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Re: New thread for #109287 + edit (was " emergency, please help? my period makes me violently ill!"
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: New thread for #109287 + edit (was " emergency, please help? my period makes me violently ill!"

Howdy Missy!


I've just read through the majority of the your posts...and you sure seem like a wonderful gal :)  You're always full of smiles and good thoughts (yay!), but you'll have even more smiles and sweeter thoughts once you get down to THE most important thing in natural health and healing - and that's getting your colon cleansed and back into working order.

dearest uniquity, thank you so very much for taking your valuable time just to help me... you are so kind... take as long to get back to me, i'm appreciative that you are helping me at all, and know you must be so busy - i could spend ALL day, EVERY day, frantically trying to learn about wellness and there will never be enough time and, i don't even have others that i need to help like you do...You're more that welcome!  BUT (lol) flattery won't get you everywhere around hyar! :::silly grin::: (I do not think you're being insincere, I'm just making "a funny with a purpose). 

I understand "never enough time to learn about wellness" - because what I've done for the last 5-8 years of my life is virtually go bankrupt spending all my time studying what WORKS.  And my criteria for 'what works'?  If the healer/author/ND, PhD (or whatever degree or credentials) doesn't have 5-10 years worth of clinical experience where he/she consistently cured the incurables (cancer, MS, MD, ALS, blindness, deafness, you name it)...then I don't bother with them OR their books and untested unproven methodologies.  It may sell a lot of books and get them lots of public appearance engagements (and their name on the 'net and in the media)...but if they haven't used their theories and modalities successfully for thousands of people on hundreds of diseases...?  I'm not buying into it.  That basically leaves us with Dr. Schulze, his mentor Dr. Christopher, Dr Gerson...and a few others whose protocols work (like Dr. Kelley, Hulda Clark, etc. - but have the ability to cause harm, or aren't 100% natural...or do-able/affordable for most people).  So what you'll hear from me, is not's a combination of these great healers - their methods & successes.  What I expect from you?  That you take the time to read the information offered and that you ask questions (and for more information, lol) until YOU make a decision for your OWN body that you feel comfortable with....and that you NEVER trust someone on the internet that you've never even met when it comes to your body and your health.  If that's a deal - then read on! :)
i've read the post you wanted me to read, i am about to read the other link, great! and... the video you wanted me to watch, i went there but it seems to be instead a single q&a page w/ dr. schulze (to poop or not to poop... hehe) Well dangit, there USED to be a video with that - here's a link that IS a video (at least while I'm typing this):

Read through the last part of this post (starting with the paragraph that begins "first things first, and foremost" --required-- :), but you'll learn a LOT you really need to know, if you read the entire post :) ...give lots of thought to the part relating to our colons and how long (and how hard we've worked) to get them into their current condition:  This is very important, because those with lifelong constipation do NOT usually get over it in a few months - sometimes it take several years to undo damage & weakness that happened over several decades.  (Sheesh, it sometimes takes a stroke victim more than a year of intense therapy to undo damage that happened in a split second).  However, depending upon you (what healthy choices you're willing to make & apply) it can likely be undone and healed MUCH faster.

This forum has many "personalities"...some folks just stop in occasionally to get some information and share a testimony or two; some just ask a question and we never see them again, but the 'core' is made up of some absolutely wonderful people...and we accept everybody as 'part of the healing family' no matter what the issue or problem.  Nobody is "judgmental" or critical of anyone else (well, maybe they are ONE time, until *I* see with the body being a trinity (body, soul & spirit...each part affecting the other), there's no place for judgmentalism, criticism OR being squeamish (lol).  So "fit in" however suits yer fancy...but do expect that I may ask questions that don't seem to have much to do with 'the issue at hand' or be 'too personal', or just plain "blunt"...but that's because I know that when it comes to healing the body, that ALL aspects must be considered.  There's not one person on this forum (but me) that's not totally please feel free to share what you need to share, to be able to take control of your health and heal yourself (and also please feel free to NOT be a part of our lil' "haven of healing"). 

i'll give you as best information as i can but, i've tried so many things for colon cleansing alone that i don't remember all of them or how long i took them... i'm pretty sure i took dr. schulze's formulas 1&2 (yellowish labels?) for one month each, and a seemingly similar formula i purchased from (southern something or other, formula 1&2) for another month after 1 month off from the schulze ...and i've taken a system called enuvia with 3 parts (parasite, movement, and probiotic) and, an entire regimen with a similar name called ejuva... each of these i guess has been 1 month apart and 1-2 months on, up to now, as far back as that would take me...
(and at one point, long ago, i took dr. christopher's bowel product...)  Okee-dokee, so you've done a few different things, tried a lot of different products, but never did much of anything longer than a month or two.  So we can be pretty sure that healing is going to take longer than that (something which I basically knew anyway).  Here's some questions for you.  When you did the Schulze/Relfe IF#1/#2, how many capsules of the #1 formula did you need to achieve 3 bms daily (or did you ever take enough to achieve 3 bms daily?)  And if you didn't, why not?  When you did the #2 formula, did you take it in capsules, or in powder mixed with juice/water?  And how many doses per day did you take?  When you did the Enuvia system: how many capsules of the colon formula did you take daily?  how many bowel movements daily did you achieve with that? did you see any parasites in the parasite phase?  Same questions with the Ejuva.  If you remember, how many capsules of LBB did you need to achieve 3 bms daily?  Whew, that was a lot of questions...and I haven't even started.

What level of "constipation"? and for how long?...can you ever remember having 1 bm daily?  If you didn't you ANY product or protocol right now, how many bms would you have weekly?

Age/height/weight (proportionate? you don't have tell how much you weigh if you don't want to).

Other health issues?


Diet - it is VERY important that tell it like it is :)

How much pure water do you ingest daily?  How much "other" fluids, and what ARE the other fluids?

Take a typical week of eating.  What % "processed food"; what % meat & dairy; what % fruits & vegetables (canned or cooked)? what % raw? any organics? how about grains - what kind/how often?

if you, who i consider to be an expert, say senna and cascara are beneficial for long term use, i take your word for it  ::::insert "game show - wrong answer buzzer sound here:::  LOL.  Do not EVER take *my* word for anything!  What I have found to be true, is that Dr. Schulze & Dr. Christopher (between them) have healed tens of thousands of people safely...and every person got a bowel cleanse - using either LBB or IF#1.  Dr. Schulze spent the last years in his clinic specializing in the 'incurables' (he called his patients 'the walking dead', because most had been told they had less than "x months' to live, but were still walking a month after they should have been dead.  These are not people any healer could 'take a chance' with - their bodies were already so compromised that any wrong herbal formula could have done them in....yet instead of dying, they were healed.'s just i had read somewhere (not on cz) that they overstimulate the nerve endings of the colon and can kill/deaden those nerve-endings.  It's not unusual to hear that (even on CZ), and anyone that had half-a-brain would be concerned if they'd heard it.  I'm glad you're asking (you'd be pretty ignorant NOT to ask :::grin:::)  During an autopsy once, Dr. Schulze sprinkled IF#1 on a 'dead colon'...and it created peristalsis on truly dead nerves.  There have been hundreds (likely thousands) of people on CZ alone that have taken LBB or IF#1 for years - the only thing it did was strengthen their colon (or perhaps stain it for a little while).  Of course, those that take it only for a few months (not as long as they need it), make no dietary or lifestyle changes at all, then stop, and are still constipated just like they were before they started?  Those people are the ones that 'cry foul'...well, them and the Powers That Be that would rather take your money, sell you drugs for all the diseases constipation causes and cut/carve or 'colonoscopy you to death'...well, they encourage the myth, of course.  .and when i took that relfe formula for a 2nd course didn't work anymore, no matter how many i took so i really felt like my body had gotten used to it ...but it could be just a fluke thing i guess... how many did you take?  The record is almost 50 a day.  Generally when something that works seems to stop working (especially with colon issues); it's not that the same herb that worked before stops working (or you become "tolerant") - what usually happens is your condition has worsened...and hence it "takes more to do the same thing".  I'm a very experienced cleanser - I do maintenance colon cleanses ever 4 months.  4 months ago I was interrupted and only did 5 days instead of 10...and now I'm down from 4-5 healthy bms daily, to two.  It doesn't take long (especially) if the diet/fluid levels are not optimal, to get worse.

i know this info is all over the place so, whatever you can do is more than enough....... thank you, thank you, thank you... you're welcome, welcome, welcome!  Now let's get down to physiological basics - but first, I've got a (maybe) uncomfortable question. 

Throughout all your posts regarding colon health, you are very insistent that you don't want to do enemas...and that 'sounds an alarm' in my healing spirit.  I, too, never wanted to do enemas (the reason was that my family was very "poop private" and very religious.  The concept of touching my 'bottom' was VERY uncomfortable to me...but that bothered me, because I was learning about coffee enemas and I thought I needed to do them).  So I kept learning more about coffee enemas, and finally 'got up the gumption' to learn to do them...and of course, I'm glad I did.   People not wanting to 'stick things up their behinds' doesn't usually concern me that much...but enemas have been suggested to you several times (as well as colonics), and you seem VERY sincere about wanting to heal yourself and get over this issue with constipation.  So I'm wondering?  Have you experienced some type of emotion trauma regarding something that would relate to enemas, or your rectum/anus/bowel?  Because if you did, that could be at the root of your constipation issues, and NO amount of cleansing or herbal products will heal anything like that.  I hope you know, I don't mean to be "personal", but your replies/posts about not doing enemas seems to be somehow more 'intense' than the typical "non enema person".   Enemas/colonics would really help you progress faster, so please read through this, and let me know how it makes you feel: (just fyi, coffee enemas do increase peristalsis throughout your entire intestinal tract, not just in the last six inches where the solution is retained).

As you saw, 80% of all women that saw Dr. Schulze for "period issues" were cured after they did a thorough colon cleanse.  Why is this?  First, let's take a look at some pictures.  The last picture is a "typical" picture (leaving WAY too much space between the organs, when there's actually none at all).  But the first two are more correct.

First, identifiy the sigmoid colon:


Next, this is a much more realistic picture of the complete female digestive tract (be sure and note where the sigmoid colon is (and how much space around it there is not):

Now look at where the uterus and ovaries are in relationship to the sigmoid colon & rectum (this is the one with WAY too much space between the organs, the uterus is almost completely eneveloped by the sigmoid colon, not to mention the other parts):

So, in a nutshell, when we have constipation and mucoid plaque (and the vast amount of gas that's produce by putrefying food), it causes the lower colon to swell...and that swelling crushes and squeezes the uterus & ovaries, causing all KINDS of female issues.  But virtually NO one has EVER had a gynecologist mention ANYthing about their colon being the cause of their "issue".  But how could it NOT be?  Missy, I know what it feels like to vomit during my period (it used to happen regularly, especially when I was young); my flow was 'dark' (sometimes even black-ish); horrible clots and intolerable cramping (you could SEE my uterus cramping).  It all went away with my first thorough cleanse.  However, it's not likely to be that simple for you, as I'd always had one bm a day my entire life, and was in the midst of IBS (4-7 bms daily) when I did my first cleanse.

A swollen/engorged colon (that shuts off the flow of blood, hence oxygen) to the female organs, can be at the root cause of almost every female issue known...particulary tumors, masses, endometriosis and cancer.  That's because as cells mutate due to lack of oxygen, the body starts trying to keep them together (forming tumors & masses)...which of course, causes even more compression and lack of blood/oxygen flow (not to mention infections & fungal overgrowths). 

Just so you have some kind of an idea, what I'm likely going to suggest is the IF#1/IF#2 for a month at a time (IF#2 not encapsulated), along with 'therapeutic hot' cayenne powder (cayenne also induces peristalsis, sometimes VERY effectively) 3x daily, along with apple cider vinegar mixed with raw local honey or blackstrap molasses, 3x daily.  I'm sending you (PM) some files to check out regarding cayenne.  One of THE first things we need to do is get some circulation to your uterus/ovaries and get you some relief...and there's absolutely NOTHING that increases/enhances circulation better than cayenne.  You likely should also be doing a castor oil pack over your colon nightly (easy and inexpensive), and also daily foot reflexology along your lower bowel points, free! (here's the foot reflexology chart):

Reflexology foot map - Dorling Kindersley

And of course, some good, healthy liver work to increase the flow of bile (nothing with orthosphoric acid! that stuff is harmful...and in natural healing, we use only natural herbs & foods - never any "isolated extracts", chemicals, rock minerals, or synthetic anythings)Until I hear back from you, I don't really know enough about your diet and past cleansing experiences to know exactly what I'd suggest...but I thought I'd give you an idea so you could check out our Storefront/prices so you'll have an idea of the cost (which is MUCH less than "retail" - for example, Dr. Schulze charges $22 for 2 oz of cayenne powder, and we charge $12 for 4 oz)....just so you know.

I think that covers everything until I hear back from you :)  Oh yes, do you have a juicer?  If so, what kind/model.


Healthiest of blessings -




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