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Image Embedded It is an amazing flight...moving on to the light
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Published: 10 years ago
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It is an amazing flight...moving on to the light

Imagine every act or thought as grape. Every unloving thought or act is separated from us as we go to the light. As much as a grape is mashed down and the juice comes through a sieve, every thought or idea ever attached to our soul is pressed down as we move toward the light... When I first entered the tunnel, it was dark. If I had decided to stay in that place, perhaps I would have experienced the rare experience of hell... but I did not... I looked up/// That is when I saw the light/// I knew what to do... I spread my arms behind my back...and began moving through the agitator... or the pressing down of my soul... All of the less than light aspects of myself were being slung off of me... If you have ever experienced the Venturi Effect
, you might see what I am talking about... You move into the darkness slowly but as you less than loving aspects of yourself move to the light... the cleansing process speeds up... you become less and less constrained by the spirits that clung to you in your life... What was left of me at the end of the tunnel was an embarrassingly small portion of my whole life... yet the light I met in heaven loved that little part of me brighter than the sun... Although I did not look up into the face of the light)knowing I would die in my physical body for good) I could hear the Lights delight in the small... leetle...teeny bit of love I had brought with me to the light to offer as my part of who and what is God or whatever you want to call the Light or Love.
We shouldn't be afraid of dying, while we are living; instead, we should be working toward getting as much of our life into the light as possible, so we can add to what is love.

If you want to call the agitator...or tunnel... hell... that is okay by me... but it is just a place to sling off the witnesses or spirits that were attached to our bodies... while we lived... The angels or witnesses of our love are even separated from one another in the same act... for example... you help your neighbor repair their fence... The genuine thought of doing your neighbor a favor goes on to the light where it will go on to go on forever/// while the selfish motivation of wanting to keep your neighbors pit bull out of your yard, to keep it from going after your cat is left left in the tunnel...where it will be burned up and forgotten... where time ends... But every thought goes through the same process for every single soul... so if we go through the Grapes of Wrath with even one loving or kind thought then we will make it though to timelessness... and that tiny thought or act of love will be loved as much as the greatest act of love ever... because love loves///

If we are going to spend eternity looking out of our soul...wouldn't it be better if we had used our time to help others, to be kind to others, to show natural affection to who and what we encounter... in this world... before we move to the next/// If we spend our whole life with mostly selfish intentions...then most of our life will be forgotten... but if we want to be part of the New Wine that makes it to the other side... then we should fill our lives with as much joy, laughter, and acts of compassion as we can stuff in it... Don't be afraid of death though because the other side is marvelous beyond imagining... Give love... Give love...Give love..... give love in the tiniest thoughts...Give love in your dreams... be kind when you could have been mean... and if it kills you then so what... your last act of love will be a monument of love... that flies to the light... so when you do look up into the face of God... you can hold your head high... and say to the Light... I have learned the lessons that death and dying have to give... and I want to move on to higher love...then give love...

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