because we don't have common sense; some because we're stubborn; some because we "didn't know better", etc. etc.  You do NOT have to be embarrassed here just because you've made mistakes.  You should be proud of yourself that you're willing to admit your mistakes (and that you're asking such good questions!). 

Now, I stopped the frivolous eating and started to eat healthier things. I have lost pounds, very slowly, but steady loss.  Good for you!

The problem that is aggravating me like nothing else, I still have to tell you. However, I had to take time to tell you how these symptoms started from the very beginning because I can see they are may be interconnected and there is may be one big reason for all of this, or the combination of many factors. So, I wanted to give you the background.  :::grin:::  With every paragraph I read, the more encouraged I become :)

As or now, I am living on umemployment and with the sweet company and help of my beloved mother. I realized I had to do things more intelligently now,or take care of myself first. It is not clear to me what to do first, or second, or third.

Remember I told you I think I am very toxic. So, I wanted to cleanse myself but I am convinced I have a very clogged or toxic liver. I have read you can not cleanse it when it is so congested.  Yes, you are correct, it's important to do things in the correct order - and we know how to do that :)

Now, abouth a month ago, I found myself suddenly covered by hives, legs, my arms (not my trunk), with these red solid papules of all sizes, ...SO ITCHY! My life is such a misery... I am so thankful mama is around so I can hug her and cry a little out of frustration... (she knows I just need the emotional outlet). There is no end for this itchy thing, I have tried some things, like bentonite and activated charcoall..they the sense, they have not increased since I started to have those things, like 2 weeks ago....

Once you get your body cleansed, the hives will be gone forever.  In the meantime, there's some things you can use to get relief (I'll list those further down).  How much bentonite and/or activated charcoal are you taking daily?  You can take several tablespoons of activated charcoal daily, so don't hesitate to take more if you feel it's helping.  Both bentonite & charcoal can be constipating (and the LAST thing we want is constipation! because that makes everything worse).

People tell me I should not bathe much, but soap and water treatment hurt, but after the bath, I feel good, like when you clean a skin is so sensitive..I have to keep my finger nails short so I dont hurt myself at night... One of the things you can do to stop yourself from scratching when you're asleep is to wear mittens or socks over your hands :)

At first, I went to the doctor, but just to please mama, because I believe they dont know anything about it. They made a lot of questions and prescribed a cream good for nothing (cortisone)... I got Benadryl for myself, so I can get some sleep at night...The Benadryl does not make me sleepy, but gives me the presence of mind I need to cross my arms on front of my body and decide I am not going to use my finger nails again.. in other words, it quiets me, and then, I fall to sleep.

Yes, the Benadryl will help the itching, but both the Cortisone & Benadryl just make you even more toxin in the end.  (sometimes doctors are just SO ignorant!).

Here's some things you can do for relief (from Dr. Christopher):


--Take 1/2 - 1 pound of fresh ginger root, chop it into pieces, put it in a cloth, and run a very hot bath (have the hot water run right over the bag of ginger as the bathtub is filling).  Then leave the bag of ginger in the water while the water cools...and then soak in the tub.  Many times this brings great relief.


---The two herbs that are VERY beneficial are Chickweed and Burdock root.  We have both herbs in tincture in our Storefront - or you can get the organic (it is VERY important that the herbs are organic!) dried herbs and make a tea - take either internally 4x daily.   The Chickweed will also be very beneficial if applied to your skin.  You can make a gallon (or thereabouts) of VERY strong tea and put that in your bathwater, or you could soak a towel in the strong tea and wrap the towel around your arms/legs (and cover them with loose pants or a sweater/sweatshirt).  Burdock is VERY good for your lymphatic system and your liver.


--Dr. Christopher also recommends Wheat Germ Oil (rubbing it into your skin), but many people that are 'toxic' have bad reactions to wheat, so if you decide to use wheat germ oil, start VERY slowly

I still believe I am very toxic. I agree 100% But I would not know how to explain how come I believe is kind of a feeling, :::grin::: we call that listening and hearing your own "doctor within".  Sometimes it takes a VERY long time for people to be able to hear their own "doctor within"...but you are listening and hearing VERY WELL already!  but I dont know how, or what, or to get started...  I know!  I know!  And sharing and teaching other people how to get started and how to do it all safely and effectively...(and making/providing very effective products for far less than they cost retail...and yes, we do ship internationally) what my husband and I have been called to do with our lives.  And that's why we have this forum.

I know many things got to be done..and I need it badly. This little fat body of mind is in such a bad shape, and I can't even walk like a normal person...since now I use a cane to walk around the house...Forget about the job search!  Perhaps it's a "blessing in disguise" that you don't have a job right now. (?)  If you had a job, you would have the time to be able to do everything like it seems you really need to do it.  AND what you're learning to do, you'll be able to share with others (maybe even your precious mother) - so she won't have to deal with serious illnesses as she gets older.

Something very peculiar I notice...Every morning, when I wake up, I find myself a few fingers (2 or 3) out of order, or one of my wrists, the right or the left. I mean, swollen, and very painful..I can not use them in the morning..but them, I exercise them and that is gone after 2 or 3 hours... So, I do not know why that is happening to my hands.... 'Sounds to me like a lack of circulation (which is more common than you might believe)  Below you mention cayenne pepper (yay!) - you should be taking 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper 3x daily.  Check your Inbox - I've sent you some files on Cayenne Pepper....and how it works (for a LOT of things).  You'll want the HOTTEST cayenne you can find.

Chances I confused you, please, make questions, any questions. And try to help me, please. I need it.  There's a whole list of questions at the end - and between me (and everyone else on this forum), we'll give you all the information you need to restore yourself to vibrant health!  Your life is just beginning! :o)


Thank you, Willow, for your kinds words. I also think I came to the right place.
My mother refers to the fact that I usually ignore signs of trouble when they are given from my own body. But I guess that stopped... I am dealing with this misery.. Sometimes is this,Misery, the best teacher. I don't think I will ever again ignore the signs my own body sends me.  Good for you - that's the right attitude, for sure!

I came to Curezone for answers. You might not believe it but the doctors out there seldom have answers for my questions. They also seem to be stubborn and very closed minded. For example, the idea of having a "toxic system" is disturbing to them, if I do mention that.  Actually, we understand and believe you 100%...and I believe it even more than that!  When you read the information in the first link, you'll have a better of idea of why they never deal with the 'cause of the problem' and only try to give/sell you toxic drugs to cover up the problem (and make you more sick).  But it's not actually their fault - that's what they were taught to do in those 10-12 years of college.  And when they get out of university, they're so in debt and SO "educated" (make that brainwashed), that they just keep doing what they were taught to do.  Sometimes (not that often, but sometimes) when they get much older, have all their bills paid and a big savings account, they look back at their life and realize they never truly healed anybody...and THEN they start listening to their patients.  But that doesn't do us much good at all.

I am convinced this is not Contact Dermatitis...I agree with you AND your doctor within :) because it all started within my eyes and ears. It tells me this has to have a systemic origin of some sort...whatever it is.  There's not much doubt in mind that your need to cleanse and heal your whole body (not just one organ or system).  But there's a possibility of some type of mold/fungus, or mites or parasites (in your environment or in you) that might have started the itching.  Whatever it is, we'll figure it out and get rid of it!


Now's a good time to add this:  I always explain to everyone that this is not MY protocol or system.  I have studied the most successful natural healers of this century (and some of their teachers) and I have learned how & why what they did worked, and 'put it all together' to share with others.  I'm not a doctor, nor have I ever done anything but help people LEARN how to heal themselves naturally.  I don't EVER want anyone to 'take my word for it' - it's my goal to help others learn how to heal themselves.  And if every one person I help, helps just one other person in their lifetime (and those people help just one other person) - then my husband and I will be helping to change the world and make it a better place...just one person at a time.  And that is the biggest blessings I could EVER have!

Forgot to mention before that I am developing a low fever (100 degrees) every evening....around 6 pm. I then, g0 t0 bed..I am very cold and very uncomfortable and dont want to be out of bed... It happens always at the same is not related to food intake. I am also trying to fall asleep before 10PM since I read that is important for the liver and other internal organs. Yes, you're correct that the time we sleep is important.  There's a lot of possible reasons for the temperature changing, but the most likely cause is fluoride.  So if you're drinking water that is fluoridated, using toothpaste/mouthwash with fluoride - stop doing that immediately.  Virtually all canned foods & juices are processed with fluoridated water, and virtually all animals drink we get fluoride from meat, dairy, canned foods, vegetables, juices, tap water, toothpaste...and some countries are even starting to fluoridate the salt!  If you'd like to start learning about the dangers of fluoride, here's a LOT of good information:

I hope Uny can have some suggestions...and may be a lot of questions that I will be happy to answer.  Those are below - and I'll have a LOT more suggestions after I have a chance to see your answers :)

Thanks for your encouragement. It makes me feel "company" to know you (and others) read this and find a common bond.  That "common bond" is VERY important - and we want this to be a family, and we're happy to welcome you into our family.  (This is even better than a "real" family, because I won't let anybody have nasty fights and call each other names).  But sometimes we do have "tough love"...because we care so much about each other.


Juliemama, I have discovered I can not touch dairy at all. No milk, no cheese, no eggs...etc. Soy milk is as guilty as the others. That's a very good thing!  Both dairy AND soy are extremely hard on our bodies...and anything that's hard on our bodies, makes it harder for our bodies to heal themselves.  For healing, the "diet" is...if it ever had a face on it (or it comes from something that ever had a face on it), then do NOT eat it!   Just like the great apes, our natural diet is fruits, vegetables, plants, nuts, seeds & grains (and the oils of the same). I dont know abaout the dark veggies.... (and I love them)  If you find you have a reaction to the 'dark veggies', you can start slowly by juicing them, and just adding a little bit of the 'dark green juices' to your juices.

I found out that I can eat a simple potato, home cooked simply (boiled and then mashed). and this will not affect me. I add to it cayenne pepper, onions and olive oil (which is generously used in my culture). Yum, that sounds like a VERY good baked potato...make SURE to eat the skin!  But I can not eat mashed potatoe out of a bag, if you understand what I mean, ..nothing out of bag, nothing out of a can.  Exactly, your body wants REAL food, not fake food and chemicals.

I also found out I can have dark molasses with hot water, lemon and cayenne ...very satisfying....  That is a VERY healthy combination!  In fact, on this program, it's recommended to have a drink 3x made with: cayenne, molasses, apple cider vinegar...and raw garlic and anti-parasite herbs.  You are one VERY intuitive woman!

I ate chicken 2 days ago, since I was having one of the better days...and paid dearly for it.  I'm sorry you had to 'pay dearly' (your English is MUCH better than you think!  I think maybe I've been using words that are "too simple" - I hope I haven't offended you by not using more descriptive words & phrases) - but it's very typical for our bodies to react negatively to meat when they are compromised...especially if the meat isn't organic. Whenever you get the time, here's more great information:

(the most informative link in that post is "101 reasons why I'm a vegetarian")

I am convinced that whatever is happening to me is a reaction whose cause is within my system, and that it needs a systemic approach, a comprehensive approach... What I want to know is how in the world did you ever get to be so wise at just 40 years old.  10 years ago I was still eating microwaved hot-dogs & frozen pizza (ACK!  It still makes me feel sick to think of it!) That is why I need your knowledge and your guidance. I do not want to make any mistakes.  With your powerful intuition and discernment, you're going to do wonderfully!  Honestly, I sometimes spend 20-30 hours just trying to teach people that there is no way to heal the body unless you heal the WHOLE body...because every cell, every system, every organ and every part of totally dependent upon all the other parts!  It's only doctors that try to isolate one organ or system.

I realize that I would be in a hospital with only God knows what.. if not were because I found out a way to control the symptoms in my eyes..., I am seriously concerned about this.  I'm glad you're serious because I think your health is very serious...and the last place you EVER want to be is in a hospital!


Okay - here's all the questions:


--How many bowel movements do you have daily/weekly?  What color/consistency?


--Do you drink water from the sink/tap? well? distilled? filtered? bottled? (what kind of filter or bottled water)...and how much water do you drink daily?


--Describe (in detail) what a typical diet is like for you weekly?


--Do you have access to organic fruits & veggies?


--If you don't mind sharing, where do you live? (what country? large city? small village?)


--Do you live near any large factories or other sources of chemical pollution?


--When you were working, did you work in an environment where there were a lot of chemicals?


--What drugs/pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter drugs have you taken recently? (or as far back as you'd like to explain)  Do you feel like you've ever had a bad reaction? or that certain drugs harmed you?


--How is your "female health"?  (and please feel free to describe anything you need to describe...we have to talk about poop, and worms, and parasites, and blood, and all kind of things here).  Talking about poop or female/male issues is really no different that talking about our elbows.


--Do you have a juicer?  And if so, what kind of juicer?  If you don't have a good quality juicer, is this something you'd be willing to buy (or could afford)?  This is likely the most expensive 'one thing' and most definitely the most important.  You can do this without  juicing, but it will take much longer and the results will be much slower than if you don't juice/juice fast.


--Do you live near any cell phone towers or high powered electrical wires?


--Do you use a microwave?  If so, are you willing to stop using it?  Here's why:


--Do you have metal/mercury filling in your teeth? If so, how many?


--What kind of emotional/mental stress do you have (if any)?  Of course, you're without a job, so that's hard...but are there other things that could be adversely affecting your health?


--You've shared a LOT already (good for you!), but is there anything else that you think is important that you'd like to share? (now that you know we know there's "no such thing as too much information"!).  If so, please let me know anything you feel is important.  And of course, please feel free to list YOUR questions :)


Juanita, I apologize it's taken me so long to respond.  I'm always behind, but my husband has been out of town for the past five days, and so I'm doing a lot of his jobs on top of mine.


I do not want to overwhelm you, but something tells me you'd like to have at least SOME idea of what this all involves.  This is it:

This program (known as the "Incurables Program") goes in 30 day cycles.  The information in the link above is what everyone should do, but there are other things that we'd customize especially for your symptoms and issues.  There are not very many people (especially those with jobs or children) that are able to do everything...but more of the program you can do at once, the faster and more effectively you will heal.  It is possible that you could do a LOT less than this and resolve your major symptoms, but I encourage everyone to do as much as they can.


Healthiest of blessings (and welcome to the forum!) -





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