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Re: Vaccinations - Off Topic
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Vaccinations - Off Topic


You really ought to get a clue before you go posting things that show you aren't comprehending what you're reading!

"To be honest I don't need to twist your words. Your the one claiming that you'll be chipped."

Maybe you aren't twisting my words its that you don't comprehend what you read, therein lies the problem.  Just for your information if you comprehended what I said in my first post you would understand that I NEVER claimed I would be chipped.  Here is exactly what I said.

Some think this "Swine Flu Vaccine" which will entail two shots will have an RFID chip in it to be implanted in you.”

People who comprehend what they’ve read understand that “some” in the context in which it was used indicated an unspecified number, or proportion of people.  “I” is a pronoun used by a speaker or writer, in this case me, to refer to himself or herself.

Since my statement used the word “
some” instead of the word “I” anybody who is able to comprehend what they’ve read would clearly see I DID NOT claim I would be chipped.  

“Before you copied and pastied that you should have read a little bit more. It says
Nashvillians can participate in a research study and receive the H1N1 vaccine before it hits the markets

I had no need to “read a little bit more.” I know what it says, they were MY words. Had you comprehended what I said you would have known I was the one who wrote that statement.  Go back and actually try to comprehend what I said, I’ll paste it here for you and for anyone trying to understand this whole convoluted mess.

“There will be no shortage of the H1N1 vaccine, in fact it has been announced in my state the vaccine will be given away free in the middle of August.  Below is a post I made about a week ago while watching my local news.

I'm watching my local news out of Nashville, TN and they've just announced:

Nashvillians can participate in a research study and receive the H1N1 vaccine before it hits the markets. Clinical Research Associates will conduct a study for the vaccine in August. The vaccine must be shown safe and effective in clinical trials before the FDA approves it. Participants in the study will receive the study drug or the vaccine at no cost.

And so it begins.  This is the first way they are trying to get people to get the shots and I'm sure there will be thousands of takers."

Clearly anyone who comprehends what I said knows that I was the one who wrote those words to begin with.  They would also understand when they read the last sentence in that statement I was making a point that our government is approaching it in a way that people who don’t know any better will line up for the shots because they think they are privileged to be getting it free.

The government is conditioning people to accept that they NEED to take the vaccine against the big bad flu pandemic that is nonexistent.  Of course they’ve got to do “research” vaccinations and the very fact that people will willingly line up for it is horrible.  Those of us who understand exactly what these vaccines do to the human body will refuse at all costs.

I will post a couple of things as proof that our government has already put what is necessary in place for the time when they will mandate mandatory vaccinations.  I suggest you read every single word of them and try your best to comprehend what they really say.  

I said in my last post it would be my last post but obviously I have posted again but this will be my last post to you on this matter regardless of how you care to respond.  This is a support forum and not a debate forum.  

Just a couple more things.  You ask me why I’m worried.  I’m not in the least worried, I don't live in fear I live in love. KNOWLEDGE is POWER I know what is going on because I’ve done the research that you obviously need to do to gain that knowledge.  I’m not worried about a thing, its you who should be worried. The other thing is you said you’ve not been sick with anything other than the common cold.  I have not had a cold or any kind of a virus or any sickness in over 20 years, and that is directly related to me not having toxic materials from vaccines floating around in my body.

Good luck to you in the future.  




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