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post mirena support
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Published: 13 years ago

post mirena support

hello. i have suffered from endometriosis for a long time and to cut a long story short , after managing to get pregnant and have a baby , my endometriosis came back with aveangance and i was advised in january that the best option for me would be to try the mirena in order to stop the growth of endo.
the first two months were hellish, with severe abdominal pain and feeling generally awful., so many times i thought of going and having it removed. but i persevered .... the pain dissapeared after a few months but thats when the Depression set in, mood swings, painfull breasts, weight gain, tiredness, moodiness, leg pains, sever migrain like head aches and brain fogginess and pressure in my head. . all of these symptoms were exxagerated for about one week per cycle but were there most of the time. my mood was so low that i actually though i was having some sort of breakdown. it was the most awful nighmarish experience of my life. after the really bad week each month i would actually feel shell shocked by how bad i had felt.
the complicate matters further, i also had a bout of acute sarcoidosis 3 months after having my baby. / it was a year after this that i had the mirena inserted.
im sure that lots of you out there can understand the feel of fear and hopelessness that has taken over you in regard to the mirena coil. just feeling so deperately scared and out how bad i felt mentally and physically.
Two days ago i took matters into my own hands and went to a family planning drop in and waitied 3 hours to see a lovely nurse and had the mirena removed,this was despite all the advice from health pro s to keep going with it . after describing all my symptoms and feeling like a total hypocondriac she said that all of these were probably caused by the mirena and she was not surprised at all by how i felt, she had seen it before.
i had it removed because i simply felt that i could take no more and that my mental well being was being seriously affected. !!
im now in the situation though that i have possibly got active endometriosis, im still in recovery from sarcoidosis and i have a child of 20 months and a small creative business that has all but ground to a halt ... i basically just dont know which way to turn in regard to my health and well being. im tired of medical doctors. its not easy for me to get good alternative health advice without shelling aout alot of money ( see business)) im taking supplements and started really looking at my diet but im kind of in the dark as to what post mirena support my body needs as well as my other health complications. if anyone can offer me any advice then its much appreciated.
i feel much better all ready. even after 2 days my funny head feeling has gone and although i am bleeding and in a little pain , i feel kind of cleansed and less heavy mentally and physically. im kind of in control again !! im a little scared though. the negative feeling have vastly diminished. however ive read about the post mirena crash and want to really look after myself. i dont ever want to feel that bad again !
please note for some reason i seem to have been affected by two auto immune disorders in my life? endometriosis ( which i have had for 20 years) and then at the beginning of last year ( sarcoidosis) 3 months after having my baby..... any advice from anyone. it would be very very much appreciated.


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