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How poopy is made :) +Edit/addition +reason to juice Re: Thin stools
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Published: 12 years ago
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How poopy is made :) +Edit/addition +reason to juice Re: Thin stools

Can thin stools be caused by liver congestion? After my last Liver Flush back in mid July, I have been having thin stools since. Plus my liver/gallbladder area feels "heavy" for some reason. I'm not even constipated either so I'm not sure what's going on. I did the Dr. Schulze colon cleanse for 12 days back in June... I read thin stools are a sign of colon cancer??? I'm only 27. :(

Greetings solidfood :)

The best way for me to answer your question, is to explain how we end up with what we see in the toilet after we have a bowel movement.  Let's start with a picture:

This (likely virtually all diagrams of anatomy) is unrealistic in ways;  the transverse colon/liver are MUCH higher.  This one's more realistic (but not labeled):


The food & fluid goes into our mouth, and is hopefully chewed thoroughly/mixed well with the digestive enzymes in our saliva, then swallowed as a liquid pulp (similar to applesauce).  While the food is being thoroughly chewed, our body is starting to identify  it and the stomach, liver & pancreas are already starting to create/excrete the correct acid, bile, digestive enzymes, that it needs to process and assimilate the food properly (and if it's sweet/carbs, the pancreas starts creating insulin for the sugar that's about to enter the bloodstream) - from there it goes to the stomach where acid is added, then to the duodenum for the bile from the liver & digestive enzymes from the pancreas, and then (even more liquid/slushy by now), it starts into the small intestines where the digestive/breaking down process is continued and assimilation of nutrients is begun.  The bile from the liver triggers the peristaltic action of the intestines to 'squeeze it along'...and so does the 'bulkiness' of the fiber.  The small intestines are much smaller in diameter than the large - so it's very necessary the "slush" is liquified, yet bulky with some fiber. 'Tis the tiny 'hair like' fingers (known as villi) on the inside of the intestinal wall that assimilate  nutrients as the slush is squeezed along (I point this out to illuminate the fact that it's pretty much impossible for a zillion microscopic size 'hairs' to assimilate much of anything out an unchewed 'hunk' of anything that's been dipped in some acid, bile & enzymes, or if they are covered with unnatural/unhealthy forms of mucous).   As I understand it, the millions of villi deliver the nutrients to the hepatic portal artery system to be taken to the liver for processing into nutrient-rich blood (as well as converting the nutrients to energy, hormones and other vital substances).   The liver is the 'chemical genius' of the body and the main 'processing plant'.


Locate the Ascending Colon in the top image.  Where the Ascending colon meets the Transverse colon is approximately where the small intestines join the large, and all the liquified slush is dumped...then it falls all the way DOWN to the bottom of the Ascending colon to the Cecum and the Appendix, where a few million/zillion perfectly balanced microorganisms (and various immune/lymphatic cells/fluid) are added to the slush, and then, the peristaltic action of the Ascending colon pushes the slush upward again to the corner junction.  By the way, the Cecum is approximately 3 1/2 inches across. 

As the pulpy/slush is being pushed upward, we continue to assimilate, and this is where our body starts separating the useless fiber (that has been drained of it's nutrients, by the tedious process above)*** and starts assimilating the water.  By the time the slush makes it's way all the way through the Transverse colon and all the way down into the opposite side (the Sigmoid colon), the majority of water should be assimilated...(yes, 90-95% of all the water we drink is assimilated in the lower colon - so no wonder diarrhea is so dehydrating, eh?)...and what we should have (if all systems are working properly AND the food was well-chewed) is a substance that's about the consistency of 'stiff' soft-serve ice cream or peanut butter (and the color should be about the same as peanut butter - unless the 'food coloring' is an impact, such as is with beets).    This should present in the toilet just about the same way as the fecal matter from a healthy breast fed baby.  Semi-formed (give or take a little), like custard, ice cream, or peanut butter...and it should be virtually odor free.  It should NOT be 'thin like a pencil', nor should be a 'hardened log'.  And if one is not constipated, the liver is not compromised, the colon is free of build-up/mucoid plaque (that substantially narrows the diameter of the lower colon) and one is adequately hydrated, one should have a bowel movement like this every time one ingests any substantial quantity of food.  3-5x daily is healthy, normal, and should be typical (once for every meal eaten, once before bed, and once right after waking up).  Transit time (the time from when food is chewed to the time it's seen in the toilet), should be 6-10 hours (more or less).

If stools are coming out 'formed and thin', the first most logical assumption is that the diameter of the colon is narrowed, or the colon is constricted in some way.  Merck Manual (the doctors 'bible') says that EVERY person will die with some level of diverticulitis (that has changed over the years of the past century from 10-25-35-50-60-75-90-100% percent ...sigh)  So now every person (unless they cleanse and maintain their digestive tract regularly...will have some level of this:

when they die. 

Those "pockets & bubbles" are caused by mucous, toxins, mucoid plaque all combined with the substantial amount of gas that's formed by putrefying foods that are staying in the intestinal tract FAR too long.  The gas (and outrageous amounts of 'hard slush' caused by typical/common dehydration, and several meals/days worth of food being in the digestive tract when only a couple should be), causes the walls of the intestines to bulge and create pockets.  And as you can surmise, those pockets of diverticuli are THE favorite feeding, breeding, hatching and hiding grounds for parasites.  Just think - virtually ALL of the water we drink has to soak through that putrid, bug-laden, acidic, toxin-saturated filth before it hits the villi and is taken DIRECTLY to the liver via the hepatic portal system/vein.  And with this impaction of filth AND the incredible lack of flow it creates (no flow = no oxygen = mutated cells = cancer), we are in a constant state of auto-intoxication (at some level or another).

Again, if we do not regularly tend the health & cleanliness of our digestive system AND change our diet to foods that are truly natural for the human body, 100% of us WILL die with some level of diverticulitis.  And we :::drum roll please::: are officially the winner of the nation with THE highest rates of colon cancer in the WORLD. 

I'm sure that answered many of your questions.  First, if you're having less than 3-5 bms daily, you are constipated.  Second, if anyone thinks they can ever 'get their liver decongested and back online' without thoroughly cleansing and maintaining the health/flow of their digestive tract (when "pure putridness" is heading directly to the liver 24 hours a day), well, then, they're just silly.  One colon cleanse (10-30 days ) is a good start - but it takes MUCH more than that to restore healthy flow and cleanliness to an intestinal tract that's been stretched, compromised, weakened, and layered with rubbery mucous for DECADES.

Liver congestion (in a nutshell, as it relates to the digestive tract and fecal matter) can cause food to not be digested properly (particularly oils); it causes a lack of peristaltic action & constipation;  without proper bile/bilirubin flow the stools can become much lighter and even 'clay-like' in color...but if the colon is irritated, infected, diseased, convoluted/constricted, the result doesn't always appear as "constipation" - it can appear as all kinds of varieties of Irrititable Bowel Syndrome....with various shapes of liquid-ish bowel activity, scattered with all kinds of various shapes, colors, sizes of fecal matter.

Do I think liver obstruction causes THIN stools?  I think lack of peristalsis (caused by lack of bile) contributes substantially to the formation of mucoid plaque, build-up and the gas that pushes the putrefying fecal matter into the lining of our colon, that narrows the tubes and causes all variety of constriction and diverticulitis...that CAUSES thin stools.  But if "slush" is being delivered to the lower colon, and that slush is coming out 'pencil thin' - the only logical reason (that I can think of) is because of a narrowing or constriction in the tubing that it's passing through.

Our goal is semi-solid, virtually odorless, custard/ice-cream like 'curds of turds' (pardon me) that are about the same color as peanut butter.

Thin stools = cancer?  Sure, the thin stools = impaction, constriction and lack of flow = lack of blood flow = lack of oxygen = cancer....but 'tis highly unlikely at your age (especially since you've been giving your liver some good attention).  Because of the poisons/toxins in our food and environment (and constant wear & tear on our body), anyone can develop cancer at any time if they're not feeding their body properly and doing REGULAR MAINTENANCE.

Blessings -


***The complex process of separating & extracting the nutrients from the fiber, and adding the various enzymes/fluids necessary for digestion and assimilation requires a vast amount of energy and effort on the part of all the organs/body.  We experience this huge expenditure of energy as an 'energy drain' whenever we eat a huge meal (especially one of meats, heavy grains, dead foods & toxins).  BUT, when we ingest freshly juiced juice (from a quality juicer, that doesn't kill the vital enzymes AND removes the majority of the pulp), we're giving our body a substance that is easily assimilated, LOADED with vast amounts of nutrition, the perfect enzymes needed for the vitamins & minerals it contains...AND that nutrition is assimilated very quickly into the bloodstream for easy & immediate use by the body.  So every time we drink a glass of fresh juice, we're giving our body a VAST amount of energy and we're giving the most perfect, high-grade, premium fuel it the same time.  The body can/will use that energy along with that premium fuel to nourish & heal itself...rather than having to use that energy to digest & process dead food, fight for the small amount of nutrition it contains, and end-up exhausted in the process.


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