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Re: Vaccinations - Off Topic
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Vaccinations - Off Topic

Hi Chiron,

Thanks for that post, I agree with what you've said and meant to post it myself last night but was so concerned that I get mine posted quickly I forgot ha ha.

Getting people in a state of fear is exactly what the government is doing with all the media constantly talking about a flu pandemic. People who are in fear will count on our government to take care of them and that is the biggest mistake anyone can make.   Fear mongering isn't designed to help people it is designed to put them in bondage to the people doing the fear mongering.

"Here's the important piece. Do not fear that these vaccinations will become mandatory. Do not feed fear states, spread lies ("news") and fill your head with what you *don't want*, but focus instead on good health, kindness, gratefulness for all that's good, strength and what is God-given, which is beyond all sects and divisions, knows only love, and is this: true worthiness in each one of all that is good and True. Darkness (or what is 'hidden in plain sight) has no defense against this kind of light. Meditate and increase stillness of all kinds, practise loving everything, and forgiving everyone..."

What you've described here is how I live my life.  You've given very good advice but I'll have to say that these vaccinations are part of bringing in the New World Order and I'm not sure that any amount of thinking good thoughts and staying in love will prevent it since its been in the works longer than I've been alive.  It could be that if enough people would learn the truth and stand up as ONE these vaccinations might not become mandatory but the fact remains that the government will proceed with bringing about the New World Order no matter what tact they have to take be it mandatory vaccinations or something else.

Knowledge is power so I hope more and more people will start doing their own investigations into what the PTB are really doing, like you said behind the scenes.  What you see is not what is.  People don't need to live in fear, quite the opposite, they need to be preparing by cleansing their bodies and building up their immune systems.  Quit eating fake food that is filled with dumbing down chemicals.  The more knowledge people have the more power they have and power kicks fears butt!

Once you learn the truth start spreading the word to everyone you know.  

"if it does come to that point of a forced program, this will sound radical, but just consider that there are more things in Heaven and Earth than in your imagining - these vaccinations will be 'disabled' by a force that is greater than any earthbound 'plan'. thuis force is aligned with Truth, which is an attribute of Divine creation, which is, in the end, the Home of every creature. In simple terms, the dark plan will fail."

I agree there are more things in Heaven and Earth than in our imagining's.  Everyone believes differently but I'll have to say that I believe the dark plan is part of the overall redemption and you're right it will fail in the end.  But the earth will have to go through the dark plan in order to come out in the Home God intends for us.  

This is getting so far off topic I'm going to stop now because the main point I'm trying to make once again is that knowledge is power, the more power a person has the better off they'll be.  So start investigating this issue, spread the truth when you discover it, and don't live in fear.



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