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Re: my case
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: my case

You said "I don't use soap or shampoo or toothpaste or chlorinated water"  So what do you use instead?

I use a soft "Scuba" toothbrush, water and saliva.  Also floss, and a wet face cloth to wipe down my tongue and roof of mouth.  Sometimes I use diluted food-grade hydrogen peroxide to swish.  No alcohol.  No residues like glycerine to interfere with remineralization and no abrasives like baking soda to wear enamel.  For soap/shampoo I just use a wet face cloth and spring water (or filtered tap water to remove chlorine) to wipe myself down.  I do shave my armpits and use crystal rock deodorant which helps a lot. I keep my hair trimmed short - one function of body hair is to spread odors in my opinion.  I never clog my pores with anything such as antiperspirants and soaps.  Even when washing my hands I just use water, maybe a few drops of natural orange oil for greasy hands.  The body has it's own moisturizers.  I stay away from surfactants, Palmolive dishwashing liquid and cleaning agents for example or soaps, because they have estrogenic chemicals which get absorbed into the skin and also in my opinion break down things inside the body.   

I didn't heard about non chlorinated water. Water without chlorine probably contain bacteria, definitely might be pathogens between them.

I grew up on country well water - naturally filtered by the earth and no chlorine.  Now I only consume either that or spring water.  I never drink municipal (city tap) water and I will only use it on my skin, and only if it has been filtered of chlorine and contaminants first.  I use less than 2 gallons of water for everything each morning, with 2 small white clean face cloths.  This also cuts down on water usage and laundry. 

I would like to know about your diet, what did you eat, what did you drink? how long did it take until you noticed improvement?

Some of the things I used to eat taste absolutley disgusting to me now - soda, fast food, candy, Doritos, milk, regular pizza, processed foods.  Now I get intense cravings for parsley avocado salad, sardines & hummus, beets, chicken/sprout salad with ACV and olive oil, raw sugar snap peas, rotissere chicken (cartilage and bone marrow too), grass fed bufallo, raw or cooked sweet potato, long grain rice, dried tomatoes, organic carrots, raw cashews/pistachios, organic raisins, watermelon, pineapple, papaya, cantalope, organic blueberries/strawberries, kiwi fruit, coconuts, organic bananas...  I only drink spring water (from clear PET or PP plastic bottles - best water available to me at the moment).  Sometimes I will drink bottled orange juice but I prefer to eat some oranges that still have the enzymes and other good stuff.

Some improvements I felt immediately when I changed my diet to natural whole foods.  And I am still improving every day - you can't reverse a lifetime of nutritional neglect and dietary pollution overnight.  But there are only two choices in my opinion - continue to get worse and worse every day and compensate with coverup treatments like fragrance soaps and artificial mood enhancers while the list of health problems accumulate, or start today and make every new day better than the previous.  It helps outlook on life and one's future to be getting healthier and healthier day by day instead of being stuck in the downward spiral of health.  I don't believe that old people should be so broken, but most people expect it and get it, and pay a ton of money to get it "fixed" by yet another doctor as they end up at age 70 with a dozen prescription drugs and nothing to do but sit and watch tv as their bones and mind get weaker and weaker. 

I know a lot of people with cancer, rotting teeth, neuralgia, weak bones and disposition, among many many other health problems.  Some of them are my friends, and yet I still can't get through to them as they can't (won't?) get off the junk food, daily self exposure to chemicals, reliance on pharmaceuticals, doctors.  Most people do rely on the government and doctors to tell them what to do regarding health.  It all comes down to personal accountability - either be accountable for your own health or someone else will be there to take advantage of it and charge you for it.

It may sound complicated but my life has actually been simplified by the changes I have made.  The social stigma of being a health nut no longer affects me - people get hostile to healthier lifestyles because they are in denial or are ignorant or are jealous or frustrated with their own health.  Cognitive Dissonance plays a role in people facing the lies they still practice and live so they will be hostile to someone who chooses not to eat the same junk they do.

I could go on but I am getting hungry..... chicken with avocado and sprouts and dried tomatos sounds good........


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