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The earth is a wave machine
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Published: 10 years ago
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The earth is a wave machine

I sometimes wonder why I was shown... in my NDE... the lifespan of the earth.... from its very beginning to its end... flashing points of dark and light... before me... in a kind of life review of the earth itself... but also the final physical destruction of the earth in a fiery ball of flames////exploding into billions of pieces? I do understand though why I was shown the 3D video as it continued on/// and on...and on after the world is gone... and that nothing ever occupied that space again... even until the very end of time... because this not our home...

I witnessed the very birth of the earth... on my return back to my body in my NDE... In the place of nothing...(where there was nothing but empty space... the earth just appeared...) What popped up in front of me was awesome... The earth looked... to my soul... as one///living... breathing... organism.... going through the same struggles we go through... the process of birth... living... and dying...

Imagine... we are much like the earth... as we have a physical body that is a host to undulating millions and billions of cells and parasites all living in and on one body... just multiplied... Strip away the physical and what remains of us and the earth is the spiritual energy of those cells and parasites/// In my NDE, I witnessed the spiritual energies of each cell from birth to the death of the body that is the earth...

Each rock, pebble, grain of sand... each person, monkey, horse... rabbit... all the fish, birds, and other animals... plant, and tree///every insect, every virus, bacteria and then add every individual cell has a spiritual... greater identity... The rock... mountain... community... state... etc... and all types of inter connective units of cells broadcasts light and or darkness to a greater or lesser degree...

You may more easily recognize spiritual energy in people if you are a people person...animal.. if you are an animal person... plant... for plant people... rocks.. bugs... minerals... and so on.... but everything has within itself degrees of greater or lesser amounts of light and darkness...

Instead of seeing the earth as the host of individual physical creatures, rocks, trees, I witnessed the earth in areas of influence... in points of pure light and darkness but mostly shades of gray... and the absence of light/darkness on the cellular level/// In my NDE... it was apparent that each cell influenced each other cell in the organism that is earth... much like mixing paint,,,

There were 2/3rd cells of pure light and 1/3rd points of darkness. These points of radiant broadcasting light are rare cells and sucking darkness are even more rare cells... but the vast majority of cells are influences or shades of gray... The overall shade of the organism that is earth over time is light gray... more or less .3333... dark/.6666... light...

What I came to understand, in my NDE, is that the God 23rds light, of this world, sees this experiment of earth as in perfect balance... when it is a mixture of 2/3rd light and 1/3rd dark/// I, on the other hand, had just been to heaven in my NDE...where all was light/// where light flowed into light... in subtle... to the nth degrees of variation of different color/// Instead of seeing the earth as this perfect balance of light and dark... on returning to earth/// I saw this God as a cruel overlord///who would allow points of deep sucking darkness to influence the other cells surrounding their auras of influence...

The bright spot in my witnessing the life and death process of the earth though is that light cells broadcast light outward and influenced the gray cells... making them brighter///

The organism that is earth... is a wave machine... The points of darkness pull down and the points of light pull up.... I came to understand that each of us influences those around us but still we are influenced as by greater or lesser aspects of light or darkness,,, that flow through us... The whole machine... in my estimation... is a beautiful form of torture///

The God of this world created the organism earth so the vast majority of cells of light could experience this flowing of light and darkness through themselves. It is all his grand experiment... The earth goes through many points when the darkness or light is out of balance,,, Toward the end of the life and death process of the earth... i

Toward the end of the 3D review of the history/now/ future of earth... n my NDE... this is what I see occurring... Darkness begins to overtake the world before its destruction... but then/// I see the light I met in heaven pouring itself into the earth.... washing across all the darkness... making the darkness light/// This completed earth goes on for a time, time, and a time and then... with the experiment of light and darkness complete... the earth explodes...

Q. Do you have any sense of time sequence in that other world; that is, did this happen for sure before or after that? Or are you having to work a time framework to try to make it understandable to a brain in a body wired for time. Or...????

Time is not a real thing but rather imagine the physical world as a place where contracts aremade between souls and spirits are fulfilled... When every spiritual contract is fulfilled... time ends... This is why anyone predicting the end... of the earth or of time... can not be for sure of her predictions... because each of us has free will/// we can choose to not fulfill our contract... I see the earth rushing toward its final destruction... but if the light within each of us is increased...we can avert the light stepping in... ending the game... I would much rather raise the light of the world and get this world out of balance toward the light... than let the earth get out of balance toward darkness...

Another reason... I was shown this world's torture machine, is to understand that we should not build our lives in this world but rather in the next... This world ends.... but the next world... free of darkness goes on and on... an on... beyond time... Every light intention with action added in this world creates a wave of light that can raise the light of the world. The light waves coming from us and into us are who we are in heaven... We should be adding to the light inside our selves and others while we are here as those are moments that will be captured in our life review that remains our lasting testament to our life when the darkness we were influenced by is washed away... Give kindness... joy... and compassion... while you live in this torture chamber and you get to keep it... Don't be too concerned that darkness in grays of varying degrees as they wash across you... Even if grays and darkness sometimes stick to you for a little while... that darkness and gray will be washed away and in its place... all that will will remain is the light you gave and the light you received... Give joy... be joy filled... give mercy and be filled with mercy... show compassion and compassion will be shown to you...but if not in this world then in the next////

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