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--Gastric by-pass--
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Published: 12 years ago
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--Gastric by-pass--

Hi jasmine75,

Your question: Thank you for your response. One thing they mention after having a gastric bypass is that many people feel weak from not having enough sodium and they recommend we actually take in more salt. Often I have put a little sea salt under my tongue and it has relieved my weakness. Is there a difference between the body's requirement for sodium that way vs. the sodium/potassium ratios in the cells? If you are bloated, would taking in more potassium help with this?

Answer: Bloating may come from Poor Digestion! Many times this may come from too much NPN contained in Poor Quality foods containg too much Free Nitrogen(NPN)! End.

Also when you refer to the "sodium" in the bath water are you referring to the epsom salts? Would you then suggest starting with hydrogen peroxide only for a while?

Answer: Epsom Salts contain Magnesium Sulfate, not Sodium! The Sodium would come from adding Baking Soda! End.

***Now back to one of my biggest questions: Does taking in the lemon juice without the alkaline counter make your body more acidic?*** Often it seems to help my digestion when I'm struggling with alkaline material.

Answer: Because of Poor Digestion you may need the Lemon Juice to provide enough Acids to help Digest any Alkaline Minerals(Kelp) or other , which you may take, otherwise you may Bloat from Poor Digestion! End.

After the baths I am good about ending with very cold water often for 3-5 minutes to take all the heat out of the long bath. But it's very possible I'm just trying too much too quickly. I don't mind feeling bad after the baths as long as I know I'm doing a good thing for my body. Is it bad to detox too quickly? Would it be counterproductive or just makes you suffer more during the detox?

Answer: It is Never Best to Detox too fast!

Do not overload the Lymphatic Fluids with more Acids than it can safely get rid of easily! Start out slow and as time goes on and you build yourself up you shall be able to do more and not feel tired! End.

I do take a high quality probiotic and enzymes as I'm constantly fighting the yeast battle. But I know my diet has a lot to be desired which is what I will be tackling next. I was just starting with the baths and drink first to get into a routine with something I knew worked. I feel like I'm on the right track with this but it's frustrating when you can't quite find the right combination without significant side effects.

To answer Di's question I'm taking a kelp in pill form that is laminaria digitata. I can only take a little as it hurts my thyroid to take it. So I just take one pill with my drinks.

Answer: I do not think of most Kelp in Pill form as they may have too much fillers added!

Try to find some Ascophylum nodosum kelp as fine powder to take and see if the results are Different! End.

I know I ask alot of questions but I've read through a ton of this forum and haven't quite found the exact answers I was looking for. Like many of us I've studied health for many years and nothing has settled with me as much as this concept has which is saying a lot. I do appreciate the time and effort it takes to answer so many people's questions. As we seek our own health we can then hopefully bless other people's lives with this knowledge.

Answer: Learn to listen to what your body is trying to tell you!

Cause and Effect!

Smile Tis your choice.


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