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Re: Vaccinations - Off Topic
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Vaccinations - Off Topic

Hi Chris,

I agree with you in that if people took more responsibility for their own health then the flu would be a thing of the past as would many things.  The thing is most don’t want to take the responsibility, they want to take a pill or a shot or anything that doesn’t involve any work on their part nor do they want to take the time it takes to gain the knowledge they need to avoid these illnesses.

As to the comments that have been made about me regarding conspiracy, I’d like to clear a few things up. First of all I think it is outrageous for a complete stranger who doesn’t know me from Adam to tell me and everyone else who is reading this thread what I believe. So I want to address each and every lie that has been told.  I’ll post the statements I’m denying.

“I don't doubt the moon landings. I know Elvis is dead. I know the Royal Family didn't kill Princess Diana. I know I can give blood away without being chipped. I know that no secret agency wants to chip me. I know there is no secret  UFO projects in Area 51 and I don't think Bush and the Neo-Cons were behind 9/11. Nor do I think that Jesus had a child with some lady or that the spear of destiny exists. I've got common sense.”

“You believe that.  
But 99% of the people have enough common sense not to.”

  1. I doubt moon landings.  LIE
  2. I believe Elvis is alive.  LIE
  3. I think the Royal Family killed Princess Diana. LIE
  4. I think when I give blood I’m being chipped.  LIE
  5. I think a secret agency wants to chip me.  LIE
  6. I think there are secret UFO projects in area 51.  LIE
  7. I think Bush and the Neo-Cons were behind 9/11.  LIE
  8. I think Jesus had a child with some lady or that the spear of destiny exists.  LIE

I can’t even begin to imagine the audacity of this person posting out and out
LIES about what I believe.  The only one of the 8 listed LIES that have even been discussed in this thread is number 5 and again I need to repeat myself and say, I said in my post “some” people think they might be chipped not that I believed I would be chipped.  None of the other 7 have come up at all in this thread and the only communication I’ve had with this person is in this thread so I guess this person pulled the other 7 things out of thin air.  Don’t know why and don’t really care but I do want it to STOP.  

I do have to say in number 8 if “the spear of destiny exists” means I believe in destiny I’ll have to say that is the truth.  As a Christian I believe I have eternal life through Jesus Christ but to say I believe Jesus had a child is pure blasphemy!  

I do hope this person can get over whatever is causing him/her to behave in this manner and I do hope this person’s cousin gets over the flu.

Oh and one more thing Chris. I agree that people need to stop burying their heads in the sand, this person thinks I’m one of them but nothing could be further from the truth.




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