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The Light is like our favorite grandperson
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Published: 10 years ago

The Light is like our favorite grandperson

Super wrote; "Someone else preached: 'Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand...'
To repent means to change your mind, your heart, about how you see and do

I know many people who have NDE's say they come back to the earth school to learn lessons. I know this is the case for me because the light asked me if I had learned enough about love.

I read once that rote learning- knowledge is different than applied learning- a changed behavior. What good does it do to know everything there is to know if we apply that knowledge in a less than loving way? Repenting in your quote and my applied learning theory seem to be the same thing. When we learn that dumping our trash in a river may not affect us directly... it will cause damage to those down river. If we are selfish and do not consider others downstream then we may continue dumping our trash in the river but if we take our selfish motivation to the next level and realize we are all part of the same organism and poisoning our neighbor downstream will eventually poison us... that is applied learning...

I hardly ever ask for forgiveness any more as it is usually a false statement that just acknowledges that we are causing some type of harm... and affirming that we need to do something about it,,, where your definition seems more like what I believe is what is needed when we learn our actions or inaction is causing some type of harm- we change our behavior that is causing the harm- true repentance... repentance in your quote means we have learned the lesson and applied it to our live in a meaningful way.

Some lessons we let pass as we journey through this life but the lessons where we do get it and change our behaviors are the keepers that allow us to move on to better schools where others have learned the same lessons we have learned. Some parents kick the crap out of their children but dote on their grandchildren because they learned that kicking the crap out of their children didn't get them the results they wanted- children who care about them...

The God in heaven- the light I met in heaven had it figured out and just loved every loving action I did and could not even see my failures, while the lesser aspect of God(karma) I met on my return to my body... was all strict and demanding I follow his plan for the universe could work out for him like a swiss clock. The light didn't care about the plan or anything like that but just cherished every moment when we were together and every moment when she could see her light in me... It as if God himself had finally figured it out and forgives us all... where time ends and finally quits kicking the crap out of us when we don't come home with an A on our report card.

I pray to the lesser aspect of God that should be feared when I want gifts that die but when I am talking to the light... it is more like talking to my favorite grandperson... he doesn't give a crap about teaching me anything but rather she just wants to know what is making my life work... what did I learn... The light knows she can not control our physical bodies but is glad when we do... The light wants us to come visit him and doesn't get mad when we brag about ourselves... the light just laughs when he pulls strings to give us a slipping a 20 dollar bill in our pocket when we are low on cash and we think we did something to earn it.... and hopes the next time he doesn't have to pull strings or slip us a $20 because we
might really get it next time...

The light encourages us because she would rather use affection to encourage us because she wants affection while the God of this world it still caught up into making us do what he wants for us... The light doesn't care if we pick up trash every day for a living if we have learned the lessons of kindness while the God of this world is never happy with us for more than a moment... and its always a what have you done for me lately God... but God figures it all out by the time time ends... grows up... and forgives every harm... blots it out... and just reflects on all of her wonderful childrens' loving deeds... the time they reflect his light.... sorry I started rambling... what were we talking about? Ja! I start thinking about my NDE and everything else just fades away....

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