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Re: Acidity/Alkalinity in Candida Reduction & Cancer Development

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Acidity/Alkalinity in Candida Reduction & Cancer Development

 I'm very interested to understand what you believe would benefit the body then in preventing cancer growth, since it seems everywhere information points to acidic tissue encouraging cancer growth and then alkaline preventing it.

This is another common myth.  The acidity is not the cause of the cancer, it is the byproduct. Remember that cancer cells use anaerobic glycolysis in part.  What is the byproduct of anaerobic glycolysis?  Lactic acid.

And alkalinizing has not been shown to cure cancer.  Take for example cesium chloride, which only showed about a 50% success rate.  Still sounds impressive until you take in to consideration that this did not factor in other therapies being used.  Also the effects of a chemical DIRECTLY on cancer cells can be vastly different that with ingestion or injection.  As an analogy take in to consideration the study that claimed St. Johnswort caused infertility.  When you look at the actual study we find that the SJW extract was applied directly to semen causing the semen to die or deform.  So they concluded that SJW would therefore cause infertility.  Using this same method of conclusion we could therefore assume that vitamin and air also cause infertility since they also kill sperm on contact and therefore none of us must really exist.  Point is that injecting cesium chlorides directly at the tumor site can have completely different effects than oral ingestion of cesium chloride.

Taking this further lets say that someone ingests baking soda to try and cure their cancer.  If they ingest it what does it come in to contact with?  Stomach acid, which ends up forming sodium chloride (table salt) and carbon dioxide.  Sodium chloride is considered acid forming, and carbon dioxide mixed with water forms carbonic acid.

And there is the fact that oxygen helps to raise the pH of the body.  Yet hyperbaric oxygen therapy does not cure cancer even though it helps to remove acids.

And why don't we see more cancer in the acidic tissues of the body such as the stomach, intestines, female organs and skin?

Apparently there are a lot of flaws in the acid causes cancer alkalinity cures it hypothesis.

Then to go further with this what do you think of this man (Dr.Simoncini
and his hypothesis that cancer is a fungus and that he's able to destroy it by using sodium bicarbonate 
? He makes a connection back to candida as well developing under the same circumstances as cancer.

I looked through the site a little, but he is way off base on a few things.  To start with Candida is a normal part of the body.  So how would he explain why we don't have cancer?  And no, Candida does not have the same origins as cancer.  It would take way to much explaining to go through the whole origins of cancer thing.  But in short the vast majority of cancers are viral in origin. 

He does make reference to Aspergillus, which he says is a "variation" of Candida, which it is not.  Aspergillus niger can cause cancer in severely immunosuppressed patients through its production of aflatoxins.  And the cancer it causes is liver cancer.  Candida does not produce aflatoxins, nor is it related to Aspergillus.

My question would be is how is the sodium bicarbonate actually affecting the cancer cells.  If the sodium bicarbonate is being infused directly to the cancer cells then I would guess that the salts formed are changing the osmotic pressure on the cells.  Just neutralizing the acids is not going to do anything as the cancer cells will just make more as they continue to ferment.

It only makes sense what you're saying regarding an acidic environment inhibiting and destroying yeast and pathogen growth. It just all gets confusing regarding keeping tissue healthy from cancer development (Unless the theory of alkaline tissue preventing or inhibiting cancer growth is also flawed or mis-interpreted?)

It is.

Keep the tissue alkaline & be faced with hyphal aggressive yeast, keep it acidic and be faced with increased cancer growth/cell mutation.

Except the acidity does not cause cancer as we can see.

p.s. Having trouble finding it, what was the bitter you recommended most, grape?

Yes, Grape Bitters by Planetary Formulas.


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