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--answer--Struggling to balance drink ratios with my poor digestion
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Published: 12 years ago
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--answer--Struggling to balance drink ratios with my poor digestion

Hi Jasmine75,

Your question: I started the drink and baths a few weeks ago and admit I'm a little frustrated trying to find the correct ratios and the exact items to use for my body.

For the baths I've always used epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide. The baking soda worsened my yeast infection so I changed to the pickling lime. And sometimes ACV. The baths feel good though I'm not noticing any energy from them and generally feel very tired after. It also seems to increase my pain dramatically within about 45 minutes after the bath. I am finishing them with cold water and also spraying with hydrogen peroxide after.

Second... I'm really struggling with the drinks. I have tried it with a lot of pickling lime, medium amount and a small amount. I use the recommmended amount of BSM and lemon and a large pinch of epsom salt. Doing both of these protocols I became very swelled up and bloated. I was gaining weight like crazy (a pound a day at least) and I also became very gassy. It helped to reduce the pickling lime and a few times I did the drink without it. The lemon seems to help reduce the bloating and gas. ACV obviously has a similar affect as the lemon. When I stopped the pickling lime and just took a plant based calcium my weight began to regulate again. Is my digestion not handling the alkalinity of the pickling lime well? What would be your suggestion? Also does lemon make the body more acidic? I thought lemon and ACV helped make the body alkaline and yet they are used as acids in the drink. Can someone explain this concept for me? It confuses me a bit. My concern is that either the epsom salt or the pickling lime is making me very gassy or maybe both. Should I just go slower with it or is this a common thing that happens to some people?

One other key piece of information for you is that I have had a gastric bypass so my digestion is impaired that way.

Answer: This last comment tells a whole lot about your problem!

Most of the time when gastric bypass has been done this removes the ability of the digestion system to properly do it's job by shortening the time the food stays in the body!

In these cases one shall have to learn to listen Very close to what their body is trying to tell them!

In this case one shall have to take it very slow and use small amounts more often because now the digestive system does not keep the food in the digestive system as long!

The better quality foods one may find may help one recover better than anything else!

Poor Quality Low Brix foods containing NPN shall cause worse problems!

As to the baths if you have soaked and gotten your body Hot, you must cool off 1st at the end with cold water!

If you fail to use enough cold water to cool off fast and your body tissues remain too Hot, this may allow your Tissues containing Nitrogen to remain too Acidic!

The cold water is to convert the Nitrogen Isotope from the Acidic form because of the Hot water, to the More Alkaline form as shall come from the Cold water reaction!

If you Fail to convert this Nitrogen Isotope to the Alkaline Form, this may be Why you feel worse after a Detox Soak Bath!

Of course as you have found some folks cannot use the Baking Soda in soak water because it may adversely affect the Sodium to Potassium balance in our body tissues!

If you have problems with the bath, then stick to the Basic Bath of only Peroxide and Epsom Salt until you have been able to detox enough slowly as the Calcium Hydroxide shall speed up the Detox TOO Much in many cases!

Leave the Calcium Hydroxide out at this time of the bath water!

The Swelling and Bloating may come from two sources?

Having too much Sodium inside your cells structure causing your cells to retain too much water!

Poor digestion causing the rest of your body tissues to become too Acidic!

Solutions may be Stop adding the Sodium to the bath soak water!

Learn to better listen to what your body is trying to tell you and adjust your food intake accordingly!

One of the best things you may do is learn to select the Best Top Quality in Season foods with as High of Brix as possible for eating!

Any food containing NPN as Potassium Nitrate shall cause you More Sickness and Diseases!

The term "nitrate toxicity" is commonly used but the toxic principle is actually
nitrite. When Nitrate is converted to nitrite. Nitrite is absorbed from the
digestive system converting blood hemoglobin to methemoglobin. Methemoglobin
cannot transport oxygen to body tissues, so People and animals die from oxygen

Another thing you may have to do may be to find some Top Quality Probiotics containing High counts of Acidophillus & Bifidus and you may even need to find some Good Enzymnes and take both of these before each meal because of your gastric bypass?

Remember ANYTIME you run into problems go slower and listen to what your body is trying to tell you and Stop doing those things that add to the problems!

Cause and Effect!

Smile Tis your choice.


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