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Re: Probably
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Probably

I don't believe this life is ALL an illusion as the pain I am feeling is very real but perhaps it can used for some good? Maybe even if the memories are stored in our offspring's DNA?

I am not sure if I even believe in re-incarnation... in the strictest sense... but rather... I know that we all have a light within us that is an aspect of God... a lesser aspect but none the less God... that is part of the greater light that has allowed those many billions of aspects God to experience the dimension of time... but if re-incarnation is a gift from another soul to help us along in our journey into time, maybe we go through all kinds of hardships in this life so we can be teachers in the next...

Imagine that we go school and teacher give us books to learn from... Every soul who has ever or will ever be born has a video or 3 D book of their life. When we fall into a body that dies, it just means we yearn for lessons that can get out of control. A short life makes the damage we can do less than if we were to live forever in the same physical body.... but we don't usually live for more than a hundred years or so... so our soul may give a drop of his soul...reincarnation,,,to get his lessons learned vicariously through another soul... We are not our books but we are what we do with those books.

I have a distinct memory of living as a German fighter pilot who loved to fly so much that he neglected his family and killed hundreds of Americans and Brits in bombers as they flew to drop bombs on Germany... He grew sick of wars... I was a pilot as a young teenager at 15. I flew solo at 16. By the time I was in the army, I wanted to fly so bad that I was willing to kill anyone they pointed me at... I believe I hold the memory of the German pilot who killed as an extension of himself but my soul is part of that soul as well... and so on until it encomapsses every soul who was ever given the light.

Reincarnation, in my my opinion, is just souls sharing their experiences with one another in heaven... and acting them out on earth or wherever else they go to learn the lessons a particular soul wants to go. If you want to learn the lesson about war, as I have learned, you might pick a soul's memory who has gone to war, as a means of helping you with your learning. We all have some similar learning that can be better learned on certain dates, places, planets, dimensions, etc... but one day we will quit wanting to play so rough and move on to dimensions where killing and dying are not the favorite past time of so many...

If we figure it out while we are here... we may just want to go back home... but if we are still here...then we still have some new lesson or lessons left to find our way to timelessness... I hope I can end this life with no grudges or strong regrets so I can move on to higher love...

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