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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: [buried post] Palaecro re: oil supplements/liver

Thanks for getting around to my post Uny, and thanks for the extensive response.

"Are you sure (or exactly HOW are you sure) that whatever 'fatique reaction' you're experiencing is due to the fish oil/Omega oil? ...there's a LOT of variables in each & everyday (especially when adrenal issues are added to the mix)."

When my burnout was at its worst I started doing elimination of various things I was eating/taking fish oil was one of these things, I checked into it by taking 1 tsp on its own away from other food and waited for a reaction, within a short period of time I began experiencing shortness of breath, increased heart rate & dizzy spells. I found it odd because prior to my health spiraling out of control again I always felt good from using fish oils. So I tried another, this was cod liver, the same reaction. I then tried shark oil & then salmon oil, all the same results. I do believe 1 of the oils had non-gmo soy oil but the others were clean.

I started branching off into looking at other oils I was using, such as coconut & olive oil which I consumed quite regularly. The day I stopped using both I saw a dramatic improvement in my energy, from the point of struggling to breathe to feeling ok enough to go for a walk, I was stunned and didn't want to believe it. So I went back to the oils again individually this time and in lesser amounts of 1 tsp each and still had a reaction where-by my energy would get sapped. So both of them were out too. I also tried taking oils at different times of the day but it made no difference. In addition to the sapping of energy most oils would trigger a reaction that I experience from food allergies such as immediate sinus congestion & a drop in blood pressure. I also was a fan of nut butters such as almond butter & pumpkin seed butter both of which had to go as I was experiencing the same thing. I also muscle tested different things blinded with another person who was not aware of what I was sensitive to & low and behold everything with a substantial amount of fat tested as being bad for me or making me weak.

You say "continued liver detoxification with my adrenal recovery efforts", but I don't know what type of 'continued liver detox" you're doing...and how the fatigue you feel that's associated with fish oil, is associated with the other liver protocols that you're doing (or if you've yet done anything 'liver related' using ingested oil).  So, if you've done a 5 day cleanse (with oil in the morning drink), a big liver flush, or have ingested daily olive oil, compare/contrast fish oil ingestion to olive oil ingestion. 

For liver detox I was doing coffee enemas 2x a day, it was going well until 1 time I screwed up and held it too long and went into a major panic attack since a drop of coffee can do it to me you can image how that went. So I decided I would hold off on coffee enemas until I stabalized my adrenals a little more so if that happened again it wouldn't be so severe. I plan on going back to the enemas shortly. Besides that I was doing liver flushes every couple of weeks and reached my 6th but the shortness of breath and panic was too much the last time after I drank the oil so I've had to leave them for a bit as well until I get this issue better understood or handled, since I would get so burntout from drinking the oil on the flush alone that it almost made the flush more of a strain on my body than I could handle. The first couple times I did liver flushing was nearly 2 years ago and at that time I wasn't burnt out the way I am now and I had no problem at all with the oils. 

I haven't tried the 5 day liver flush, I was debating trying it because I know its much more tame than the big flush, although I know my body the way I'm reacting and at this point I just truly feel that aiding my adrenals is my #1 priority. Once that's handled to a certain degree I think I'll try the 5 day.

"Also, do you feel anything similar to 'fish oil fatigue' after a coffee enema? castor oil pack? foot reflexology? liver herbs?"

With the exception of the one experience I didn't have any problems with the coffee enemas, castor oil packs did seem to actually help reverse the reaction when I went breathless to help my body relax and breathe normally. I have a food reflexology pad I walk on daily and rejuvenates me a little, nothing bad. Liver herbs have been ok, however certain ones such as dandelion I've noticed can cause a similar reaction, but go figure I'm allergic to them anyway so that's that. Oh I also started reacting to the Intestinal flush powder unfortunately, I later muscle tested and it determined repeatedly that it was the charcoal alone that was doing it. I also juiced a bulb of garlic and drank it which is something I had been able to do before but recently it has been sending me into anxiety attacks and I can't even touch the garlic anymore without a burnout reaction.

Give me a quick history of your 'liver detoxification' protocols and results...'ever got out 'stones' and liver debris?  If so, what protocol prefaced them being expelled and how did you react to know, write a novel (lol), if there's much to write.  Basically, I need to know how much liver flushing/cleansing you've done, what you did, and the results.

The flushes were awesome! With the exception of my issues with fatigue/breathlessness from the oils I loved doing them, I believe between the 6 flushes I've already gotten out about 800 stones so far. I've had several that were the size of quarters, I've seen pics of others online and I've had some that would dwarf them, although it's possible that multiple stones bound together to form one large stone, as I had one that was about the size of 2.5 quarters attached, freaked my out when I saw it lol! I got quite a bit of debris as well during the flushes. 

What else do YOU discern might be a factor? Cool

Definitely adrenals, although recently since I've begun taking a regimen of adrenal herbs I've seen some significant improvement. Notably I've been using 1tsp Ashwagandha x 3/day, the same for Astragalus, Amla, Rosehips, Hawthorn, Gokshura. Of course I'm also using your cayenne which really helps balance me out when I have a bad reaction and can't catch my breath, I've been snorting it as well as the snuff to just wake myself out of a congested dizzy spell. This has made a greater difference for me than anything I've done in the past year to help myself besides moving out of my toxic room, which I believe I told you about before?

The interesting thing is that when I'm feeling my best off these herbs I can tolerate oils, although tolerate is the key word as more than 1 tsp of any oil at a time will still send me back & burn me out. (Also by Burnout I mean dizzy spells, severe congestion, difficulty breathing, lowered blood pressure.)

"But thinking that a couple of 'capsules worth' of fish oil is "pushing through" isn't going to get 'er done.  Once I know a bit more about what you've done in the past (and the results), I'll have a better idea of what 'pushing through' actually means for you."

I'll do anything as long as it doesn't threaten to stop my ability to breathe, which unfortunately anything dealing with large amounts of oils is doing at this point. I'm all up for daily herbal drinks, I've been juicing and was at one point doing a series of 3 day juice fasts which made me feel great, but the instant I would touch any oil it was back to square 1. I've just assumed since its oils above all else which does this to me that my liver is a major issue. However I should clarify that these reactions I get from oils are identical to what I get from eating anything I'm sensitive to or if I happen to eat a great deal of carbohydrates at once and happen to forget to chew thoroughly. 

As for pushing through I've been a little ridiculous lately since I've said to hell with my breathing & low energy I want to get fit & exercise and I would try to go out for a walk/run and would soon find myself getting faint and almost passing out & ending up in another burnout panic.

What I'm getting at is that perhaps I need to focus more on nourishing my adrenals, once I reach a certain level I can get back to the coffee enemas and liver flushes. But I was curious if there was any other reason you could see for specifically having so much difficulty with oils.

When I used to take several oils in good sized amounts daily I remember getting energized from them & I also never had problems with my hair & skin, but in the past year I've gone from formerly being told how envious people were of my soft, thick hair to being told I'm going bald , So all I know is that whatever is wiping me out is very quickly wearing me away and many of the things I'm trying to use to help myself seem to be turning against me (I've always had a tendency to develop sensitivities quickly). I do understand herxiemer effects as I used to welcome them and could identify them when detoxifying because it was a bad sometimes disgusting feeling but it felt would also feel purifying or healing in some way as well at the same time even if I had a fever, nausea & diarrhea all at once I could move through it with a smile, but this doesn't feel that way at all. It feels like I'm slowly being suffocated

P.S. I noticed you mentioned in regards to liver/gallbladder issues affectings fats & spicy food. Is this the reason why no matter how small amount I take of cayenne I can't help but get these bizarre hiccups that almost feel like my stomach is trying to send it back up?


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