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Re: results, thoughts, questions after 15 flushes
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: results, thoughts, questions after 15 flushes

I started Liver Cleansing in Sep 2008 (so almost a year ago), and completed the most recent of the flushes just today - that's pretty similar to what you have done. So I decided I'd share my thoughts here ;-)
First 3 flushes produced lots of stones, each time it was around 2 handfuls. The very first one produced calcified stone of 3,5 - 4cm in diameter - it was so big that I got really (!) scared. At the same time I started to believe the flush really works - you couldn't produce such stone with such amount of calcium on it just during one night (some people say all the stones we see during flush were CREATED by this flush - now I know such people never did LF).

Then I started experimenting with various options: I added ginger/cayenne/garlic to the mixture, I once replaced olive oil with cold pressed pumpkin seed, etc - olive one is the best. If you decide to go for Liver-Flush - simply follow right directions (Hulda or Andreas ones) - before my 1st flush I was too lazy to read the instructions carefully and I just drank olive + lemon mixture - without taking Epsom Salts . I didn't sleep the whole night and spent *really* miserable day, plus my condition got worse as a bonus ;-) I don't know how it works exactly but seems that epsoms really widen your bile ducts - here again I don't agree with people saying you don't need Liver-Flush because after eating large, very fatty mean, anyway Liver Flushes itself. That's partially true - my giant stone would hv remained forever in me if i had followed such advices.

I observed Liver-Flush produced better results when done on new moon - after 2 such findings I never did it in other times. I don't know whether it's really working for everyone but it did for me - I explain it to myself with body being stronger during new moon and not having to carry all liquids in order to counteract moon's gravity force. Perhaps silly - I think A.M. mentioned people having success regardless of lunar phase.

I'm against doing LF in shorter than 3 weeks intervals and i give it at least 1 month pause. The anatomy of flush is relying on the bile pushed out with great force out of the liver and gb. That implies it DOES cost your body to produce this bile and release it - it's like a surgical procedure and you need to recover. Reading more and more on Chinese Medicine, I would simply say you were give certain pool of energy at the moment of your birth and you should use it wisely. To bring it to western terms, 'energy' might mean total number of releasing bile to intestines and reabsorbing it - for example. LF is a powerful weapon and shouldn't be used for excersise purpose or just because it belongs to your habit/routine.

Next observation - the more LF I've done, the hader I think how NOT to do them. I mean - such diet, such lifestyle, so all the systems are doing well and there are no more gallstone causes. Of course - from time to time 'maintenance' flush could be done. What really bothers me - A.M. always mentioned about his '12 flushes', and i don't know if he doesn't need them anymore. He recommends doing them twice per year - and i don't know if that's because he presumes average's person diet is so poor it'll always trigger Gallstones or he follows the rule himself. Does anybody know the answer?

Another and most important one - your goal is most likely not the liver, but overall health, with LF being just on your way/among your means to achieve the goal. Although it gives a lot of benefits, as long as your colon is dirty or your kidneys suffer or whatever the imbalance might be - you could do 80 or more LFs (like some people here did) and still not be perfectly healthy. As soon as you feel cleansing your liver brings smaller and smaller improvements, you should switch to next bottleneck, next critical place in your body that blocks you from being healthy and happy - if you feel there's such one. For instance, it doesn't make any sense to torture your liver with liters of olive oil if you have lots of plague in your intestines - despite the increased bile flow intestines will get a bit better, but toxins released directly to the blood will still overtax the liver. Same if you ignore the timing in which we're optimized to eat, skip meals and eat them in times where body has little or no energy to digest or you eat junk food etc etc

Next one(s) ... will come for sure -- I've just begun the journey

Cheers V.

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