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Re: Newbie Zapper Frequency Confusion

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Newbie Zapper Frequency Confusion

Hello, Dax702:
I can’t talk for the underlying reasons of the frequency choice on the Z4, but I can do-it on a general basis.

> “Why is the Zapper rated at much lower frequencies if the goal is to send an electrical signal at the bugs' resonate frequency?”
Here is the ONLY goal of a H. Clark’s zapper :
As long as people will not understand this point, they will continue to be confused with frequencies.

If you have the book The Cure For All Deseases. Of Dr Clark, you will read that, on the beginning of her work, she was using very precise frequencies, and did an outstanding work by retrieving a lot of precise Mortal Oscillatory Rates (MOR)for many parasites and toxic elements.
For what I could understand, she was pursuing the good work of Rife’s school
Using this technique took 3mn for each parasite, and there was a lot to treat.

!n 1994, her son (pp14)“build a hand held, battery operated, accurate frequency generator. The purpose was to enable everyone to kill the intestinal fluke at 434 000Hz with a low cost device….”
“… When I tested it on one of my own bacteria , however, tree other at much different frequencies died also! This had never happened before. When I tested it on others, even though they had dozens of pathogens, all where killed!”

Here is the interesting part of this experience :

“Subsequent testing showed it was not due to some unique design, or special wave form produced by the device. IT WAS DUE TO BATTERY OPERATION!”

So much for square waves, and frequencies, and special designs!
Even a sinusoidal wave form at any frequency, as long as it is ALWAYS POSITIVE, will do!

Because of the very special load of the zapper (A LIVING human being, wanting to stay alive), some frequencies worked more efficiently (on an electrical point of view) than others.
A 20kHz to 40kHz was (and still is) AN OPTIMAL RANGE for the zapper’s effect (the tiny Direct Current flow ) to work, on all the parasites this effect could reach.
Don't be confused by frequencies any more!

You can make a working zapper with a piece of wood, a handful of nails and some pieces of electrical cable, or with a bicycle’s dynamo lighting system. See

to prove this point. (Yes, it works)

Now, coming back to your question
“Why is the Zapper rated at much lower frequencies if the goal is to send an electrical signal at the bugs' resonate frequency?”
If only one bug is your target, a frequency generator with positive offset, tuned to frequency's bug will do, as Dr Clark was doing in the beginning.
30kHz is not a "frequency's bug"
It is a Clark's "zapper effect frequency".

A zapper is a so easy device to build, with the zapper’s effect in mind, that all zappers could look the same.

So, if you want to be different from others, you should add some “special effects”, a punching name (and sometimes an outrageous publicity) to your zapper, taking care of concealing the simplicity of this device. And foggy confusion starts!.

One of the “special effect” added to zappers is the “magical effect of special frequency”

Here is how it works, with your own example:
> “the Coxsackie virus B-4's frequency range is 361.45 to 363.70 KHz.”
With a 3mn zapping frequency of 362.5kHz.

On a standard zapper using a close to 50% duty cycle and a sharp square wave, you will produce useful energy at most odd harmonics (harmonic : a whole number multiplied by the initial or fundamental frequency. On a piano, all DO’s frequencies are harmonics of the lower DO).

30kHz will produce peak energy to 30kHz, 90kHz, 150kHz, 210kHz, 270kHz, 330kHz, 390kHz, …
The higher the harmonic, the lower the remaining energy.
Ooups! You just missed 362.5kHz with 30kHz fundamental!
30kHz will not be effective on this bug (but zapper’s effect will)

Let’s do your crunching number otherwise.
362.5kHz / 13= 27.884kHz
362.5kHz / 11= 32.955kHz (this one could be as effective)

Tune you zapper to one of these 2 frequencies, and you will have a general zapper "good for everything”, and, IN TOP OF THAT, tuned to kill “the Coxsackie virus B-4” as per Dr Clark’s chart.

This “special” frequency will be good too for any other parasite hit by other harmonics of this same fundamental 27.884kHz (or 32.955kHz), or any of the heterodyne effect of any harmonic interval (this is another small point to keep in account.
Yes, the use of frequencies can be quite complex!

You can do similar calculations with any other frequency, including 2.5kHz, 15Kz or any other, keeping in mind that the lower the frequency, the lower the remaining harmonic energy at parasite MOR, and the lower the zapper’s effect. At some level, effect will not be good any more, in the 7mn range, but could accumulate enough electric charges if you use-it long enough.
To the best of my acknowledge, nobody knows what this “some level” is.
That’s why we experiment.
Note: Dr Clark recommends long zapping sessions of 20mn, or more that one hour, in very heavy cases, and this should be done under a health professional supervisor.

The bottom line is this :
Around 30kHz and around 2.5kHz are very popular.
15Hz is a popular frequency too (I don't understand why. Please, give me some light on this one!).

Sometimes, 2.5kHz can be more effective than 30kHz, and same zapper model, build to same frequency, because of tolerance of components, can have different results.

I hope this frequency’s issue is less confusing now…

More to come soon on Beck device, compared to H. Clark device. They are not so different, after all.

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