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Re: water kefir- candida - take Milk Kefir!
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: water kefir- candida - take Milk Kefir!

Couple more things -
(I just posted for you some info on Kefir... but, forgot to tell you about my Personal experience…)

1. As I understand, you have Water Kefir or I, believe, it also called Aqua Rice or something like that. It ferments Water with dry Fruits & sugar? It is good - but, I think, right now, you will be better on Real Milk Kefir - made by Kefir Grains. It ferments Milk and Milk substitutes like Soy.
Kefir has around 32-35 different Good Probiotic Bacterias and Probiotic Yeast with many acids, vitamins etc. It will re-populate your intestines and you will definitely get better! I did!

2. A bit about my problems… and how Fermented Milk - Kefir helped me…
During last several years I developed huge Bouquet of Health problems ...
It all started with car accidents, spine surgeries... and Tons of medications I took for it! (Bad food too!)
From middle age Healthy Person - suddenly, I felt like 90 year old Lady with all kind of problems: pain and aches all over the body, migraines, spasms, arthritis, digestive problems, thyroids problem, High Blood Pressure, all kind of infections (seems I was catching everything!) and so on and on...
I was falling apart... especially, after several Acute Pancreatitis Attacks… I felt, i hit the rock bottom...
After those attacks - I completely lost ability to digest any food... I was afraid to put anything in my mouth - everything was making me sick... I was literary afraid of food.
I tried all kind pills, herbal and folk remedies - Nothing was helping... it only covered up my symptoms & problems - but did not cure me... I was getting worse and worse...

Luckily, I found this site - it kicked off my journey to health. After extensive reading and getting good advices here, I started to understand what was happening in my body... And what to do.

First, The Main thing - no matter what wrong - we all need to start with CLEANSING & DETOXING!
Otherwise - no matter what you do - it only acts as Bandage - a Cover-up of Symptoms!
After Cleansing - you can use all other remedies - to help Body Heal itself.
That’s where Real Kefir will really Help - it will re-populate intestines and will help eliminate & control overgrown Candida.

I, too, had overgrown Candida - which caused all kind of Infections & problems in the past.
Recently - UTI.
(At that time I started to drink Kombucha... I am not sure if Kombucha had to do anything with it - I just kept drinking it - even after UTI started - I simply increased the dosage!)
In any case, I did not want to go to the Doctors to get Antibiotics - last time when I had Infection they put me on Cipro!!! I did not want to take it again - since (with steroids and other medications) it killed all the good Bacterium in my intestines and was cause of Candida overgrowth!

This what I took this time:
Cayenne pepper - as Hot Tea; inhaled Hydrogen Peroxide; Painted Iodine on my tummy and also took few drops internally. (and kept drinking Kambucha)
Immediately, I started to feel better.
I repeated these treatments thru the day - and Voila! All my problems disappeared! In one day!
I was happy & exited… and stopped my treatments.
But, by the end of the second day - my symptoms returned…

Well, I repeated my remedies, but this time - I added KEFIR - which, just in time, i got from my friend…
Again, In one day - my UTI was gone!
Without any Antibiotics ! And this time - it did not return!
As precaution, I kept taking 2 more days my Cayenne/Peroxide/Iodine. Kefir - I am still drink everyday.

Why I was more successful the 2nd time?
Because, I re-populated my Intestines with all those good Bacterium!
The first time - I only temporarily killed Candida - but not all (it is not easy to kill it as we all know!) - so, Candida re-grew and restarted my UTI.
The second time when I killed Candida - it could not re-grow anymore!
Why? Because the Powerful Bacteria in the Kefir would not allow!

Conclusion? Keep taking Kefir! Increase dosage! Colony of Good bacteria will overtake colony of Candida!
Start with small amounts and gradually increase dosage - if you do not know how you will react to it.
(I took 1 Liter - ¼ of Gallon, a day - right from first day (divided on 3 portions) - I used to drink it in the past, so, I was not afraid. Now I take 1.5 liter a day)
Medicinal effect starts with 1 liter.

I believe, Kefir is the best weapon against Candida.
My previous fight with Candida was long and not very effective... Now, it is under total control.

Also, Drink a lot of water. I drink Distilled water - for cleansing purpose. I continue to drink Kombucha. (I did cleansing with Kombucha too - but it separate story)

I feel much much much better - I able to eat now!
Though, since now I know better - I switched to Raw, Live & Fermented Food. I am now 90% to 100% on Raw Food.

I cured many problems: No more extreme bloating. No burping, No more Arthritis, No knee pain, No shoulder pain, No Hay Fevers, No High Blood Pressure, No infections - and etc. etc.
And You too - will get better!
Good Luck and good Health!

PS Sorry for a long post - there is so much to share!
Good people on this site helped me - now I am trying to do the same!

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