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Re: So what should I take? I dont want to overwhelm my system. Any Opinions or feedback would be great!
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: So what should I take? I dont want to overwhelm my system. Any Opinions or feedback would be great!

The one thing I agree with is the acidophilus. But you are taking other substances, such as GSE, that are going to kill the flora. And building the flora is the most essential thing you can do. Not only do the flora control the Candida through the acids they produce, but they also produce the majority of the body's serotonin. One of the functions of serotonin in the body is controlling peristalsis in the intestines.

You are using a lot of things in an attempt to kill the Candida. This WILL NOT work. Candida is a normal part of the body. Killing off some of the Candida will just make more food for the surviving Candida in the same manner that some other yeasts will feed Candida.

And you are taking betaine HCl and enzymes. First of all both of these can damage the acidophilus if taken too close together. The other thing to keep in mind is that taking these long term can shut down the body's own ability to produce these substances. So they are for short term or occasional use only.

My suggestions are as follows:

-To increase stomach acidity and pancreatic enzymes I recommend digestive bitters 1/2 dropper full with each meal. Drink a lot of water throughout the day when using them since they also detox the liver. Also zinc, 50mg daily with your largest meal, or 25mg twice daily with meals. This also inhibits Candida growth. And B vitamins, which I prefer from natural sources such as rice bran and oat bran.

The bitters will also help with the eczema through detoxification and the Acne by helping the liver to break down the excess androgens.

-Probiotics and prebiotics. For a probiotic I prefer kefir, which goes well beyond just acidophilus. If you cannot tolerate milk then the kefir can be made with coconut milk, rice milk, water, etc. Recommended dose is a large glass first thing in the morning as soon as you get up, and a glass before bed. Remember to drink a little water afterward to rinse the acids off the teeth and to dilute the stomach acid. For prebiotics I like rice bran, oat bran, and FOS. There is a rumor going around that FOS feeds Candida. This is not true. Yucca root is also very helpful in controlling Candida overgrowth, reducing intestinal inflammation, and building the flora.

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