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Nothing is working!!

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Published: 12 years ago

Nothing is working!!

Hi, Iíve been trying to get my health back for a couple of years now and nothing really has happened for me. Iíve seen two kinseologists and an iridologist not to mention have ďworkedĒ with a couple of other natural doctors over the Internet.

Iíve been on a ď food allergy Ē diet for the last couple of months. I have a list of foods I canít eat, which includes dairy, wheat, sugar, most fruits, nightshades, etc. About a year ago, I did a 35 day water fast. About two months after that I did a liver flush, then a kidney flush. Iíve done two Humaworm parasite cleanses 3 months apart. Iíve taken Candigone for Candida. Used Magnesium Oil for a month or so everyday. Iíve taken Iodine. Iíve used Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . Iíve used Ormus Gold. Iíve used Swedish Bitters. Iíve tried EFT and Observation Meditation techniques. Iíve tried Medi-packs (clay packs).

Nothing has every worked or changed me in anyway, except for experiencing ďdie-offĒ symptoms. I usually have those just about every time I do something, not every time but most times.

My latest ďtreatmentĒ or regimen includes taking 10 grams of Chlorella and 20 grams of Hawaiian Spirulina everyday along with Dr Shultzí Superfood Plus. I take these three supplements for all the vitamins and nutrients. The kinesologist that got me started on the food allergy diet really got me focused on nutrition and rebuilding the body through nutrition. So instead of paying him for all the supplements he had me taking which wasnít doing much, I researched and figured out that I could get just about everything he had me taking through Chlorella, Spirulina and Dr Shultzí Superfood Plus. The kinseologist meant well I just couldnít afford to go to him forever. It was getting really expensive and I wasnít noticing anything. Two months of eating his diet perfect and taking hundreds of dollars worth of supplements wasnít showing much.

In addition to the Chlorella, Spirulina and Superfood Plus Iíve started to drink Kefir from some really great milk Kefir grains I got about a week or so ago. The grains are coming along really nicely and Iíve been drinking about 8 ounces a day along with about 8 grams of Inulin (FOS), which tastes really good. I will drink more Kefir Milk as soon as the grains get up to par from the trip to my house, which they seem to be doing. Took about 5 days or so.

The last thing Iíve been doing was eating about ľ a cup of Cilantro a day for about a week or so, Ĺ an hour after taking the Chlorella. Iíve been doing this as my heavy metal cleanse. I know there is debate about whether Cilantro/Chlorella works for heavy metals.

The only thing I still take that my kinseologist gave me supplement wise was Standard Processesí Orchex. Iíve never heard of it but he gave it to me to help me sleep which it does. I have really vivid dreams every night on that stuff and I donít usually have dreams. I miss taking the supplement one night and I donít have dreams. Take it the next and I do. Weird. Kinesologist said that the dreams meant I was getting REM sleep, which I know all about from using a C-PAP machine. I wonít use that thing again, hated it. This Orchex stuff works better for me if in fact the dreams do mean Iím actually getting better sleep. Time will tell on that one.

Iíve been going through all of Hveragerthiís posts the last couple days and he seems to make a lot of sense. Iíve read also read all about heavy metal poisoning and it's connection to Candida and parasites. I just donít know what to do. This Cilantro is really giving me that spaced out mental fog that I usually have about 95% of the time (always my biggest complaint) and bad paranoia/anxiety (which is starting to finally get better after nearly 2 weeks taking Cilantro/Chlorella). I donít know if metals are being cleansed or not but I am started to feel clearer than the first couple of weeks on that stuff. After doing all the cleanses this last year I definitely know die off or herx and something was definitely happening with the Cilantro. I just don't know what yet.

Basically Iíve done all these things and Iím still waiting for some relief from chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, seriously debilitating brain fog, a real feeling of disconnection between my mind and my body. I feel 30 years older than I am. I know my adrenals are low because both kinseologists and irdiologist all mentioned that. Iíve taken adrenal complexes on my own and from the NDs and still nothing. I feel like Iím finally on the right track as far getting good absorbable vitamins from the superfoods and good pro-biotics from the Kefir. Thyroid and blood work tests came back good from regular MD. I know you canít go by these. I just donít know what else to do I feel like Iíve given everything a fair try and nothingís worked.

Had a couple metal fillings in my teeth as a child, they fell out with baby teeth, had one more as adult, that tooth broke so no more metal fillings for atleast 5 or 6 years. Some recreational drug use in early 20's but not for last 15 years or so. Was on a lot of prescription psychiatric drugs over the last 12 years or so but not in the last few years. Had a really bad diet though since childhood. Drank tons of soft drinks to help "wake" me up from above medications. On anti-biotics about 5 times. Once in 1993 for Bronchitis and about 3 or 4 times in the last 10 years for same reason. Had allergy testing and wasn't allergic to anything specific, did have a lot of histamine show up in testing. Always feel like I have a low grade fever but nothing comes out of it. Not a huge alcohol drinker but did start drinking heavier about 5 years ago for 2 years. It helped me with taking medications and anxiety. Quit drinking about 2 years ago with NO problems. Sleep disorder or sleep apnea. Never feel refreshed from sleep (starting to with Orchex supplement, again time will tell). Dropped 40 pounds on 30 day Water Fast last year (no surprise there just thought I'd mention it). Lost 30 pounds since starting "allergy foods" diet last 2 months. Seem to to be able to lose weight really fast and gain it too. Overly aggressive nature, sexually also. Hyper active mind, can't seem to slow down mentally for anything.

Anybody have any suggestions? If I do have thryoid issues, there is a ND in my town who works with Thryoids. The only probelm is my Adrenals are really low and I heard that you shouldn't do Armour therapy or anything like that if you adrenals are low. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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