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can you recomend a good book on colonics, and cleanses
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Published: 18 years ago

can you recomend a good book on colonics, and cleanses

I am doing now what I said I would never do, because I thought it was not neccesary. I am doing colonics.

I am basically starting at square 1 again.

Briefy, I did:
took parasites herbs before cleanses for 2 years with a
1. a 4-5 week Colon Cleanse (shulze)
2. then a gallbladder flush which was preceeded by
the chinese tinctures which included gold coin grass.
3. then a kidney flush 1 (week). (chinese herbs)

I did not tolerate the procedure well.
lost 10 pounds with colon cleanse. made me weak
lost 10 more with kidney cleanse. also made me weak

the first ten lbs. were mostly waste since I did not feel like I was weak or have muscle wasting, but with the kidney flush I think I was allergic to the corn silk, since I felt so ill and lost a lost of muscle and was down to 92 pounds.

I had to regroup, rebuild and basically start over. I am, thank God, back up to 115 pounds due to avoiding anymore cleasnes and eating a great diet (no processed food and all organic). I had to drink taheebo tea and avoid foods that feed candida for months to get my yeast under control. The cleanses made them go nuts, due to the ingredieants of the potions. alcohol tinctures fed yeast like crazy! It has taken me 1 1/2 years to get back up to 115.

anyway, to the question:

I am scared to death to mess up again. I now know you can die if you do cleansing too fast. I was close. I need first, to read more info than I have been able to find on the internet, such as a good book on colonics and cololon health, and where to go from there. I mean, I messed up last time. I was following the directions I thought! Live and learn. I think this stuff is so new to most people. I never heard of cleansing until about 5 years ago, and it took me a few years to be brave enough to try it. And the one thing I did not know is cleanse, rebuild, cleanse, rebuild, cleanse...

I did not allow for the rebuild. I just did not know. I hope others might learn from my mistake. No one told me.

I was told by the colonic therapist that colon cleansing herbs can irritate the colon and the colon just tries to dump the herbs as quick as possible. In doing so, not much is cleansed from the colon. That is what happened to me. I never got any dark black encrusted stuff that you are supposed to get. The instructions said you needed 3 bowel movements a day before you move from the pills to the colon flushing. You were supposed to take more and more pills until this happened. It never did. The movement in the morning just got more and more and soft and softer until it turned to water. I backed off. I never got 3 movements, so after a few weeks of this, I moved the the colon drink. Yes, my Bms were softer and I did have a flatening of the tummy. I was only 115 to start so I was not fat!

It might just be possible that due to my severe food and chemical allergies (have MCS) that I am not able to tolerate strong herbs. I am also a defecient according to the chinese way. And cleansing herbs will make a defecient person more so. It is clear to me now, that one size does not fit all, when it comes to cleansing and maybe no one can tell me do this and you will be fine and you will not get painfully thin again. I would like a good source (book probably) of many different recipes for the differnet cleanses( kidney, liver, lymph, blood, ect.) and the order to do them, and the signs and signals to know when you need to stop or back off and how long to wait between cleanses and how to know if I have succeeded and when I am faily clean. This way, I can pick the one that is the most gentle on my extremely sensitive tiny body. Can anyone healp me with a title of a good cleanse and colonic book? I don't want to go in blind again with just information to be dangerous.

Anyway, this is how I got to colonics. I figured, I can't do the colon herbs. They make my ill and weak, so I thought water, via colonics is possibly the only way to get the job accomplished, for me. And it is not fun! I am going slow this time. I am starting will 1 colonic a week and if that proves to be to much I will drop to 2 times a month or whatever works. I am not a patient person. I do realize this is not a race to see how fast I can clean out my insides, but I hate so much being as sick as I am, that I can not go to the store, my daughter's school, ride in the car or even sit on a polyester couch in a carpeted room without loosing the ability move my legs.

Good news is after my first "real" colonic session I felt more energy. I say real, since, my first one was the closed, machine system, and it was so very painful. The water pressure was so high, I felt nausea and bad cramping and flushing and could not bear the thought to ever do that again. It felt worse than 10 enemas. Then next time I did the gravity flow, open system. What a diference. I never felt nausea, more was accomplished, I did cramp somewhat but since the water was much less I did not feel as though I hadn't had a bowel movement in a month. And the first lady kept beating me on the tummy with her hands to try to break up the movements. The second lady said that, all the beating was probably just causing my colon to spasm, which is why nothing came out for 30 minutes. So, just so you know, there are good colon therapists and extremely bad ones. I got a good recomendation for the second lady, but I had already choose the first one. I should have listened! But if you have never done this before, you don't know what questions to ask.


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