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Re: I've built my own single 9V dc beck's blood cleaner
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: I've built my own single 9V dc beck's blood cleaner

Ive checked everything again and again, changed that cap round like you said, checked evrything else over and over, still getting strange readings on those top 2 rectifiers sometimes when i test the rest of them they start off at a certain voltage and when i put the probes on it starts to drop and continues to drp untill i take the probes off, even tried changing the chips for new ones, i only have my tester on the volt test mode, my caps on the top left are 10uf 50v and then the rest are 10uf 35v, because like i said i couldnt get any of the 10uf 25v, could this be the problem, can you please check through your drawing and see if there is anything else wrong on it,

i have spent so much time money on this, i spent well over £200 on the stuff because i made the 1st 1 and that didnt work, also here in england u can only order the parts in bulk and not just by what u need, i should have gone with these mouser guys i see now but i just cant order again without getting this 1 working 1st, that would make me a wasteful fool, can u please check through 1 more time on your diagram, just to make sure theres no more i need to change, i really cannot believe how long this has gone on for without a result, ive got to do this i have spent so much time and money.

This is really weird, everytime i test the circuit i get a different test reading on the volt meter,i just put a link between the 3rd rectifier down and the + bus bar and then tested all the readings on them and it seemed to be correct as i went to through them the voltages went up to 34v at the top 1, i took it off and then tried it again to double and i just wasnt the same, i tried again quite a few times but still i didnt get that test result again, is there a link missing from your diagram, or do you thunk i have a faulty component somewhere, there is nothing loose i have checked everywhere, i want to ask, if i was to start again ,is there any way i can check and test it as i go along whilst putting each component in place, if so then please tell me what is the procedure.

Ok, lets try something new check the jack for the CS circuit - it is 3 point jack (you just need 2 point jack - but it will work - if connected correctly) Check it for continuity (turn power off from battery and set your meter to resistance reading - place your probes together - this is continuous reading note your meter) - place your meter probes directly on the contact points to which you have wires connected. If you have connectivity trough these with out plug in the jack - then the jack is incorrectly wired - if this is the case then check again the other lead point until you find two points that do not have continuous connection (it could be that you are draining the 10uF 50V caps trough this jack)
Also to test if the two 50V caps are faulty switch them with two 35v caps (that way they all will be 35V - they will work, I've decided for the 50V for safety)
It could be that the 5th rectifier could also be faulty if all above fails - try to replace it (2nd from top right corner)
If possible try to obtain NJU7660D (the 7660S can handle higher input voltage on the 8th pin up to 12V while 7660D can handle up to 10V input)

The NJU7660D is recommended in the write up for the step up diagram circuit as alternative replacement on the cheap - and it works just fine.

The diagram is traced from my working circuit board and it does logically matches the step up circuit diagram and the Beck's circuit.
If you can take a sharp photo of the back of your circuit so I can verify the soldering points on your build. (Try to change to flower symbol on your camera and back off until the picture looks sharp - usually 18 to 24 inches away. You could try using zoom).

Don't you worry we will figure this out.



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