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Re: Vaccinations - Off Topic
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Vaccinations - Off Topic

so what happened to the Avian Bird Flu Pandemic that was going to cause the deaths of millions?


I left but I just had to come back for this. This is a joke at best and disinformation at worst. The threat with bird flu was the chance that it could mutate. Unlike the Swine Flu virus the Avian H5N1 has a seriously high lethalthy rate. The death rate is 60%. The death rate for Swine Flu is hovers around 0.4 to 0.8 at the moment. That is 150X more deaths. How ever the advantage that Swine Flu has that Bird flu doesn't is that Swine flu evolved in Asian and European pigs and can easily transmit in people. Bird flu comes from the bird hence the name. It has a very hard time spreading and the only people who get it are those who lived very,very close to birds or their feaces. Bird flu has only affected about 430 know people. Swine Flu has infected 150,000+. We have had 900 deaths known worldwide for Swine flu. If this was bird flu the deaths would be in the 90,000+.

The scientists and researchers ALWAYS stressed that the danger was in mutation. It was the media that spread the panic about deaths. Especially after the SARS crisis (which it self was overblown).


Best to live in a manner that does not invite contracting the disease in the first place, than to take remedial measures once caught.


panic about deaths. Especially after the SARS crisis (which it self was overblow. The problem with Flu is that they are in the air. If you sneeze and then touch a hand rail which are very common in the tube. The virus will be transferred and stay there for at most two days. Many people will get in contact with it. The good thing with the Swine Flu is that it's mild for most people. I suspect I may have had it late last month when I had to give up my fast because of bad cold and sore throat. If it was I pulled through very fast and easy.


Also, if people took more responsibility for their own health instead of placing their trust in magic potions supplied by their GP's and the Pharmaceutical Companies, then influenza would be a thing of the past as with any other contagious disease; cholera, typhus, and typhoid, which were eliminated via Hygiene and instigated by no other than Florence Nightingale...................


That is true. It would be great if everyone would give up overeating junk food and go for a run sometimes. Eat more fruits instead of fries. But there are some things that can't be helped at all. I just found out that my family has a history of heart disease. I've just given up smoking and joined the gym to get more healthy while water fasting at the same time. Not sure if that's a good idea but I can be pro-active about it. I'm learning to sleep better. That is in my control. But there are some things that can't be helped. A lot of people will still get sick. There is only so much damage we can cause and damage we can avoid.



I can’t even begin to imagine the audacity of this person posting out and out LIES about what I believe.  The only one of the 8 listed LIES that have even been discussed in this thread is number 5 and again I need to repeat myself and say, I said in my post “some” people think they might be chipped not that I believed I would be chipped.  None of the other 7 have come up at all in this thread and the only communication I’ve had with this person is in this thread so I guess this person pulled the other 7 things out of thin air.  Don’t know why and don’t really care but I do want it to STOP. 



I based it all off your behaviour. People who believe in one conspiracy theory generally believe in many other. The fact that you thought the idea of being chipped while being vaccinationed was realistic enough to repeat it. You also use  weasel words (some people think). That is usually a sign of what YOU think but want to make it more widespread.



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