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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: New thread for #109287 + edit (was " emergency, please help? my period makes me violently ill!"

Hi Missy,

I'm going to butt my nose in again ha ha.  I've had some experience with the IF #1 & 2 and I'm telling you its great stuff. I believe we learn from other peoples experiences even though things work different in everybody so here goes with my story of constipation, YUCK!

I'm 50 years old and have had severe constipation my whole life.  My mother died from colon cancer and she had constipation her whole life. I never knew anything about doing a colon cleanse but I didn't want to end up like my mother so I started taking Magnesium and Potassium because I had heard Dr. Oz say that you need to take them to have good bowel movements.  Now I know that neither of them is a natural healing herb but I didn't know any better and sure didn't want to end up like my mother with colon cancer so I had to make sure I got the old BM's coming out and it was better than nothing at the time.  We all do what we know to do at the time but thank God I found this forum.

Okay so let me give a little warning LOL this is going to be graphic  but needs to be said so that you can understand. Before I stared taking those two things I maybe had a good bowel movement if I was lucky once a week but many times I didn't even have that and all the while in the back of my mind I knew I had colon cancer in my family history, not a good thing.  So once I started taking them I would have a BM maybe once a day but still not everyday and they were like tiny little cannonballs.  Dark, very hard, tiny round balls.  I knew from watching Dr. Oz that this was not a good sign at all. I did learn that if I wanted to clean myself out or so I thought at the time I would eat LOADS of chocolate ice cream, yeah thats right I ate bad stuff I knew I shouldn't eat because I knew it would give me diarrhea and it always did.  I didn't know at that time it wasn't really cleaning me out but I know that now. 

Fast forward to when I found Uny.  She recommended I take both the IF's and do the bowel cleanse.  I agreed with her and ordered both of them with my first order.  I was so excited when I got my order I started taking everything right away.  It took only ONE day for the IF #1 to start working, that was with one capsule.  I added a capsule everyday as per instructions because I wanted to make sure I was getting out all I could if you know what I mean LOL.  I think I ended up taking 5 a day, it was so wonderful to go to the bathroom so many times a day I was elated.  That first go round I never took the IF #2 because I just couldn't get things together to have the time to do both.  My second order got to me before I used all the first IF #1's and I had made up my mind to do them both this time. So I ended up doing them both and I'll tell you I spent more time in the bathroom than I've ever spent before ha ha.  They work wonderfully together.  I was taking both faithfully without fail.

Here comes the part I am ashamed of.  When you do the full Incurables Program you also juice fast, you don't eat any solid food. Well I wasn't doing the IP so I wasn't juice fasting.  The first round of the IF #1 I ate mostly fruit and veggies and did really well.  The second round I didn't do so good with the eating.  Not bad mind you but not near as good as I had done with the first round.  The thing I failed to understand is that when you're doing a bowel cleanse you want to stop filling your body with things that are hard to digest. Here comes the "tough love" part I was telling you about LOL.  You can't expect to properly cleanse your bowel if you're eating stuff that prevents the herbs from doing the job they need to do, its a waste of both time and money because you won't get the best results. Now I'm not in any way accusing you of doing this, its what I DID but I learned from my mistake from reading threads like this.  Read the whole thread because there is really good information there.  Here is what I was talking about in eating things you shouldn't while bowel cleansing from one of the posts.

"I do believe that any newbie can do that quite easily but it's dependent on diet and water intake. Those two things sabotage the body's ability to 'crunch & munch' or re-instate a decent peristalsis in their gut. Ya can't eat cheese & get that plaque out, for sure."

That thread gave me the "tough love" kick in the butt  I needed and I cleaned up my eating, no cheating at all.  It might take me awhile but I finally "got it."  Then I ran out of the #1 before my next order came in so I stopped taking the #2. After a couple of days without the IF's I was once again stopped up big time and if felt terrible. Now I've got my new order, I took the #1 the day I got it and the next morning I was in the bathroom having a very nice bowel movement.  It will take me awhile to get cleaned out because I've spent the majority of my life eating fake junk food, not healthy at all and I had never done any kind of cleansing.  

I tell you all this to let you know that Uny's herbs are POWERFUL! Even if you screw up like I did they'll still enable you to have bowel movements with cleansing going on.  The thing is, its up to each one of us to decide to go for it all the way or just kind of play around with it which is what I did the second time around.  You'll still get results but not as quickly as if you ate right.  For me it would be ideal to juice fast while bowel cleansing but I haven't been able to work my schedule to fit juice fasting, thats a lot of work LOL.  

I'm sorry this got so long, didn't intend for it too LOL.  I wanted you to know that the IF's WORK and they work even better if you aren't eating things that counteract the cleansing process.  What's that old saying, something will only work if you work it correctly?  I'm excited for you Missy.  I'll try to refrain from further long stories in the future, I have a tendency to be rather long winded.

Happy reading Missy cause I've been where you are reading everything I could get my hands on, hope you like to read. 



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