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Re: Chronic Fatigue, MCS, Leaky gut, what do I do first?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Chronic Fatigue, MCS, Leaky gut, what do I do first?

I would, as a person that has been there, avoid getting any major dental work done until your liver and colon are cleaned up. I started getting mercury removed before doing the cleanses and I paid dearly for it. I was depressed severely before quadrant 1 and again after quadrant 2. It seems the toxin mercury, has no place to go if the liver and colon are dirty. I have since read, that the mercury is bad but is not the worst problem. A guy with AIDS even died after getting his fillings removed. I agree 100% that mercury filling are horrible and should come out but this is definitely not the first step.

I have MCS as well. I read and read and have come to the conclusion that MCS is caused by Candida and parasites. And those little critters hang around where there is waste and chemical toxins. Also, I have read that a person with Candida will have a lot of plaque due to the acidity of the blood. I am so sorry you are loosing your teeth. It is just adding insult to injury. I am having gum problems and I am going to try Hydrogen peroxide rinses to slow it down and bought a device (on-line) that you can use to get the hydrogen peroxide under the gum line. I have not tried it yet, so I will have to see if this helps.

I believe cleaning the colon is the first step. Some might say killing parasites is but, if like me the supplements can not be tolerated, you can't go down that road, can you.? I have kept records, and found that I loose weight (not good, I am thin) when I ingest herbs or food or supplements that I am allergic to. I now know that I am not ready for herbs or supplements.

I did taheebo tea to get my run away candida under control. I drank it so very week. I was not strong as you are not. I boil 2 teaspoons for 8 cups of water. Julia says to drink as only drink but it is very exhausting. Maybe start with one cup or 1/2 cup at night. Drink it room temp never hot or cold. Info on this tea can be found at He used to sell good quality tea but no longer does, so you might try I have not tried hers so can not attest to its quality.

And do not let anyone tell you you must take this or that herb or supplement. In your state eat only what you can tolerate and if you do not know, keep a food diary for a bit recording all symptoms and you might find a pattern. You also might not, if you allergic to lots of stuff. If you can find someone that knows muscle testing, you can have them test you, for food you wish to eat, but keep in mind, the muscle test is only good for that day. You can become allergic to anything at anytime. I found the book "healing with whole foods" to be very helpful in getting through my crisis of candida. It tells you what you can and should not eat if you have certain health conditions. I had so many conditions that I had to combine diets. I do not agree with the vegetarian attitude of this book, but we all have to find our own way in this world when it comes to what is good for your own body. You are the expert over you. Unfortunately, when you have brain fog, it is tough to know what to do.

I agree more with the food advice or There is also a book called "nourishing traditions" and a yahoo group with the same name if you don't have any money. It, in a nutshell, is about the way we should eat according to weston a price DDS. He is dead now but he was way before his time. He searched the world for people with perfect teeth and only found them in pre civilized parts of the world where they ate mostly meat and high in fat to boot. They ate no processed food and soaked all their grains. Grains have enzyme inhibitors (neutralized by long soaking) that keep us from properly digesting our foods. They only ate raw milk and often ate fermented products for good intestinal flora. And they went out of there way to eat some food from the sea, even if they did not live near the sea. They traded food with tribes that did live near the sea to get it. Vegetable oil was not eaten since it is hard to extract. Food was cooked with animal fat. Animal fat from grain fed animals is way to high in omega 6 and low in omega 3. this will make you ill. If you do not eat any saturated fat, your body will not have the building blocks to heal. We (our bodies) are made from cholesterol.

My muscles are so firm since I started eating grass fed meat and organic veggies. Unable to eat the other stuff yet due to my candida. You would think, by feeling my calf muscles that I work out 3 times a week. But I hardly even go for walks in the neighborhood, as I should. The nice muscle tone is from all the meat I eat. Carbs make you fat not protein and fat. Bad fat can make you fat though, such as corn oil, canola oil. Olive oil is a good oil but not in large amounts.

Some ate 80% meat. But the meat must be grass fed as wild game or pasture fed beef and chickens. Grain fed beef cattle can not digest their food properly and their food ferments in their tummy and they get gas and e-coli. The incidence of pathogens in the human population has increased dramatically since animals have been fed an improper diet and stand around in their own waste in feed lots all day! It is disgusting if you have ever seen cows standing in pens without room to even turn around. They say you are what you eat. This is true, but you are also what your animals eat and what they stand in.

I wish I could tell you how to begin your healing, but we have to find our own way. I have found the following sight very inspirational to me. It is about how this person healed themselves from MCS. I am not there yet!

I believe even if you can not tolerate colonics you have to increase your bowel movements. I feel better now that I have better ones. From every thing I have read there are 4 things that increased BMs:

1. exercise
2. water (warm) even hot at in tea
3. fat
4 fiber

I believe the most important in this list is #1. If I go for a walk I often then have a BM when I return home. Fat stimulates a BM because bile is needed to break down fat and bile is a natural laxative. Lemons also stimulate bile to move. Water, well BM s need moisture to move, hard encrusted stuff does not escape easily. I spoke to Julia from sensiblehealth and she said drink 2 glasses of room temp water on rising then do 30 minutes of mild exercise (do what you can, I know I could barely do 1-2 minutes when I was sick with Candida).

She also says not to eat 3-5 hours before bed. If you are busy digesting food at night the liver will not be cleaning your blood and you won't sleep well either. You need to sleep to detoxify. If you are a slow digester as I am, eat a snack instead of a full meal at supper.

And finally, when I was so ill I had to concentrated on building not cleansing. Cleansing can weaken even the strong. I don't know how you eat, but I would say clean up your diet first. If you can not afford organic or grass fed meat, at least avoid the processed food. As an alternative doc once told me, shop the outside of the grocery store, the perimeter. All the bad stuff is in the middle isles. If it is in a box, bag, can or jar and it does not spoil do not eat it, except maybe frozen veggies. I, in personal experience, have found canned veggies to constipate me. They are heated to high temps and are basically a processed food, and are dead foods.

I hope I did not seem to pushy. I am just throwing this out there take what helps and by all means leave what does not help.


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