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Re: Vaccinations - Off Topic
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Vaccinations - Off Topic

excellent message. well said. important.

I would add one thing--it is vital that people not go into fear states; it is fear that actually feeds the dark energies of those that would (knowingly, and unknowingly) imprison others, and keep them believing that they are nothing but bodies that can be attacked, and are therefore weak.

It is the belief in weakness that makes all this "mandatory vaccination" stuff possible. The most insidious aspect is that it's part of the plan to get people worked into a state where it can be "truly" (factually) said that they "ask for it". As with the fallout of 9/11, the "war" and so much more, this is connected to all that, (while the beginnings are invisible)and the important piece of getting it to work, is that you need to create a level of panic that means that the people 'do the thing themselves', whatever it may be; and then the ones behind the scenes, with a much bigger agenda than health, or whatever you can think of, stay safely behind the scenes, where their actions are hidden in plain sight.

In other words, the "sheeple" become active (unpaid and tax-paying!)agents of disinformation themselves, efficiently spreading the lie that vaccinations protect people. (That may have once been true, but that was long ago) In this way, anyone who promotes the *opposite of fear* can be seen and agreed by the majority to be "against what is smart", and thus, an "idiot". Or worse,
a "new-ager" or whatver can be twisted and used for its opposite.

Things that make people weak ( and set them up for disease and "disease-mindedness" which is the matrix) are:

"news", which is mainly false, spiced with just enough "truth" to make it confusing and thus successful propaganda; msg, which attacks the body and makes it attack itself; splenda, plastics that masquerade as food oils; in fact most anything touched by the hand of profit-making, and mass-production at the cost of treating
everyone as a brother. (sister, mother, father, child).
Basically, anything that is not *of love* is of fear, including hate, or thinking of others as idiots. If it is not of love, however, it is not real. And that is *the thing* those with dark agendas do not want people to know. It's a "secret" that must be kept out of the hands of those who would release themselves from the prison of not-love, and would recognize that not-love is not real. Imagine the power of people en masse recognizing themselves as being radiant, and far more whole than they ever dreamed of!

No need then for anything that is aimed at small bodies, with small fears of being weak. all that would be as inconsequential as a speck of dirt on one's shoe.

Here's the important piece. Do not fear that these vaccinations will become mandatory. Do not feed fear states, spread lies ("news") and fill your head with what you *don't want*, but focus instead on good health, kindness, gratefulness for all that's good, strength and what is God-given, which is beyond all sects and divisions,
knows only love, and is this: true worthiness in each one of all that is good and True. Darkness (or what is 'hidden in plain sight) has no defense against this kind of light.
Meditate and increase stillness of all kinds, practise loving everything, and forgiving everyone...

(and eat good food that is live and does no harm)

Yes, do all that can be done to stop that happening, since acts are important to a growing sense of certainty and faith: sign petitions, etc. but know too, that if it does come to a point of one's back being up against the wall, and a forced program (which I do not think will happen: remember, part of the plan rests on people demanding the 'shots', so that it *appears* to be all above board, safe and caring of the populace; as if the WHO, etc. had simply responded to a cry for help, rather than something else),

if it does come to that point of a forced program, this will sound radical, but just consider that there are more things in Heaven and Earth than in your imagining - these vaccinations will be 'disabled' by a force that is greater than any earthbound 'plan'. thuis force is aligned with Truth, which is an attribute of Divine creation, which is, in the end, the Home of every creature. In simple terms,
the dark plan will fail.

stay in the light. have faith.

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