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Re: Vaccinations - Off Topic
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Vaccinations - Off Topic

My mentor offered a challenge to the Medical profession: to inject him with the rabies virus as he knew that it would have no effect..........they declined.......even though he was prepared to sign a legal affidavit exonerating them from any blame.


To be honest that does make sense. It's not about being arrested by the police and sent to jail. It's about the moral conscience of the doctor. Most doctors would refuse to harm anyone with the exception for those who perform abortion. Even the American doctor Kevorkian killed his patients to help them. Rabies is a very dangerous disease and It makes sense for a doctor to refuse. Most people including doctors frown upon normal healthy people has experiments. For that doctor to have injected your mentor with Rabies he would have broken his oath and probably wouldn't be able to live with him self. If he's anything like my grandfather (who was a vet for the British Army) he probably got into the business because he loved to help people (or animals in my grandads case).


You preach about the effectiveness of vaccines, but I shall tell you this: the Medical Profession with all of their ingenuity/technology and antibiotics/pharmaceuticals cannot even cure a common cold..........nor will they ever be able to: as a cold is a by-product of the body throwing off excess metabolic toxins and other poisons within the system as a final outlet for them.


The problem with the common cold is that it's not a single disease. It's many types of viruses doing the same thing and mutating every single year. A virus is hard to develop a vaccine for but when you got like 99 viruses all doing the same thing every year it's even harder. But there is a vaccine being developed at the moment. I'll chose not to take it because i actually like getting colds. It's become a ritual for me to get a cold every year.


Willows choice not to have vaccines throughout her life is laudable as that is my position; all we have to do is maintain/build a strong immune system achieved by a nutrient-dense diet, with supplemental Vitamin D3 coupled with a toxemic-free body.


Personally I agree on that point. But there comes a point to me when your body just simply can't handle a disease. For example my mum made me hang around with a guy who had a chicken pox when I was kid. I can't do the same thing for the HIV virus.


It is debatable whether anyone will be forced into having vaccinations, we will have to wait and see, but the gun-ho and forcing antics of the FBI and the CIA are well documented against nutraceutical companies for example.


That link you gave me seems to be a bit alarmist. Anyone who gets alarmed by reading that should remember that no one can take away your rights. You fought us in the revolotion to preserve your rights has Englishmen. Those rights got enshrined during the foundation of the nation. No one can take away. But then again I'm not American.


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