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For ms112233/Maggie :) (the longest post ever made on CZ? lol)

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Published: 12 years ago
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For ms112233/Maggie :) (the longest post ever made on CZ? lol)

Greetings Maggie -


Before I get started here, I want to solidly clarify a few things of importance that may have been either misunderstood or not fully grasped in past posts.  I understand that is likely because of a lack of information/knowledge (both throughout the world in general, and on my forum).  Generally, everybody wants a simple "prescription"  (or quick fix) for whatever symptoms we have (just like we've been conditioned to expect/want)...go to a doctor/healer, and walk away with "the solution".  But even in natural healing, we know these 'quick fixes'/prescriptions generally do no more than put a bandaid over the symptom...symptoms/issue that may have been 'brewing' for decades.  This can be just as backward & dangerous as putting a piece of duct tape over the oil light in our car!  Sure, the 'symptom' won't bother us for awhile, but unless we address the cause of the symptom/oil light, covering it up without addressing the true cause generally creates even more problems down the road.  And many times we have to go to the cause BEHIND the cause!  So, the two most important pieces of information about natural healing that we need to know (and about how the body works):


-- No organism (no matter how big or how small) can sustain life if it cannot 1) ingest and assimilate the nutrients it needs, and 2) expel waste effectively.  This is basic '3rd grade science'.  Simply put, if the digestive tract, intestines and/or colon are compromised in any way, we cannot assimilate nutrients adequately, nor can we expel waste effectively.  Anybody that has lived on this planet and hasn't done 'regular maintenance' on their digestive tract/colon and has less than 3-5 healthy bowel movements daily...has a compromised digestive tract & colon (even if their diet is perfect).


-- The human body is hard-wired with all the schematics it needs to heal itself from any illness or disease (and virtually every trauma, too).  There is NO computer, scientist, physician, 3-lettered organization, government or artificial intelligence that can even BEGIN to understand the complexities of the human body.  When the body is in it's natural state (totally balanced, assimilating nutrition, expelling waste, and all organs working --independently AND together-- as they are supposed to work), the healing schematics/programming of the body CAN & WILL itself!   Homeostasis: A state of balance among all the body systems needed for the body to survive and function correctly.  When the body is OUT of homeostasis, it has symptoms and disease.  In natural healing, we use ONLY foods, herbs, protocols, and methodologies that are NATURAL to the human body, so that we can quickly and effectively get the body back into it's NATURAL state of homeostasis (rather than using anything that is UNnatural, that throws the body further OUT of homeostasis).


How long will it take?  That depends SOLEY upon the extent of the damage, how far out of balance the body is, how clogged & compromised the organs are, and how much one is willing to do (and how quickly one is willing to learn what they need to do) so they can get down to the business of confidently undoing the damage done.


Natural Healing - this forum is for learning, teaching and applying truly natural healing.   This method of healing and restoring the body is different than ANY other forum on Curezone (with possibly the exception of Barefoot's & Dr. Mom's - but neither of them --to my knowledge-- have compiled/combined the methodologies of the three most successful healers of this century)


--We follow the time-honored, immensely & incomparably successful works of Dr. John R. Christopher, Dr. Richard Schulze and Dr. Max Gerson (leaving out Dr. Gerson's use of isolated substances and replacing them with the equivalent foods, herbs & juices used by Christopher/Schulze).  These three healers successfully (in their own lifetimes) cured tens of thousands of people (consistently) from the most insidious & "incurable" diseases known to mankind - we can easily guestimate that hundreds of thousands of people have been cured by using these natural protocols since their death (or being prevented from practicing the healing arts).  None allowed meat during the healing process (Dr. Gerson allowed a very occasional serving of yogurt to those well on their way to healing; Dr. Christopher allowed a small portion of organic chicken or white fish weekly to those following his 'typical' diet, but none when seriously ill or during the healing process).


In order to heal our bodies naturally - the following basics apply (the more effectively we stick to these basics, the faster we heal):


-- We do not ingest any substance that is not truly natural (or that is stressing) to the human body.  Standardized/isolated herbal preparations are not natural; vitamins & minerals isolated away from their natural plant sources are not natural; ground up rocks & shells are not natural (rock-based calcium supplements and other 'alkalizers' such as 'coral calcium, etc); colloidal metals are not natural (we are NOT designed to eat rocks or metal - that's what plants are designed to do!).  Obviously, chemicals, otcs & pharmaceuticals are not natural.  We use only (organic whenever possible): fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, whole grains, beans, legumes, leaves, roots, berries (and the oils thereof) and their closest derivatives - juices, herbal teas & tinctures.  And all water ingested MUST be without fluoride or chlorine (which means no matter what is done to it afterward, it must start as distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water).


-- We avoid all "anti healing" foods (that may be considered 'natural' foods) during the process of healing (as to not stress the body further in any way).  This means a raw, vegan diet, with as much raw foods in their life-bearing form & juices.  Meat & dairy take immense amounts of energy for our body to process, digest & utilize, they are mucous forming, and are not part of the natural healing regime.




--We use certain foods & herbs to both nourish the body and to provide assistance for unclogging, repairing, cleansing and helping the body to overcome the damage and compromise that it has sustained for decades.


--We understand that the "science" that virtually ALL allopathic and 'alternative' medicine depends upon for diagnosis & treatment (the one we've ALL been conditioned to believe in), does NOT take into consideration that EVERY organ, cell & system of our body is dependent on the health of every other organ, cell & system in the body. Our bodies are NOT like test tubes & petri dishes in a laboratory.  Both allopathic & alternative science/medicine RARELY address the true cause of any illness.  Rather, they choose to utilize various "bandaids" to "treat" whatever symptoms their tests reveal to be the problem.  When vitamin, mineral, blood sugar, thyroid, hormonal & various blood levels are "off" - the cure is not to plow the body with substances that will 'normalize the levels' according to what 'this years journals' says is normal - the cure is to determine WHY the blood levels are off --if they really are-- and address the CAUSE of the abnormal levels or symptoms of disease.  And besides, artificially changing a 'blood level' so a test will read normally does NOT work.  If a person has diabetes and takes insulin to regulate their blood sugar (even if they do it consistently and perfectly) they STILL suffer & die of the end-stage complications of diabetes.


Whenever we see the word "science" or "medicine" should be a major "red flag"!  It doesn't mean the information is false, but it does mean we should be SURE to see if this medicine/science is based on the 'truth of science' or the 'truth of medicine'...or the truth of how to actually HEAL.




Regarding your symptoms and issues - I want to add/clarify (for the benefit of those that haven't read through all your past posts) that you are currently taking .5 mg of Klonopin daily; weaning off (or recently finished weaning) a low dose of HC (Cortef, a steroid, cream in your case) - in addition, you have reported endometriosis and estrogen dominance in past post on CZ.  Hair loss (other issues?) from (or before) Iodoral/iodine supplementation; and bad experience with chinese herbs/herbalist & bowel cleansing (?).  There may be other issues I missed in reviewing almost 2 years worth of posts.

Also, I requested I read these two short articles before I replied.

In the meantime, click here:
...and read these two pages:

* A Message From Dr.Schulze
* Moving Toward Perfect Health

If you haven't read them yet, please stop now, and read them before reading further.  Thank you


Onward to your healing!!  Maggie, as you read through this, you'll likely be "screaming"  things like... "But I told her already, I CAN'T eat anything but meat and a few veggies!" (or other similar things).  I know that in your CURRENT condition you can't eat a good variety of foods, but I also know the high protein/meat is making you a LOT sicker a LOT faster and negative 'using up' aLOT of the healing energy your body has left .  I know that this protocol (based on the 3 most successful healers that lived in this century), was something that EVERY patient they had could do, and virtually all of them were FAR worse than you.   So try not to scream (lol), and try to be encouraged...because you do NOT have to be as sick as you are very much longer - if you can get your head around getting started on this safe/logical healing pathway.  Remember, there is NO such thing as an incurable disease, only incurable people...and of course, those whose 'time has come'.


(Also, I'm going to be making all kinds of recommendations throughout this post - I will summarize at the there's no need for you to remember everything while you're reading :)

What are the names of the three antibiotics you took? and why were they prescribed?

This all started April 16th 2009

Since you've been having health issues for (at least) the two years you've been posting on CZ, we know "this all started" a LONG time before this April.  You see, while antibiotic reactions/allergies can be very extreme (especially with fluoridated antibiotics, which those you took are not, thank heavens), the more compromised your body is as a whole...the more extreme the reaction to antibiotics (or any other poison).

Septra/Bactrim for 3 days then Kelfex for 2 days (the keflex is when my insomnia started the very first pill I took at 7:00 at night) (a few months later I found out keflex is in the penicillin family and I am allergic to penicillin). Then they switched me after two days on Keflex to Macrobid.

I can tell by your recent posts, that you prefer to not take antibiotics again (yay!).   Just so you know, there is NEVER a need to take antibiotics (there are many natural herbs/foods that are MORE effective and a million times safer).  Any time you take a pharmaceutical drug, you push yourself further away from being healthy.  Look at what these people have to report about 1-2 days (or even one dose) of Macrobid.

The doctor originally put me on it for UTI. I'm sorry you didn't know all the other/better options.

I never got rid of the e-coli in my bladder,  hmmm, without constant testing, there's really no way to know that for sure - but whatever it is, we'll get rid of it. 

 so on an off I have bladder irritation like interstitial cystitis they call it.  We can heal that, too.  I didn't sleep for two days when I took the keflex so I went to the hospital because I was shaking so bad and felt so sick. At the hospital they gave me Xanex and kept me on that for sleep

As you likely know by now, benzodiazepines should NEVER be prescribed as a 'sleep aid'.  They are HIGHLY addictive and have horrific side effects/withdrawal issues.

until I saw a ND a few weeks later and he put me on melatonin up to 18 mg plus 2 Xanex (.5mg) at night for sleep. Then the ND switched me to Klonopin because the Xanex was causing me to have anxiety.

So your ND is an MD/ND (a typical ND cannot prescribe pharmaceuticals).  MDs with an ND are (in my opinion) likely THE most dangerous "breed" of practitioner there is (even more dangerous than a normal MD, if that's possible).   They think they can use supplements and isolated substances like candy - using pharmaceuticals at the same time...and the results can be disastrous (not to mention, depleting to a savings account).  Xanax is an anti-anxiety pharmaceutical - I have never heard of Xanax causing anxiety (until one is addicted - then a lack of Xanax or not enough will cause EXTREME anxiety)...however, anything is possible.

When I switched to klonopin I slept better and no anxiety. 

Klonopin has a MUCH longer half-life in your bloodstream than Xanax, so whatever was causing the anxiety is now being bandaided longer/more effectively by the Klonopin.   

June 19th 2009 is when I started the Klonopin and I just take it for sleep just( one pill .5 mg) before bed. So a very small dose. 

I'm sorry, but there's no such thing as a "small dose" of a benzodiazepine.  ANY size dose can cause side-effects that can last for years.  You've only been on benzos a few months, so there's a very good possibility you will be able to withdraw with little to no side effects....but of course, you'll want to address the cause of the insomnia.  There are few things you can try herbally to 'bandaid' the insomnia while weaning off the Klonopin.

Why did you start on HC?  And what are you doing to support your withdrawal?

I started on HC because of my ZRT saliva results 8:00  and 12 it said normal but the doctor said they were low normal then my 4pm was the highest and then 8 pm went down just a bit. So the doctor said my circadian rhythm was flipped, so he put me on HC cortef pills first and only morning and lunch, so they most I took was 5 mg which it never agreed with my body. After taking the pills for 3 weeks to a month my stomach started hurting more and more, so we switched to compounded cream at just 2mg in the am. I couldn't handle any more so I stayed very low. The doctor started me on it may 17th 2009 

These doctors, when will they EVER learn - the reason your "ZRT saliva tests" were off and circadian rhythm was "flipped" (whatever that means) was NOT because of a lack of Cortef!!  So how in the WORLD is Cortef (that throws off your body even further) supposed to heal you if it's not the cause?    I'm glad you haven't been on it very long - yet even 3-5 days on Cortef is enough to cause harsh withdrawals.  So far, the anxiety, insomnia, ZRT levels AND circadian rhythm disruption could ALL have been caused by the antibiotics...and if the other things (estriadol, progesterone, testosterone) were off, that can easily be because your uterus/ovaries are squished and compromised (due to constipation and clogged/engorged colon - the colon wraps directly around the uterus & ovaries...and of Dr. Schulzes patients that had 'female issues' - 80% were fine after a thorough colon cleanse!)    Whoa, I was just checking my facts on the ZRT test - they're over $300 to buy - sheesh, I hope your ND/MD didn't charge you even more than that! :(

Here's my story on 'female issues' and colon cleansing (from another post of mine):

Let me give a good example. I just turned 50 - back in my early 40's (when I was first starting this 'natural healing journey') I was experiencing horrendous female issues and pre-menopausal symptoms (and extreme hormone fluctuations). Every month I gained SIX TO TEN POUNDS of fluid; my breasts were outrageously painful for a few days, and swollen & untouchable for 10 days; the PMS was insidious (for around 10 days) - I describe it as feeling like a rabid drill sergeant on steroids that was a closet homosexual (lol) - scream, rage, cry, sob, depression, name it. Hot flashes & night sweats that interrupted sleep? :::eyeroll::: the sweat dripped down my torso and arms sometimes. Cramps? You could SEE them. Pain? I have an ultra high pain tolerance, by I took 4 ibuprofen every 2 hours around the clock (yes, I set my alarm), for 2 1/2 days. The flow? dark/dead, rust colored/brown and full of clots - I used two super-plus tampons at a time, and changed them every two hours for 2 1/2 days.

Imagine posing that symptom list to any number of forum "experts" on CZ (or ND's/MD's) - imagine their replies/solutions. Vitamins, minerals, supplements, hormones and likely several admonitions to get myself to an MD/ND for invasive blood work and tests...that MIGHT have resulted in 'fear cards' being played and it's possible I might have ended up having biopsies and/or surgeries.

Well, it just so happened that as this was getting WORSE, my husband and I had finally decided to 'take the plunge' - and we cleaned our home of all toxic food and replaced it with organic, and embarked upon our first colon cleanse. We finished that (it was 7-10 days I think), and within about a week I went to the bathroom to urinate, and lo & behold...MY PERIOD? Well, that's just impossible! I would have gained weight, my period always started right after my worst 'boob day', and I hadn't had ANY mood swings. But it was my period....and get this - only 3 hours of light cramping - no mood swings - complete difference in flow - virtually no clots and brilliant red blood. I had no IDEA what had happened! And it wasn't until MONTHS later that I learned - the sigmoid colon wraps directly around the uterus and ovaries (and where it doesn't 'wrap', if it's swollen, it compresses). And all those months/years of sheer hell, there hadn't been one thing wrong with me, except that my uterus/ovaries had been "squished & compressed" and had a lack of oxygen/blood flow.

What IF I would have taken hormones (natural or otherwise)? What IF I would have had testing & biopsies (there definitely had to be a few cysts in there, for sure). What IF I would have plowed my body with herbs, supplements, minerals & vitamins it did not need? (that might or might not have "bandaided the symptoms" temporarily?). I would have spent thousands of dollars, I likely would have been 'scared into' having some type of invasive/damaging procedures...AND because I'd been plowing my body with all kinds of *UN*NATURAL SUBSTANCES it did NOT need...I would have developed NEW symptoms...very likely endocrine & thyroid issues, on top of it all. (any substance that is extracted away from all the other phytochemicals & alkaloids in the plant it's in, is NOT a "natural" substance!). And by the way, it's not "natural" for people to eat rocks either (that's what plants do).

Please read this:

Maggie, be SURE to read the link above as soon as you have the time :)  (I know, I know, it's a LOT of reading - but this one is easy - and VERY VERY good :)

(Although I don't totally subscribe to Dr. Sutter's protocol, I DEFINITELY subscribe to the truth in that article!)


How many bowel movements do you have daily/weekly (shape, consistency, etc)?

I have one bowel movement daily and it is shaped like cauliflower and brown. 

It's normal/healthy for humans (like all animals in nature) to have one bowel movement after every meal...and upon waking and before falling to sleep.  1 bm daily (no matter WHAT you've been told in the past) is constipated.  Your lower colon pressed against EVERY major organ in your body directly, except your heart and brain - if it's swollen by just an inch (and it is, because EVERYone's is) then every major organ in your body is being squished and pressed at least an inch out of shape.  Just HOW are they supposed to work right if they're squished?  And all that filth in your lower colon (known as mucoid plaque) 90-95 of ALL THE WATER you drink is assimilated in the lower colon - that water seeps through decades worth of toxins and heads DIRECTLY to your liver, 24 hours a day.  Yes indeedy, "just like grandma said", the key to health IS a healthy colon.   This is also likely the root cause of your candida issues - because candida are the 'clean up crew' of the body.  When the colon is impacted/lined with rotting food, fecal matter and mucoid plaque, there's NOTHING that will "cure" candida - that's what they eat and where they breed; they're doing what they're supposed to do.   Please read these two articles so you'll understand why it's IMPERATIVE to do a 30 days cleanse as soon as possible.


How much pure water do you drink daily? What else do you drink daily?

I have no idea what pure water is. Pure water is distilled water, or reverse osmosis filtered water.  I have been trying to figure out what I should drink. That's what you should drink. I still need to know how much water you ingest needs to be at least 1/2 gallon.

 I have been drinking Spring Water Evian or Mountain Valley Spring because it is the only thing my bladder seems to tolerate. Your bladder never comes in contact with the water you drink, the only thing that goes into your bladder comes directly from your bloodstream/kidneys.  There's really no way to discern (from ALL the things that are in your bloodstream at any given time), exactly what it may be that causes you bladder issues.  There's a million possibilities...but pure, clean water isn't likely to be one of them.  Spring water is usually laden with lots of rock-based minerals.  If you're interested in learning why you don't want to drink water laden with rock-based minerals, here's why:

Is "Mineral Water" Good For You?
The human body can tell us which minerals, liquids, foods or other materials it will accept, and those which it recognizes as alien or foreign matter--and thus proceeds to reject.

The pathological character of inorganic minerals such as those found in highly mineralized water is easily demonstrable. Take your white corpuscle (blood cell) count about six hours after you've last had any food or water. It should be about 6,000 per milliliter.

Then, drink a normal glass of hard, mineral water. The white blood cell count will shoot up until it often more than doubles!

Inorganic chemistry doesn't lie.

This phenomena is called Leucocytosis and is our body's defense mechanism responding (via an increased white cell count) to an invading organism, germ, infection or foreign material. When pure water, fruits, vegetables and other naturally-grown materials are eaten, the white blood cell count stays level.

However, when materials such as processed or junk foods, and heavily mineralized drinking water are consumed, the body's defense mechanism springs into action, increasing the white blood cell count which prepares the body to do battle with and subsequently dispose of or dispense with the unwanted "invader"---in the present case, heavy doses of inorganic salts and minerals from drinking water.

Water is a cleansing agent, foods are nutrients. Dr. Moller-Racke's statement that "water is probably our most valuable nutrient" is therefore complete nonsense as any fourth grade life science textbook tells us. Water is our most valuable cleansing agent, flushing toxins and byproducts of metabolism from our body while furnishing pure hydrogen and oxygen to cells and tissue.

The cleansing attributes of pure water are impaired when it contains large doses of dissolved dirt and stone(mineral water)---and the body organs which must eliminate these unwanted materials are continually stressed and unnecessarily overworked.

Many individuals who experience a "rush" when they drink mineral water probably misinterpret this apparent therapeutic feeling as simply the body organs (skin, kidneys, lungs, intestines) working overtime to eliminate excess minerals which the body cannot use.

When I try to drink our Brita filtered my bladder hurts and my stomach burns.

YES!  Brita filters are pretty-much useless (very similar to running tap water through a deodorized dish cloth) - basically they take the smell of the chlorine out of the water, but not all of the chlorine and they remove NO FLUORIDE at all!  Drinking fluoride and chlorine can/will toxify your bloodstream & digestive tract and cause your bladder and stomach pain.  BUT (see further down below) - it's highly unlikely you can actually tell exactly what is irritating your bladder.  With a UTI or bladder infection or cystitis, it's possible anything (or just normal urine) seems irritating.

 I think I am way too acidic. My blood type is AB positive and I am eating a lot of protein.

Everybody is way too "acidic", generally because everything we eat and drink seeps/soaks through a layers of putrified, acidic filth in the colon...and most all chemical toxins are acidic.  Treating "acidity" is bandaiding the symptom - the only way we get over it is to treat the cause of the symptom.   Your blood type is not consequential at all (but tens of thousands of dollars have been spent on books & supplements); protein is THE fastest way to increase your acidity (and prevent healing).  It takes 4-8 hours for your body to process meat (gaining VERY little nutrition and absolutely NO fiber).  65% of your body's energy is spent on the complete process of digestion.  That energy COULD be being used to heal you - but instead it's being wasted on trying to digest and assimilate nutrients from something that acidifies your body and joints, and creates lots of rotting/putrid mucousy slime that coats & compromises your colon...and feeds the candida. 

 I only drink water and I put salt in it in the am for adrenals.

Another band-aid, but if it you are sure it helps, keep doing it until you're off the Klonopin.

Describe your typical diet weekly

I can tell you exactly what I have been able to eat for the past three months. I can only eat boiled organic chicken ,turkey, and  baked wild salmon. The five veggies I can eat with organic butter are okra, green beans collards greens, asparagus, spinach. When I eat grains or red meat my stomach burns more. I tried Qunioa but my stomach burned. I can tell you I have been trying to eat a lot of butter for fat and chicken broth with fat. Does eating all this fat hurt the liver?

Natural plant oils in all forms HELP the liver stay healthy - dairy/butter isn't so helpful (but it's far better than hydrogenated oil & margarines).    Maggie, I realize that you're "self treating" and doing your best to avoid foods that cause pain (and likely reactions)...but everytime you eat a meat meal YOU ARE MAKING YOURSELF WORSE. 

If you do have an ulcer caused by H.Pylori, then there's a reason why meat may make your stomach stop burning.  H. Pylori causes a LACK of stomach acid (which likely makes the H. Pylori worse and the ulcer worse).  But meat, causes your stomach to produce lots of stomach perhaps eating meat makes your stomach/ulcer better by "bandaiding" the symptoms that the H. Pylori causes.    I know that sounds odd, but they have proven that stomach acid does NOT cause stomach ulcers (and the only time we actually feel stomach acid is when it goes upward into our esophagus).   So if H. Pylori decreases stomach acid and we know meat increases it (and you feel better when you eat meat) - then it's VERY possible that you do have an ulcer...and we KNOW the way to cure that!!!  Check your PM/box for files on the various benefits of cayenne!

Cayenne powder both relieves the inflammation caused by H. Pylori (the bacteria that causes ulcers).


It's also claimed that H.Pylori is a carcinogen that causes the stomach to produce LESS stomach acid (the very last thing we need).  Cayenne increases the flow of stomach acid.


Cayenne stops the bleeding of stomach ulcers.


Cayenne is an antibacterial AND antispasmodic AND has anti-carcinogenic effects (it's been tested/proven to prevent & heal prostate cancer - it is also effective against many other forms of cancer)


And yes!  Cayenne's antibacterial action IS effective against H. Pylori (even antibiotic resistant strains!)  There are MANY other studies, this is the first one in my bookmarks)

Yes, Mastic Gum is effective against H.Pylori...but they make varnish out of Mastic Gum...and it doesn't have all the benefits above (nor the MYRIAD of other benefits of cayenne).  I don't want to put anything that's 'used to make varnish' into my stomach (even if it IS "natural").

Have you ever done a colon cleanse? If so, what kind/product and what were the results?

I have only done colonics. I have done 4 colonics in the past month. I am not sure if I am too weak to be doing these. I have had a few people tell me I am. 

You are NEVER "too weak" to cleanse and restore your body!   If I had a dollar for every ND or person that has said "I'm/you're too weak to cleanse and restore my organs"...(when uncleansed organs, structural debris and organ damage is the CAUSE of our symptoms & weakness)...I'd be rich.  It's illogical, it's stupid (except to those raking in the profits)...and it's just as dangerous as putting duct tape over your oil light.  The weaker and more compromised one is, the more AGGRESSIVE we need to be in restoring our organs to health (that's kind of a "well duh" isn't it?).  That's why Dr. Schulze was able to take THOUSANDS of people that were on death's door to safety in just a few weeks (sometimes less) with the FULL INCURABLES PROGRAM (cleansing the colon, liver, kidneys while juice-fasting and using all the other herbs & healing protocols at once)...and why Dr. Gerson had virtually every dying cancer patient TOTALLY out of pain in less than a week (juicing/vegan diet and coffee enemas 4-5x daily).  The thing that STRESSES our body is lack of nutrition, assimilation and being unable to expel and eliminate wastes/toxins.  Remember: -- No organism (no matter how big or how small) can sustain life if it cannot 1) ingest and assimilate the nutrients it needs 2) expel waste.  This is basic '3rd grade science'.

But colonics aren't enough to restore and strengthen the muscular action of your colon (even though I'm sure you colonic therapist has told you that they are).  Colonics are fantastic for 'cleansing', but after decades of not pooping 3-5x daily and having our muscles/colon stretched totally out of shape, just "cleaning them off" isn't enough to restore them to health.

I recall reading something (in your past posts) about using Chinese herbs (or a protocal recommended by a Chinese herbalist) for bowel cleansing.  ???

Have you done any liver flushing?

How many/what results? I did one 12 years ago and I had a stone get stuck and had a very bad experience so I haven't done one again.

I'm sorry to hear that (assuming that's what happened).  If you actually had a 'stone stuck' you would have ended up in the ER, doubled over in pain (and likely they would have carved out your gallbladder on the spot).  I'm not trying to say you don't know what happened to you, I just want to make sure that we all use the correct terminology.  And a gallstone or intrahepatic stone that gets 'stuck' during a liver flush creates intolerable pain...and even though it's possible to get one "stuck" during a liver flush, it's EXTREMELY rare.   There are many different things that can be done if a stone does happen to get 'stuck' - this is something everyone should know how to do before doing a liver flush.

Anyone who thought they needed to liver flush 12 years ago, but hasn't ever done a full series of liver flushes...has a liver that desperately needs flushing (perhaps that's a typo and you meant 2 years ago).  Either way, it doesn't matter...virtually everyone over the age of 12 years old (and some younger) need to cleanse the debris from their liver and gallbladder.  The way most people 'get into trouble' with liver flushing, is that they don't prepare the liver to be flushed properly or effectively.  There's all kinds of things we can do to increase the efficacy of liver flushing (and ensure it's safety)...and reasons we get into trouble when liver flushing.  Here's a post listing them (pasted below):

Should we do a liver flush every two weeks "without prepping our liver"...or do some prepping everyday and then a big flush every two weeks?

The best answer is this:

Imagine the intricacy of the plumbing system of huge building with hundreds of offices (each having a sink and a toilet). Every office has small pipes inside it, leading to a bigger pipe that connects some of the pipes on every specific floor, and every floor has one or two big pipes that lead to other major pipes, and some of the pipes have U-joints and various 'bends' (that's the biliary network in the liver)...that all those pipes come together into one pipe to dump into a small expandable "bladder" (that's your gallbladder) where's it's all processed and then dumped into the main sewer...through a very small (but incredibly "stretchable") small pipe coming from the gallbladder.

A big flush is like taking a gargantuan water hose and connecting it to the main plumbing pipe at the tip-top of the building, and flushing a great big volume of water through into it...and let's say, we do that once every two weeks (or once a month?).

(Remember the "clogs" may be anywhere, in any office, in any sink or toilet, or in any of the various tubes leading from each)...and each individual pipe MAY have things stuck to the inside of them hanging down into the middle of the pipe, that are like those 'frayed curtains' at the end of a carwash...those'd be liver flukes).

Which is going to be more effective? One big flush every two weeks, and letting everything go back to normal after every big flush and then repeating the big flush? Or doing something every day to gently loosen up everything and then doing a major flush every two weeks?

What's best to keep loosening and 'breaking up' the debris in the pipes before the big flushes? Dr. Schulzes 5 day flush drink is great,especially with the added Liver Tincture; so is GOOD DEEP foot reflexology; castor oil packs are INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC; liver herbs and cholagogue foods (that make bile flow, like ginger, garlic, bitter greens/foods); coffee enemas are awesome; Chinese Gold Coin Grass breaks up 'stones' into smaller pieces (I'm hoping to have a Gold Coin Grass tincture made in the next couple of months!); a tablespoon or two of olive oil daily.

See how easy it is to figure out what's really best and most effective? We don't need anything but a lil' bit of information and some common sense :)

Maggie, one of THE main reasons you likely had such strong and long lasting side-effects from the antibiotics is because of liver compromise & congestion.  And when the liver is compromised, the kidneys have to pick up a LOT of extra work.  So you'll want to start taking care of your liver as soon as you can.  Liver congestion (lack of bile flow) is also the main reason behind most all digestive issues (and constipation - bile is our natural laxative).

Do you have a juicer? If so what kind? 

I did but it broke, so no.

I'm sorry to hear that - because likely THE most important thing for healing is juice-fasting.  So the very first thing you'll want to be getting is a juicer (and it MUST be one that is NOT centrifugal).  The very first thing any animal does when he is sick is 'goes off food' - the very first thing we should do is the same.  HOWEVER, because our bodies/tissue are LADEN with such a vast amount of poisons (and fasting helps to release those poisons), we must do something daily to ensure those toxins are eliminated from the bloodstream.  On this forum we do that (killing two birds with one stone) by doing a colon cleanse at the same time (using IF#2).  IF #2 is a blend of herbs that Dr. Schulze designed especially for cleansing (and severely compromised people).  It contains: Organic Flax seed ( Linum usitatissimum ), Apple Fruit Pectin, Pharmaceutical Grade Bentonite Clay, Psyllium seed and husk ( Plantago Species), WildCrafted Slippery Elm inner bark (Ulmus flilva), Organic Marshmallow root ( Althea officinalis), Organic Fennel seed ( Foeniculum vulgare ) and Activated Willow charcoal ( Salix alba).  As it relates to juice fasting, the two most important ingredients are the bentonite clay and activated charcoal - both of these natural substances (which animals eat regularly when they eat poisons) aDsorb toxins from your bloodstream.  The word aDsorb (not aBsorb like a sponge) means to "pull to itself", and bentonite and charcoal actually pull toxins out of our bloodstream right through the lining of our intestines and into our be safely pooped/flushed out of us!  YAY!!!   Fasting (especially water fasting) can be VERY stressing for the body, but going off food is the fastest way to HEAL the body (if we don't stress it with all the toxin release).  So using IF#2 while juice fasting is THE perfect/safe combination.  The other option would be doing multiple coffee enemas daily (like Dr. Gerson did with his patients).  But most of us don't have the time to do 4-5 coffee enemas daily (but we do have the time to take five doses of IF#2...especially since we need to be cleansing our colon anyway).

Maggie, you can heal yourself  without juice fasting...but I GUARANTEE - the results you get when juice fasting for only (say) two weeks will take 2 months or more when eating solid foods.  It is is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you read this about juice fasting: JUICE-FASTING: The POWERFUL healing therapy!

And that you read through this so that you understand why a centrifugal juicer will NOT yield the same results as a quality juicer.

What other supplements/meds/otcs do you currently take? and why?

I am taking a product called De Stress at night with the klonopin to get off of the klonopin. De Stress is a food based supplement from Bioitcs Research.

Well, yes, it's made from food (milk, to be exact, milk that's laden with growth hormones and antibiotics) - but it's certainly NOT natural...but there are worse things to put in your body.  And OMG, it's $30-$45 a BOTTLE (only 30 capsules per bottle, 2 capsule dosage).  Supposedly this chemical (which is what it is, a chemical extracted from milk) hydrolyzed casein concentrate/processed hydrolysate somehow forces the veins to relax (hmmm, I wonder just how it works in the body and what all it 'forces', to cause the veins to relax).  Okay, I can't stand it (lol)...I just paid $9.95 to a website so I could find out the "scientific data" about this stuff (I just HAD to know :::grin:::) - and here's how it works:


There is insufficient reliable information available about the safety of casein peptides.
Pregnancy and Lactation: Insufficient reliable information available; avoid using.

 Mechanism of Action:

Casein peptides are break-down products of casein protein. Casein protein is the primary protein of milk. It makes up 76% to 86% of all milk proteins (13045). Casein is the component of milk that solidifies in the curdling process.
When casein protein is consumed, proteolytic digestive enzymes hydrolyze casein into several peptides called casein peptides (13046). Many of these peptides are thought to have a variety of biological activities.
Some casein peptides affect immune functions, including increasing or decreasing proliferation of lymphocytes, increasing antibody formation, increasing phagocytosis, and increasing natural killer cell activity (13046).
Some casein peptides seem to have blood pressure lowering effects in animal models. In 1965 it was discovered that hypertensive patients who drank sour milk had reduced blood pressure. Later it was found that sour milk contained two tri-peptides, Val-Pro-Pro and Ile-Pro-Pro, which had a blood pressure lowering effect (13044). These peptides are thought to inhibit angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) similarly to the ACE inhibitor antihypertensive drugs (13044,13046,13048). When taken orally these ACE inhibiting casein peptides seem to be absorbed intact, without digestive degradation, according to animal models (13052).
Some casein peptides have opioid receptor stimulating properties (13052).
Casein peptides stimulate various intestinal secretions. In isolated rat jejunum, casein peptides stimulate mucin and mucus production (13049). Casein peptides also seem to stimulate cholecystokinin secretion from rat intestinal cells (13050).  So, in a quick nutshell, this "natural" product can/maybe (what a quick glance appears to maybe be harmful):

-- increase or decrease lymphocytes in your body (do you have any idea what that means? or what happens when the lymphocytes are increased or decreased? and what it does to cause that to happen?)

-- it has ACE inhibiting properties (ACE inhibitors basically alter the action/function of your kidneys) which causes a lowering of blood pressure.

--it stimulates opioid receptors (what it sounds like)

--it stimulates mucus production in rats (below their stomach), as well as cholecystokinin in their intestinal cells (click here to find out what cholecystokinin does)

Maggie, it doesn't seem to me that this chemical (derived from milk) is going to HELP your body regain it's normal balance - it sounds to me like it will throw it off balance even further...although it might 'bandaid' a symptom or two along the way.  Of course, whether or not you ingest it into your body is entirely up to you.  It's my job to say the truth as I know it - thank heavens it's not my job to decide what people do with it!

One of the strongest anti-anxiety agents we have at our disposal is...? CAYENNE AGAIN!  Read this (a quickie) to see what my cousin (an RN) discovered about how effective cayenne is for anxiety:


I want to take a probiotic. I have one from Custom Probiotics, but haven't taken it regularly because when I tried a bit I felt feverish. I want to take something else to help my body like B5. I also was wondering if I could take Oil of Oregano for my stomach problems?

In natural healing we stick with things that are natural to the body.  Putting millions of dead cells in your body (which all brands of probiotics have in them) stresses the lymphatic & immune system (because the lymph & immune system have to clean them out of the body/bloodstream).  There are over 100 different kinds of bacteria in the intestines, and for each body on any given hour of the day, the ratio between these microorganisms is PERFECTLY balanced for your body.  Ingesting capsules of 20-30 different microorganisms that are OUT Of balance for what your body needs?  Well, the body has to REbalance all the various microorganisms in the gut before it can do much of anything else (particularly digesting food). 

Since dead cells stress the immune system, and a symptom of the immune system 'ramping up' is a's understandable that probiotics made you feel feverish.  Also, many people that start taking probiotics see an increase of bowel activity/diarrhea - and think that's a good thing.  Methinks one of the reasons they see an increase in bowel activity is the body trying to rebalance it's normal level of bacteria/microorganisms, and get rid of the ones that it doesn't need.  It's my opinion that Cayenne is the best thing for your stomach issues right now.

Checkout the food sources for B5 - Oil of Oregano has many benefits - it's not something I'm very familiar with because I prefer Garlic & Echinacea.

Any symptoms that developed and 'stuck' after supplementing with Iodoral?  

I would like to know your opinion of Iodoral. I thought it was helping me with my energy, but don't know. Someone else told me it would be good for getting the bad bacteria out of my gut or if I did have an ulcer it would help it.Not sure about this. I think the only thing is maybe I noticed a lump in my throat when I swallowed, but not all the time. I had an ultrasound and they for small nodules and have scheduled me to see a Endo in September.

I hope you're kidding me right? AFTER everything MD/NDs have done to your body, you would even CONSIDER seeing an Endo (I assume for an endoscopy)?  Do you have any idea HOW risky and invasive an endoscopy is?  I sure hope you change your mind.  You don't need another "procedure" or test, you just need to get down to the business of learning and healing yourself.  As far as Iodine supplementation, at one time I was very enthusiastic.  After it pushed me into EXTREME adrenal distress and then they started added all the other isolated nutrients to the protocol, I started researching all the ways it could 'do harm' (and found plenty)...PARTICULARY if the organs of elimination are in any way compromised).  Iodine IS a necessary substance for the health of our body, but there's no need to chelate/release months worth of heavy metals, fluoride, bromide and other poisons into our bloodstream all at one time.  There was one woman in the 'famous' Iodine studies that did blood/urine testing and they found there was half a lethal dose of bromide in her bloodstream that had been released/chelated by the iodine.  I no longer believe in using substances that have been isolated away from their original plant alkaloids & phytochemicals.  That's not a natural substance, that's a drug.  The foundational research/er that all the iodine studies & supplementation protocol based on (Dr. Abraham) - if you read his studies, you'll find that initially his work indicated that the Asian population (on which he based his data) ingested seaweed for iodine.  Iodine is "alternative" - this form is "natural".  Read what one of the greatest healers that ever lived says about isolating substances: Isolated/Standarized Extracts of plants & herbs

By the way (as I said), I was one of the original supporters of iodine on CZ, so I am fully aware of it's benefits.  Dr. Gerson used Lugol's (diluted) in his protocol (he also had his patients doing 4-5 coffee enemas daily and juice fasting).

Tell me "everything else" :::grin:::   your daily symptoms (physically & emotionally), what causes you to be 'housebound' ...and how many of those symptoms match the 'side effects of Klonopin' list above - that manifested after you started taking Xanax and/or Klonopin.

The side effects that I think happened since taking the Xanex and Klonopin-

Hard time concentrating and retaining information (foggy headed)

Anxiety, but not as bad now on the klonopin

Urinary problems-I don't seem to get as much out at a time

Dehydration- Mouth is Dry a lot- not sure if it is meds or candida or adrenals (aldosterone)

Muscle sometimes weak, but that might be adrenals

Stomach hurts and burns

Coated tongue, but have had that before this occured

I don't know if you know blood tests, but my liver enzymes from 7-16-09 say

AST          12                               range 10-3- U/L

ALT          16                               6-40   U/L

Those 'levels' appear to be what they call "normal"...but then, they think a liver that's full of stones & debris is normal...and to come up with what "normal" is on their 'scale', they compare a huge amount of "average" Americans...and virtually every American's liver is compromised.  

My daily symptoms are fatigue and inflammation burning after eating some things.

Once you start taking the cayenne powder regularly, and start your get your colon cleaned out & flowing properly (so you can assimilate nutrients better and stop stressing/auto-intoxicating your bloodstream from everything that soaks through all the toxic crud in your colon)...and give your body enough of the "premium fuel" it needs to function, you'll feel MUCH better.  You (and everybody) definitely need Superfood daily.  NONE of us can obtain an adequate amount of good nutrition even on the most PERFECT diet (due to our depleted and toxic planet).  Superfood is THE main reason we have an Herbal Apothecary.  Read about Superfood and why you need it here:

It seems worse dinner. I don't have the burning at night when I sleep. That is when my stomach feels the best. Also I think it is the lactose in the klonopin pill base,

It's not likely the lactose in a .5 milligram pill of anything would have an effect on anything.  Klonopin/benzo effect the calming receptors (GABA receptors) throughout your body - it's likely that's what's happening.

 but I notice my bladder is irritated at night, but not as much during the day unless I have something that irritates it. I have tried to take coconut oil and for some reason it irritates my bladder.

 Perhaps you don't understand that it's very difficult to ascertain what is actually irritating your bladder, because nothing you eat or drink comes into direct contact with it...first, the food is digested and as it's digested the tiny particals go into the hepatic artery and are taken directly to the liver, hence bloodstream - then the blood circulates everything three minutes through the liver (and the liver neutralizes as many toxins as it can) - the blood also circulates through the kidneys where debris is filtered out, and the remains are deposited into the bladder as urine.  It's highly unlikely that you'd be able to determine just what exactly is irritating your bladder, as some foods are assimilated in minutes and others in hours - and all have to go through liver/kidney processing before going into the bladder as urine.  I am foggy headed.

Of course this takes a toll emotionally because up until I took that Keflex I slept very well. I went to work every day, now I did drink coffee and tea morning and afternoon to keep going. I would do a shot of expresso, but I slept and didn't have all these problems.

Here's an important thing to know/remember:  We know that when you took the antibiotics, that you developed more symptoms (so we know the antibiotics triggered something).  But there's a strong possibility that the antibiotics aren't the only problem - or at the root of the problem - here's why.  Let's call your symptoms "E" - when something goes wrong in the body, many times A, B, C happened that we didn't know was happening (or we didn't interpret properly).  Then we take "D", and all hell breaks we blame D and focus on symptom/s E ...BUT, the root cause of it all can be A, B, & C.  So when there's multiple symptoms spread out over the years than continue to worsen, it's important we do everything we can to heal & restore the whole body - NOT just focus on a few symptoms and guess at what might be the cause.

I am wondering if because of a overstimulated immune system due to high cortisol I developed leaky gut. My stomach was fine and I could eat anything until May.

I can already see far too many simple/logical reasons for your symptomology to "go there".  "Leaky gut" is something that's highly debated - it's possible it's a valid issue (and if it's an issue with you, you can easily cure it by cleaning/healing your colon and ridding yourself of the Candida overgrowth).  After you've done your first 30 days of colon work, if there's still issues that could be attributed to 'leaky gut', we can use slippery elm bark (which is already in the IF#2 to heal it)...or you can add a bit more slippery elm bark to your IF#2.

Now I will tell you I have suffered on and off with Candida problems ever since I was in my twenties. If fact my first marriage fell apart because of it and him not understanding, but it lead me to my wonderful husband now. He has to stay home and take care of me. This has been very hard on our family. 

A thorough colon cleanse/healing and the daily raw garlic (the strongest anti-fungal on the planet - along with black walnut hull, if you choose), will balance the overgrowth of candida....IF you follow the rest of the protocol (especially the liver cleansing/healing and anti-parasite) and get a good healthy flow through your digestive tract.  'Glad to hear you have a wonderful husband - that's a blessing to treasure, for sure.  Yes, continued/lingering illness is very hard on the whole family.  :::sigh:::

The reason I am homebound is I am too tired and weak to take care of cooking fresh foods for me. I had my saliva done and my thyroid test if you want my thyroid results I can give them to you. I don't know if you are familiar with High Reverse T3, but that is what I have. I am also nervous about taking the ashwangdha because of the high Revere T3. I also have low ferritin.

Maggie, being too tired & weak to take care of the cooking and household seems to me like it could be a lot more than just a reaction to antibiotic, candida & and I see thyroid and low iron, too - but even then, that doesn't seem to 'add up' to enough to put you this much 'under the table'.  I really do think it's necessary that you get a 'full body' healing regime going, and do your best to try to stop focusing on each individual issue. 

"High Reverse T3" - is just another 'label' for a myriad of different thyroid issues and problems.   The culprit can easily be fluoride poisoning - as can MANY of your symptoms and issues.  I was surprised to see that the antibiotics you took recently aren't fluoridated - because MANY of your symptoms indicate exposure to a lot of fluoride.  Fluoride IS cumulative - so once it's built up for decades, even the smallest amount can cause all kinds of symptoms - especially with the thyroid & endocrine system.

  • Arthritis - stiff, painful joints with or without swelling; painful feet in morning
  • Asthma - especially after showering in chlorine-filtered water
  • Bony, painful lumps where tendons and ligaments attach to bones. Calcifications of connective tissue on X-ray, especially with pain and reduced range of motion
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) - especially if it lifts when you spend time in an unfluoridated city or switch to distilled water for drinking and cooking
  • Cold - temperature below normal, feeling cold all the time, feeling cold soon after a hot bath or shower
  • Colic in bottle-fed babies or colic developing when breast-fed babies start solids or are weaned
  • Dental fluorosis (white or brown spots on teeth
  • Diabetes - worsening symptoms
  • Diabetes insipidus (a kidney ailment) - excessive thirst, increased water consumption that does not relieve thirst, dry throat and irritated eyes, and frequent, dilute urine, especially at night, with normal blood sugar findings
  • Eyes - moving black spots (scotoma, or floaters)
  • Fatigue, weakness and brain fog after bathing or showering in chlorine-filtered water
  • Fibromyalgia (severe muscle weakness and/or pain with extremely sore spots on various bony areas)
  • Food intolerances that seem to come and go
  • Gastrointestinal problems - irritable bowel, nausea, diarrhea without apparent cause, heartburn and upper bowel pain especially after drinking a full glass of water
  • Gum disease - irritated or bleeding gums despite good hygiene and diet; gums heal when you use unfluoridated toothpaste
  • Heart palpitations and increased heart rate without exertion
  • Kidney disease - worsening symptoms, kidney stones
  • Skin - hives, blisters, rash on stomach or back within an hour of drinking fluoridated water or after bathing or showering in chlorine-filtered water
  • Tea drinking - causes upset stomach, gastric pain, heart palpitations or "the jitters" similar to strong coffee
  • Teeth - loosening or needing to be extracted despite good hygiene and diet
  • Thyroid diseases - underactive (hypothyroid), overactive (hyperthyroid or Graves disease), goiter and nodules


I am doing a parasite test. I can give you the bacterial results if you want them from my doctors data.

Nope, don't need it - there is NO reliable test for the presence of parasites - none, zero, nada, zilch, none.  But virtually everybody has them, and anybody that's even the slightest bit serious about their health needs to do at least 30 days on an effective parasite killing product.  We have one - so does Barefoot & Humaworm.  Of course, if your test reveals that you have them, that's even more reason to do it - but these tests are virtually always 'false negatives'.

Once again, we have colon/digestive issues here - when the transit time (transit time = the time from when you eat something to when you see it in the toilet) - is 8-10 hours like it should be...there's no time for parasite eggs to hatch and do any damage or become a problem (and that's true even for adults).  But when we poop once a day or less, that gives ample time for many eggs to hatch and/or the actual parasites to burrow into the mucoid plaque in your colon and 'set up house' (mucoid plaque is THE perfect, feeding, breeding and hiding place for parasites).  It's virtually impossible to rid oneself of a parasite infestation without addressing this.  Our parasite liquid is taken with raw garlic, cayenne & apple cider vinegar (something we all need to take daily anyway) - when you do this WHILE cleansing your colon, you'll have a very effective cleanse.

 I have vaginal itching and burning besides in my bladder. I also having burning in my urine. So I am figuring I am loaded with candida especially since taking the steroids has made it worse. Everything I take or do I seem to be sensitive to it.

Yes, it sounds like you have quite an intense issue with yeast/fungus/candida

I think I am very acidic. It tends to run in my family and now that I am eating just meat and veggies.

??? Acidic tissue isn't programmed into the genetic code to be passed along to children.

If fact I wonder if that is why my kidneys hurt. I am also wondering about my kidneys I hope I don't have to much ammonia in me. I can send you any blood work on my kidneys too if you want to see how they are. They don't feel good unless it is also my adrenals.

Again, there are MANY reasons why your kidney & bladder are hurting & symptomatic.  Cleansing them thoroughly while taking echinacea/garlic will help more than anything in the world (that I know of) that you can do...and of course, making sure they're not squished out of shape (by doing at least 30 days worth of colon work) and making sure your liver is functioning well so that your kidneys aren't having to do even more than they're supposed to.

Adrenals - there are MANY reasons for adrenal issues, the biggest being stress...the next biggest being (like ALL organs of the body) insufficient/incorrect nutrition, coupled with poisons.  The adrenals sit DIRECTLY atop the kidneys - so when the kidneys are stressed, so are the adrenals.  I've dealt with extreme adrenal issues personally (extreme enough to cause massive hair loss and my pupils to be unreactive to light).  Both times it was brought on by a combination of mental/emotional stress, but it NEVER would have been much of an issue if it hadn't been (the first time) from the massive stress on my kidneys from the poisons released by the iodine 2) being too aggressive with Epsom Salts over a month of intense liver flushing.  (Epsom Salts are a HUGE stress to the kidneys, hence adrenals).

I've read several places that adrenal distress somehow makes it difficult to assimilate nutrition (and I know that was happening with me, because I was 'ravenous for food & nutrition' - but nothing ever seemed to make me feel nourished).  So your adrenal situation is yet another reason for using the IF#2 (which adsorbs toxins) and the Superfood (which gives your body the high grade fuel it NEEDS when you're asking it to cleanse and restore itself).

Married?/children? - spouse/partner supportive to natural healing? Any conflicts/problems or reasons you couldn't heal yourself natural if you decide to?

I am married , daughter and two dogs one is 15 years old and deaf and blind with seizures and one is 4 years old. My family is very supportive. This has been very hard on them, but I don't let them see me cry. I know what it was like when my Mom was sick and I was a teenager.

At the end of this post, you'll see I've recommended something that will likely stop your precious dog from having seizures.

I understand 'not letting them see you cry' - and I'm assuming by 'the underlined' that your daughter is a teenager.  If so, that's great - you'll have somebody to help you with the juicing...and at the same time she'll be able to learn about truly effective healing and how to do it.  That's a blessing that EVERY child (who EVER plans on having a family or living in this toxic world) will treasure for a lifetime! 

Maggie, I don't know what happened to your mom when you were a teen, but she obviously wasn't able to heal herself effectively (at least when you were there).  This is different.   There's absolutely NO reason you need to keep things from your daughter from here on out - because from here on out this is going to be a "healing pathway" - NOT a "getting sicker pathway".

This is BETTER than "turning lemons into lemonade" - this is an opportunity for you to heal (and to learn) how to heal your body safely and effectively...and that knowledge & healing can be the foundation of you ensuring that your entire family (and those you love and that will listen) can be totally in control of their health for the rest of their lives!



I will tell you that I don't know why but my underarm has BO for the past few months and never did before. It is worse under my left underarm.

The skin is THE largest organ of elimination in our body - when new things start coming out, it's because we're "toxic".

I will tell you I started to change my diet because of bladder problems in April and then the leaky gut and or inflammation started in early May, so I don't know if being on a low fat diet also made things worse like with my gallbladder, but as time has gone on I have lost more weight because I can't eat anything except what I told you.

Yes, low fat dieting is horrific on the liver/gallbladder.  And a compromised liver/lack of bile flow causes all kinds of digestive symptoms/problems.  Check out the diagram below and see if you can find 'about where' you feel stomach pain.  I'm not trying to tell you that it's NOT your stomach (or that you don't have an ulcer, because you might), but I know that likely over 85-95% of all CZers really have no idea that their stomach is mostly on the left side of 'mid point', and many people attribute acid reflex (in their esophagus) to their stomach and all kinds of liver/gallbladder issues to their stomach.  So let's be SURE the pain/burning your experiencing is actually in your stomach :)

Also, this pix shows where you can have pain if your liver is compromised:

 I can't have any sugar because of the candida, so I can't drink the ashwangha in apple juice. Also I wanted to mention that someone told me that if you have hashimoto's thyroid (I am not sure if I do) the ashwanghda can irritate it, so please please double check to see if my high rev T3 can be made worse or better by taking this as I am so scared to get worse.

The ashwagandha helps balance thyroid issues.  Once you're cleansing your colon, taking parasite herbs, raw garlic and black walnut tincture, you won't need to worry about candida & natural sugar in apple juice.  Once again, they've lied to you - natural sugar is NOT the cause of candida, nor is avoiding it the way to balance an overgrowth of candida. 

When healing yourself naturally and addressing the root cause of your symptoms, you will not 'get worse' - it'll be a "steady upward trend".  Oh sure, there's likely to be a few 'dips & bumps' in the trend as you open up, decongest and heal organs that haven't been working properly - but if you do what you need to do consistently, you'll be feeling MUCH better MUCH faster than you can likely imagine.

I want to make you aware that the ND I was going to had me do 10 Glutothione IV's and Phosophcholine IV's and nutritional IV's for weeks. I did them twice a week. Now I wonder if the soy in the Phosphocholine made my problems worse with my thyroid. It feels like nothing is working my thyroid my liver gallbladder pancreas. Everything seems inflamed and burning. I am miserable. I know my mucus membranes are irritated.

Sheesh, this guy really did rape your wallet (and do NOTHING that addressed the CAUSE of your problems).  Yes, it sounds like you're in desperate need for a good overhaul!  Using things that do NOT stress your body and make it worse.  Speaking of "overhauls" & autos - this is important...because SO many people think they can do this best "one organ at a time" - and absolutely NOTHING could be further from the truth:

Doing one cleanse at a time, can many times work against us.  Think of it like restoring an automobile that's been driven hard & fast for 30 years without much (any!) regular maintenance...and really (REALLY!) cheap fuel - many times 'fuel' that was definitely not even designed for the car!   The exhaust is clogged, the fuel lines are filthy, the oil/filter needs changed (desperately), the carburetor needs calibrated and cleaned, sparks & plugs changed & gapped, alternator fixed/adjusted; transmission rebuilt (or at least overhauled);  suspension aligned; new tires needed, brake pads replaced., etc.  If you cleanse the exhaust & fuel lines (similar to the colon & parasite) before cleansing the oil/filter and carb (liver & parasites), you end up filthy fuel lines and clogged exhaust before you ever get the carb/oil/filter work.  But if you do the oil/filter/carb before you cleanse the fuel lines and get the gunk out of the exhaust and deal the points & plugs, the plugs'll be corroded again before you know it.  New tires & brake pads before an alignment? A waste of new tires/brake pads.  If the alternater is 'shorting or weak' that stresses all the system parts....the electrical flow through the engine is no different than the electrical flow through the body.   Change to high-grade fuel before cleansing and restoring the damage from the cheap fuel?  :::sigh::: That can end up being a waste of fuel (too rich for the compromised system to handle).   The human body is no different.  It's always much more effective to 'put it up on blocks' and do a full body cleanse/restore, than it is to do it one at a time.  Yep, it's more work, but it's FAR more effective (and you'll get MUCH more life out of the car by doing it that way).  Remember: in this toxic/poisoned world, our bodies are like high-performance automobiles CONSTANTLY in overdrive (generally running on VERY low grade fuel with extremely little maintenance).  There's no truly safe/healthy protocol (maintenance) we can do, that's as extreme as the totally unnatural conditions we live in.  And it's only MDs and "alternative practicioners" that believe we can deal with one system of the body at a time.  EVERY system/organ in the body depends upon every other.   (Perhaps those analogies weren't "mechanically/technically perfect", but I'm sure you get the idea).   In one of Dr. Schulzes interviews he talks about how many people say: "Well I did a colon cleanse; I did several liver flushes already; yeah, I juice fasted a few years ago; yes! I did hot/cold showers; I tried the vegan thing; I took herbs...none of it worked!"  And Dr. Schulze replies, "But did you ever do everything TOGETHER?". 

The only thing that has helped me feel a tiny bit better is I have been going to a accupucturist who gets rid of allergies with combined NAET and accupucture. If fact my husband went to her and all his allergies are gone within two weeks of treatment. I am not so lucky, but I am also sick and my husband is not.

Yes, acupuncture can be very effective.  But sometimes it doesn't address the root cause of the imbalance - I've known many people that get relief 'for a time' and then it comes back :(  When our physical body is extremely compromised (as yours seems to be), many times adjusting/balancing 'the energy flow' isn't enough.

So basically my husband and I have charged out credit cards to the max because all of these ND's told me it was an easy case all to be told in the end that I am complicated case.  An all too familiar story :(  ...and virtually EVERYone that tells it has ended up worse than they were when their credit cards weren't maxed out.    :::sigh:::  This is exactly how the Powers That Be planned it, and exactly why we MUST learn how to take responsibility for our own bodies.

I am not sure if I remembered everything, but if not I will write you more.

Thank you again,  You're welcome :)



Here are a few things I was thinking about that might or might not matter to you.

I don't have time to look back and see if I told you that I am estrogen dominant. 

Yes, I saw that in your past posts - hormone levels are almost always off when a woman is not having normal/healthy bowel activity.  After you've done 30 days on your colon, you can re-evaluate.  If you're still having issues (which you likely won't be), then we can deal with it then.  Also, fluoride is a MAJOR cause for estrogen dominance.  Think hard - I bet you'll find at some point or another you either took a pharmaceutical that was fluoridated or had exposure other than just fluoridated water....pesticides are now FULL of fluoride (so living by a field could do it) - there's a zillion & one sources :(

I went on a low carb diet back in April when I got my UTI because it made my bladder feel better and also because i was told I had interstitial cystitis even though I had e-coli.

Another one of those "things" that science/medicine has no CLUE what causes it - they just give it a name.  The Kidney/Bladder cleanse below will likely take care of it (along with cleansing the colon to ensure a good flow of blood throughout).  You can also do castor oil packs on your kidneys and bladder (which may prove to be almost miraculous for you!)

I also want to let you know that alot of my stomach problems occured (might have something to do with my thyroid) after I was taking a product for interstitial cystitis. Here are the ingredients and I didn't realize that soy was bad for the thyroid.

Name of product is Cystoprotek
chondroitin sulfate
glucosamine sulfate
Hyaluronate sodium
Extra ingredients are soy lecithin shell fish beeswax titanium dioxide
and SOY again.

So I am wondering if all this soy made my thyroid worse and in turn my adrenals and my stomach problems seemed to start then.

:::sigh:::  I certainly hope you've learned/learned...that if it's NOT natural (didn't grow on a tree, bush, or plant), that it CAN be very harmful to your body.  Soy is bad enough, but any soy that is not organic is PURE POISON (because it's genetically modified) - the damage it can do is simply flabbergasting.

Also I would like to know if you think taking Iodoral is good or bad since you asked me about it?

Does this cause more problems or help?

Thyroid problems run on both sides of my family.

I think we all need the form it was put on the planet.  I think that anyone that hasn't cleansed, restored and fully opened the organs of elimination has no business ingesting ANYTHING that will dump weeks/months worth of toxins and heavy metals from the tissue into the bloodstream...especially when it's clear the body can't even handle one DAYs worth of toxins.  It sounds to me that in your case is caused more problems than it did help you.

I can'take alot of herbs that make me more estrogen dominant. I tried over the years with certain herbs and it they made me feel worse. 

First, foremost and MOST importantly, if the herbs you took were not certified organic, then you don't know WHAT made you 'feel worse'.  Non organic herbs (95% of those on the market) are grown in 3rd world countries and SATURATED with pesticides, chemicals and DDT.  They're picked/harvested/dried incorrectly, commonly mislabeled, and then when shipped into this country they are doused with pesticides and/or irradiated.

Before I cleansed my colon (when I was having all the female issues), I too, took a few 'female herbs' (non organic) - the results were horrendous.

Anyway, if I think of anything else or you want more test info let me know.

I am getting some allergy relief from this accupuntist I am going to. She said when she tested me I am allergic to almost everything. She thinks this has happened either because of my body going through the trauma of the penecillin posioning or just because my adrenals and thyroid are out of whack. She is trying to get me where I am not allergic to everything I try. She told me when I get the Ashwandgha powder that she will desenitize me to it.  I've never met a person that had allergies that didn't get major relief by cleansing & healing their liver (there are hundreds of CZ testimonies alone in the Liver Flushing forum). 

My whole life I have been highly allergic to mold and I have been exposed to it from three hurricanes that we were put out of home from. Our walls were covered with it before we could move out.  Mold is a natural substance - the only reason we have reactions to it is because something is wrong with our body.  Most always, allergies are caused by vaccinations (that stressed our liver and immune system) when we were babies.

Thanks 'welcome :)



I have tried wheat grass and I am allergic to wheat so my stomach burns when I tried this. The wheat grass was fresh too. 

Being allergic to wheat has nothing to do with being allergic to wheat grass.  A burning stomach is not an allergic reaction - it's just a reaction.  Most likely (assuming we're dealing with an ulcer) - that burning will start going away in a few days.  You may just have to 'tough through' a few days of burning.

Slippery Elm bark (made into a porridge/gruel - which is very tasty) is likely something you need to be having daily.  Slippery Elm is the most SOOTHING herb on the planet (and it helps to nourish the body incredibly).  It's also an incredible healer - it will regrow skin on decubitus ulcers/bedsores - and it helps people (that need to) to gain weight.  I'll put that on the list below.  Here's some reading/information about Slippery Elm (and how you make the porridge - which is MUCH tastier made with apple juice - or coconut milk - than it is made with water):  (see what I mean? this is good for a LOT of things that are bothering you!!!)

Also some of the herbs I have tried make my estrogen dominance worse. addressed.

I know I need to get off the klonopin first and then maybe my body will start getting better. I don't know what you think about taking calcium magnesium at bedtime to help with my sleep? On a withdrawl support site they mention this.

I understand how this can 'relax' - I also understand that with your kidneys/bladder, you cannot risk "eating rocks" (calcium).  Take an Epsom Salts bath to relax you.  You need herbal/plant sources of minerals.  It sounds like (so far) you're not having any troubles coming off the Klonopin - let's cross that bridge if we come to it.

Also I know that I have bad bacteria and yeast really bad. I hope that my body will be able to do all this.

YES, your body WILL be able to heal itself - it has all the schematics and programming it needs.  It's just needs your help...and for you to stop putting things in it that make it harder for it to heal - and to START giving it things and cleansing in a way that benefits and helps it.  Remember, this protocol is NOT "mine" - it what I know after studying the healers that used it successful for 5 long years...and likely 75-80% of all the people Dr. Schulze ever assisted were FAR more compromised than you.

 Maybe it is just overwhelming for me. I know I also have to get my adrenals stronger too. I am in such a weak state. If you ever want to see what my body looks like (I am talking how skinny I am let me know and i will e-mail a picture) I don't know if it helps or not to see what shape someone is in. It will take time for me to read everything. I just glanced over it, but I will wait my turn from you.

Maggie, of COURSE it's overwhelming for you.  All this information is overwhelming for people that aren't even slightly compromised or in distress.   I totally understand :)  I don't need to see a picture, I believe you're too skinny - and I KNOW that this is something that will easily be corrected.

I have already started to go down by 10% of my Klonopin just until you get back to me.  YAY!!

Thanks again


With long-term infestation, candida shifts into a fungal form that develops roots called rhizoids. These can grow right into the intestinal wall and cause the intestine to become porous, allowing toxins and undigested proteins and carbohydrates to flow through the bowel wall, to be absorbed into the body and the blood stream. This condition is called Leaky Gut syndrome. So many seemingly untreatable health problems start with candida overgrowth, which can evolve in to Leaky Gut syndrome.

The next step in this vicious cycle is that the immune system of the individual makes antibodies (proteins) that attempt to neutralize the candida overgrowth. These antibodies can cause the body to become hypersensitive to certain foods and molds, and can create a wide variety of food allergies. They can also interfere with hormonal activity and cause nutritional deficiencies.

The yeast syndrome is characterized by patients saying they "feel sick all over." Major symptoms include fatigue or lethargy; feeling "drained"; poor memory; feeling "spacey" or "unreal"; depression; numbness; pain and bloating; constipation and/or diarrhea; persistent vaginal itch or burning; endometriosis; cramps and other menstrual irregularities including premenstrual tension; erratic vision including spots in front of eyes; allergies; immune system malfunction; chemical sensitivities; and digestive disturbances.

They also told me that candida blocks the thyroid which if the thyroid isn't working then the digestion isn't working. I don't know if you mind that I put this here Uny, but this does fit my symptoms and I want to make sure you are aware of everything with me since you have been so nice trying to help me.

Quickly - yes, I understand 'leaky gut', and it's very possible that it's an issue.  I also know/understand that this protocol will balance the overgrowth of candida AND cure any possibility of leaky gut.  The symptoms of leaky gut are similar to a vast array of various 'full body compromise'...and no matter WHAT the actual cause is, everything I've suggested below WILL put you on a solid healing pathway.


Maggie - in the next two paragraphs, PLEASE don't think I am mad, upset, impatient or irritated - I just need to make sure you have all the important links you need...and we all need to know which ones you've read, so we can do our best to help you. 

In past posts (starting 9 days ago), I requested you read and/or comment on the following/listed posts & threads... and have yet to hear any comments and/or replies on the reading.  I asked you to read these because I knew they'd be essential for the knowledge you need. to be able to take responsibility for your own health and heal yourself naturally.  I realize (as you said) that you're having troubles reading & retaining information - so please don't think I'm asking you to "memorize" anything - I just need to make SURE you get the general gist of what's been offered (and bookmark links for reading in the future).

Maggie, if you desire my continued assistance & time (and the help & support of anybody else on this forum), I respectfully ask that you let me/us know which posts/links you have read and which ones you haven't.  Since I've started this, you've commented that you've asked your husband to help with the reading; this is a GOOD THING!  It's really (really!!) important that when we're being our own doctors that we understand what we're doing!   Honestly, there are (truly) dozens of people that are waiting for replies and assistance from me, so I HAVE to prioritize my time (and I have to prioritize it correctly).  I'd love to be able to "upload my knowledge" into the heart & mind of everybody that needs/wants it - but I can' the only choice left to me (to fairly prioritize my time) is by those that are willing & able to 'do the reading'.  Everybody has to start exactly "where they are"...and if they try to start above that place, they'll fall flat on their face! lol   So let me/us know as soon as you can, exactly 'where you are' with 'the below' :)

--from this post:

Please read through this post and check out & bookmark the links for future research on your own (particularly for the support groups/forums/sites) - there's a wealth of information to be found in each:
My TOP TWO favorite Support sites:
BenzoBuddies - Benzodiazepine withdrawal information, help & Support

--I'm asking you to please read these two posts (yes, they're both long), and let me know how they resonate with you:

(Maggie - I didn't make this "larger" to yell at you - I just wanted to be SURE it grabbed your attentions :) -- the two posts above are INTEGRAL, and in this post to you I've retyped a LOT of things that are in the two posts above.  So please do not reply to this post until you've read them both....and let me know which links you did or did not have the time to read.  Of course, I don't expect you to remember every word, but your questions so far indicate clearly that you haven't yet read them - and it is imperative that you read them (again, if you desire my assistance).  And just like I asked before, please let me know how this information resonates with you.)

 --from this post

Again :::grin::: one of the bold links above:

 --from this post

Again , the OTHER of the links in the bold above:







It is ALWAYS my recommendation that people do a FULL body program and not try to address each issue/organ separately.  But if one can't or won't, the recommendations below are very effective...and much safer than whatever allopathic/alternative medicine will suggest or offer.  If you'd like to see what is entailed to do the FULL program, here it is:

ANYTHING on this program that you can do in addition to what I've recommended will assist your body to heal faster and more effectively :)

Also, this is based on a 30 day "cycle" that may need to have some parts repeated...we can never predict how compromised a body is, nor how quickly it will respond.  It is very possible that if you do all this, you'll be seriously "out of the weeds" in even less than 30 days.  At the end of 30 days we re-evaluate and see where you are then...and take it from there.

Colon cleansing & healing - A minimum of 30 days, done concurrently with the other cleanses & juice fasting - using IF#1/IF#2 (all the products I list are available from us - most of them are available --at a higher price-- from Dr. Schulzes website or from Health Freedom Resources).  Those that are not available from us or those two places, I will link you to where you can get them.  Here's the basic instructions for this:


Juice Fasting - 30 days - if you cannot/will not juice fast for 30 days, your healing will be slower.  If you can't/won't "fast" then you should juice as much as possible (with a quality juicer, NOT centrifugal).  When not juicing, your diet should be 100% vegan (absolutely NO meat or dairy) - and as raw as possible.  :::grin::: before you say/ask anything about juice fasting, be sure you've read the information in the link on juice fasting - because we will ALL know by your response/questions whether or not you've read it :::wink:::


Superfood - a minimum of 4 tablespoons daily, 6 is better.  In our Storefront, each baggie will provide 2T a day for 30 days - so you'll need 2 or 3.


Klonopin - You've already made a 10% cut in dose....that's terrific.  In the IF#2 that you use for colon cleansing, there's a small amount of bentonite clay and activated charcoal - both of these will adsorb a small amount of Klonopin from your bloodstream....which should be about the same as making a 10% cut in dose.   Always take the IF#2 an hour or more away from your nightly dose of Klonopin.   We can customize a blend of IF#2 that has less or no charcoal/clay (if the IF#2 seems to adsorb too much of the Klonopin), but the customized version won't be quite as effective as the regular version.  The IF#1 (the herbs that 'make you go') have no effect on the level of Klonopin in your bloodstream.


Insomnia - The two herbs that are most likely to "mimic" Klonopin are Kava Kava and/or Passionflower.  The best "all around" sleep herb is Valerian.  The best "all around" herbal sedative blend, is simply called Nerve Sedative.  We have all those tinctures in our Storefront - and we do offer free 1/2 you can try them all without buying a full bottle of anything (until you decide what works best for you).  


CAYENNE - Stomach pain/likely ulcer - starting with 1/8 teaspoon of 100,00 H.U. (Heat Unit) Cayenne Pepper powder or hotter (the hotter it is, the more effective it is, ours is hotter -but cheaper- than any top quality healing cayenne powder available), take it three times your way up to 1 full teaspoon 3x daily.  Mixing it with raw/organic apple cider vinegar will help it to increase your stomach acid even more :)  This will also increase peristaltic action (the squeezing motion of your colon) and combined with the raw garlic, be VERY effective against parasites and liver flukes.  It is also excellent for anxiety - I've seen it stop a panic attack that is caused from benzo-withdrawal. 


Barefooting - another HUGE cause of insomnia is "electro-pollution" and toxic frequencies.  Every atom and system and nerve in our body IS "electrical" - yet we are exposed to a zillion times more "electro pollution" than any civilization in history (this is also VERY stressing to the adrenals).  The earth is a natural "ground" (it pulls electricity and toxic frequencies to itself...OUT of our body!)  BUT it can't do that if we're wearing rubber soled shoes.  SO, part of the full body program for EVERYONE (no matter WHAT the weather) is to make sure that you spend at least 15 minutes everyday outside with your feet on the EARTH (grass is fine, just no asphalt, concrete, etc).   All of that elecrical energy bouncing around inside your body can cause a LOT of problems, and insomnia is a typical one.  I've read many stories about people that had been insomniacs for years, were totally cured in just a few days after starting to "barefoot" 15-30 minutes a day.


Remove sleep-disrupting 'EMFs' from your bedroom!  Especially anything near your head!!  No electric blankets, clock radios (especially no cell phones in your bedroom!) - get rid of anything that can flood your body with sleep disturbing frequencies in your bed room.


UTI - Bladder Infection - Cystitis - start colon cleansing with IF#1 & IF#2 (doing this continually for 30 days) to ensure that your bladder/kidneys/adrenals aren't/isn't compressed & squished out of shaped by an enlarged colon (lack of flow = PERFECT place for pathogens to breed and multiply).  Take Echinacea tincture (3-4 droppersful 3-4x daily) and raw garlic (3-6 cloves daily) for at least one week.  Do at least one 5 day complete Kidney/Bladder cleanse.  If UTI/bladder infections are something you've dealt with many times, 10 days would be MUCH better.  I feel you DEFINITELY need to do 10 days in a row on your kidneys & can take a 2 day break between 5 days cleanses, or do it without a break.  Do all of this I'm recommending at the same time, not separately.  Here's the instructions for a 5 day Kidney/Bladder cleanse:




Liver Compromise & Congestion -   Castor oil packs on the liver nightly, daily foot reflexology (easy and free and VERY effective), and daily coffee enemas.   You will use organic coffee especially for enemas from S.A. Wilsons (they have a fantastic enema bucket/kit for only $6!) - you need about 2 1/2 pounds of coffee for a month's worth of daily enemas.  Coffee enemas not only help to cleanse your liver and increase the flow of bile, they also help strengthen peristalsis AND (while the solution is retained), every time your blood passes through your liver (which is every 3 minutes), your blood will be cleansed of toxins & free this is a HUGE benefit to your liver AND your kidneys - and if you have pain issues, coffee enemas are very effective for pain.  And yes, I know that Hveragerthi didn't respond to you favorably about coffee enemas :::sigh::: he also believes mucoid plaque is a myth, and doesn't recommend liver flushing...but he does know a LOT of "medicine" (as long as there's a "scientific" study).  Here's where you order the coffee (and enema bucket)"


Dr. Schulzes gentle 5 day liver cleanse (with liver tincture and tea)...followed by a big flush at the end of 5 day cleanse.  This is something that will take months to complete - the sooner you get started, the sooner you'll be done.  Here's the instructions for a 5 day Liver Cleanse:

Note: this 5 day cleanse is NOT enough to totally cleanse & restore your liver (FAR from it) - but it's the PERFECT "prep" for a bigger flush, and it's "liver beneficial" whenever you can do it.  The herbal tea that goes along with it is a wonderful 'spice tea' (and extremely good for digestion).


After this 5 day cleanse (and the other liver protocols) you'll want to do a big liver flush (similar to what you did before) - we'll talk about that when you get there.  It takes several months worth of cleansing to effectively cleanse and restore liver health & compromise.  You can assist this process greatly by adding 2-3 tablespoons of Milk Thistle seed powder to your daily Superfood...and by doing the daily coffee enemas. You can get organic Milk Thistle seed powder here: or here:


Parasites - 30 days - of Unyworm, Humaworm or Barefoot's.  If using ours, you'll be 3x daily, making what we call an "ACV bomb" :)  That is 1 teaspoon of Unyworm, 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, 1-3 cloves of raw garlic, a dose of Cayenne powder, and a tablespoon of organic blackstrap molasses or raw/local honey.  For you (due to the low iron), you'll want that to be blackstrap molasses.


Candida - the colon cleansing, garlic, cayenne, parasite herbs is normally sufficient.  But since this seems to be 'systemic' with you, I recommend 4 droppersful of Black Walnut Hull Tincture 3-4 times daily (another strong anti-fungal).


Hot/Cold Showers - at least once daily, 2-3x is better.  Start with hot (for 2 minutes or more) then do 1-2 minutes of cold/hot (repeating 7 times), ending on cold.  This is done for circulation, to increase energy and to get the 'flow' that your body is SO seriously lacking back flowing again.


Nutrition, soothing, healing & weight gain:   Slippery Elm porridge, 3x daily


Dog seizures - LOBELIA TINCTURE!  Lobelia will stop a grand-mal seizure in humans, so a few drops several times daily is VERY likely to stop your precious dog from having to suffer through seizures (and stop you from having to see it, deal with it, and clean up after it). 


And there you have it - this post is now complete :)  I'm ready for questions once you get through it all :)


Healthiest of blessings -





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