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The Why of Non-Christian NDE's
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Published: 10 years ago

The Why of Non-Christian NDE's

It seems an anomaly for Christians who believe they are the only ones who make it to heaven,,, Why do non-Christians keep getting loving responses from the LIght? People of all faiths and lack of faith have NDE's. From my NDE perspective, I was amazed at what made it through to the light... There were souls from every walk... it was not a belief or faith that got them(all of them) into the light... but rather just the light... in them... What was unloving or unkind in those who die- all... as in "every knee" was cast as far as the East is from the West and remembered no more."

If there is darkness in anything... plant or animal(even the human kind), with physical death, the light did not allow that darkness to enter in... through the gates of heaven... Darkness in anything does not make it to the light... It would be like darkness having a chance to exist in a small room with a 10,000 watt light bulb. Where can it hide other than returning back to the same place it came from(The Fall).

If followers of Jesus add more light to their lives... through their earnestly giving the sinner's prayer... then that extra light will see heaven. If just a sinner's prayer is all that a sinner does that glorifies the light then that little part of their life makes it to the light as a gift(pearl) to give to the light for that sinner's soul. If a Jew has any love in him whatsoever... the Atheist... a Muslim... or even a devil worshiper like most religious people(Remember who Jesus told them their father was)... then any light from anyone or anything.. that is love will never die... The light's children are light... And the "Father of Lights" will never abandon his/her children...

In the Christian story, Jesus came to save the children of a devil... by showing them an example of how to treat one another... by loving one another... Jesus' walk is the walk of treating one another the way we ideally would want to be treated... to love our neighbors(that is not just our next door neighbors) but rather... our neighbors that do not look like us... or speak our language... or go to worship the same way that we do... to turn the other cheek... to love...

The "Good Samaritan" (A Non Jew- Non- Christian) is a good example of what is "saved." The loving actions and intentions of the heathen Samaritan will make it into heaven/// even though he never confessed a love for Jesus... and never even knew there was a man who died on a tree for him... He may even have rejected the sinner's prayer/// but Jesus...died for the Samaritan's love...

That Samaritan's unloving other actions... not mentioned in the parable... that were not light... go to the same pit that a Christian or Jew's unlight sins go... they are cast off on the way to the light/// remembered no more... If, given the fantastic example of Jesus, Christians start being good Samaritans then they will get more of their lives into the light than those who just follow after their lusts... Nothing unlight(death) from anyone or anything will ever see light... The light can not even look on it.

As soon as the first rebellious dark thought...that came from the God of this world... was ever removed that dimension of God from the source of the light//// but Jesus(and he has many other names) is the Good Sheppard... whose sacrifice will retrieve from every dimension... every drop of love... from all that have any light in them... and even from things that have no soul at all... if they simulate love...

Know that words can not adequately describe the light... but this I know... The light does not throw away light... Light returns to light... It is not an all of us or nothing deal... If you have only one act of love in a lifetime of unlove then that one act of love will stand as a testament of the love in you beyond time in timelessness... Christians have a better shot than most for getting more of their lives into the light... because they had a good example... but I am partial to what Ghandi said; I like your Christ but I don't like your Christians., because they do not do the the things your Christ does. Not withstanding... that is an unfair judgment... as even the most scurrilous Christian may have some meekness, some gentleness, some loving kindness that will see the light... and that goes for Muslims, Jew, Hindu too... or even worshipers of a devil... All light returns to light... thank you Jesus....or by any other name.. God who is love...

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