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Naturopaths vs Natural Healing :::sigh::: Re: Experiences with naturopaths
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Published: 12 years ago
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Naturopaths vs Natural Healing :::sigh::: Re: Experiences with naturopaths

>>>Seems they're not big on 'healing crises' when it comes to treating folks, i.e. telling someone with an adrenal issue that colon cleansing would be much too stressful on the body.

Is this so those not hip to healing crises won't come back complaining of added or increased symptoms?<<<

The situation is FAR more deep & complex than this (which I will address below) - but as for the 'shallow' answer:

Most people (and some naturopaths, lol) know that one should not do "cleansing" while in adrenal distress, as it's too stressful on the adrenals. What most people (and most naturopaths) don't know, is the reason they ape that advice. Basically, the adrenals sit atop the kidneys, and anything that stresses the kidneys (such as a vast release of toxins from chelation or cellular/tissue cleansing, or toxins assimilating into the bloodstream from the colon) will in turn, stress the adrenals because it stresses the kidneys. But when we cleanse (or what everyone SHOULD be doing) is having 5+ doses of IF#2 AND 5 teaspoons of activated charcoal flowing through their alimentary canal 24 hours a day...and the Bentonite clay and activated charcoal aDsorb toxins from the bloodstream (pulling them through the walls of the digestive tract, to themselves) - AND they pull toxins from the colon to themselves while cleansing and removing the toxins from the colon...all to be safely 'flushed away'. Hence when cleansing, we do NOT stress the organs of elimination/neutralization...rather we cleanse them SAFELY (sometimes providing a less toxic bloodstream and relief of burden from what they've been experiencing daily for years...depending upon how much bentonite/charcoal we ingest).

And by cleansing with the aid of Bentonite & charcoal, we not only take stress OFF the organs of elimination/adrenals, but we also ensure that the organs of neutralization/elimination are in a more cleansed, better working condition than they were when we started. It's a "win win" (and win again) for the stress when cleansing, kidneys in better shape (hence benefit to the adrenals), and when the process is completed, the kidneys REMAIN less stressed, because the colon, liver AND kidneys are all in better working order than they were when starting the program 30 days prior. (This is of course, assuming one does at least enough of the program in the 30 days to complete the full 30 days of colon cleansing --keeping good levels of bentonite/charcoal in their digestive tract-- and complete two kidney and two liver cleanses...better yet, while juice fasting and giving the body lots of nutrition/fuel via Superfood).

What we run into with "naturopaths" and other "Powers That Be approved" type of "healers" (cough, smirk, choke, and mini-vomit) that unless they can give you a blood, hair, urine or saliva 'level test' and do some sort of muscle testing...and compare it to their 'charts' - they really don't understand what they're doing or how all the systems of the body work together at all. And they are SO ignorant and ill-informed that they TRULY BELIEVE that cleansing the organs is more stressful to the body than leaving them clogged, struggling and full of poisons.

AND, since they use products like Oxypowder to cleanse the colon...these products are magnesium + "oxygen" that are SUPPOSED to cleanse away mucoid plaque by 'dissolving' it). Because magnesium IS a laxative, these products do increase bowel activity (but it won't take you long on the Bowel Cleansing forum to see that these "oxy cleansers" don't even dissolve FOOD pieces) it's pretty unlikely they dissolve 'decades old' rubbery mucoid plaque. Either way, they DO bubble around in the colon, draw water into the intestines (hence throwing off electrolytes) and cause bowel activity. BUT there's no Bentonite or activated charcoal to adsorb whatever they do "bubble up/off", so those toxins are assimilated into the bloodstream before they're eliminated.

THAT kind of a cleanse IS stressful to the adrenals - because magnesium is stressful to the kidneys; because an imbalance of electrolytes is stressful to the entire body, and the assimilated toxins are also stressful to the kidneys/adrenals (as well as the rest of the body).

As far as other flushes...? I've found site after site of NDs & naturopaths (and a few chiropracters) that think the way a Liver Flush works is because the oil flushes the stones out of the liver & gallbladder! OMG, they don't even know enough about anatomy to know that nothing ingested into the body via mouth can get to the liver unless it's assimilated into the hepatic portal artersy/system. And of course, they use 4 tablespoons of Epsom Salts in two days for the Liver Flush - which can be EXTREMELY stressful to the kidneys (and/or adrenals). Or, if they don't "believe" in liver flushes, they recommend soy lecithin (and don't bother to mention that unless the soy is certified organic, it's genetically modified...and gm soy has been proven to shrink the size of the liver & kidneys). OR, they use non-organic toxic herbs (or herbs that are "standardized extracts"). Read this about non-organic herbs: //
and this: (#2) //

...and this about standardized herbs:

And THE :::grin::: read just how severely THE most innocent of all supplements (the one that cannot possibly hurt you, because you urinate away any excess) can upset the natural balance and homeostasis of your body:

(those are what 95%+ of all NDs/naturopaths gouge/sell in their clinics :::sigh:::)

Bottom line - as long as we cleanse SAFELY (and we do things in the right order),it is NEVER more stress on the body to have organs that are unclogged from structural debris and oozing toxins, than it is to have them compromised.


As far as the deeper issue of ND's & naturopaths, please read this first: //

(I agree with what Miss Helflinger just added)

And then add this thought: Every SUCCESSFUL healer from this century has been brutally persecuted, run out of the country, and has died some sort of unnatural death...because they are a THREAT to the Powers That Be in some way or another. Yet there's a ND/naturopath on every street corner and they are NOT persecuted by the PTB. That's because as long as the stay in their little box and don't do any serious healing, they are not a threat to anyone...except the people that allow themselves to believe in them, and hand over their body, life, health and wallet.

Healthiest of blessings -


P.S. FANTASTIC question!

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