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So what should I take? I dont want to overwhelm my system. Any Opinions or feedback would be great!
mary88 Views: 3,784
Published: 11 years ago

So what should I take? I dont want to overwhelm my system. Any Opinions or feedback would be great!

Okay I need someone elses view point on this situation. Right now I am saving up so I can afford to see a holistic doctor but for now I have to split the cost with tuition and apartment searching so it is getting hard.

Its pretty clear by now i have candida. The other day while attempting the anti candida cleanse I wiped yeast from my orifices after using the restroom. I also threw up after drinking a glass of frozen fresh made juice. The juice was made from several garlic cloves, onions and some green vegetables and then frozen for a few weeks.

I have severe Body Odor and have a hard time producing a bm on my own, even triphala made me constipated! Whenever i eat just fruits and vegetables and start a master cleanse my tongue becomes white and gross and never seem to heal. I am also sluggish and have developed eczema and facial acne. I was the person in HS that never had Acne so this is weird for me.

I was doing the anti candida cleanse last week and fudged up on friday after my first zap session the night before left me worn out. I developed a fecal Body Odor from taking the Oxypowder capsules and find myself pooping out liquid (usually water that I just consumed 30 minutes before). I pigged out horribly this weekend eating every type of fast food imaginable and then not working out or zapping.

I intend to get on track tomorrow with a Water Fast to help get the six different types of fast food and pounds of chocolate out of my system. At this point I dont even want to look at food, Im actually craving spinach and celery! Im looking forward to doing the anti candida diet this time around!

I have purchased the following items and have them all in my possession. I dont know which one to use first and at what time and the stuff that I have used I presume that i dont use it correctly becuase I am where I am. Any suggestions or opinions would be great.

So in my possesion I have:
-Betaine HCL (with pepsin)
-Plant based digestive enzymes (pretty weak compared to the Omega Zymes i was using before)
-Grapefruit Seed Extract
-Acidophilus Probiotics, approx 2B live cultures
-Yeast Cleanz capsules (made with Pau D'Arco Caprylic Acid, etc)
-Triphala (makes me constipated)
-Chlorophyll (makes me constipated and smell like fish)
-Organic Wheat Grass powder
-Oxy Powder(so far butt pee and fecal odor)
-Smooth Move
-Oreganol (Oil of oregano)
- Pau D'arco extract
-Garlic Pills
-Zapper and pennies
-Raw Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
- Extra-Virgin Olive-Oil
-Psyllium Husks
-Bentonite Clay
-Cayenne Pepper capsules
-Ginger root capsules
any ideas on how to use this and tell me if i just pissed a way my money. Thank you so much for looking and please forgive me for the frequent posts

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