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Re: The Candida is Killed by Alkalinity Myth-Repost
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: The Candida is Killed by Alkalinity Myth-Repost

 More evidence that acids control Candida:

"Acidity and candida. Yeast thrives in an alkaline environment. Gastric hydrochloric acid deficiency is widespread and allows yeast to survive passage through the stomach. The colon and vagina should be slightly acid, which would discourage yeast growth. However, in many people they are alkaline due to improper bowel flora, enzyme deficiencies and diets high in fruit and other carbohydrates."

"Slow metabolism, deficient acid in the stomach, an over-alkaline intestinal tract and copper imbalance allow candida to flourish in the body. Weak adrenals, improper bowel flora, diets high in sugar and taking antibiotics, antacids, birth control pills and steroid hormones contribute to candida infection."

Note the parts about over-alkaline intestinal tract, low stomach acidity and antacids, which can be caused from ingesting sodium bicarbonate or calcium lime, and antibiotics that kill off the acid forming Lactobacillus bacteria.

More from the above site:


In their order of importance, causes include slow metabolism, copper imbalance, alkaline intestines and tissues, medications, high carbohydrate diets and other toxins. Most people with candida are slow metabolizers. While their cells are more acidic, their intercellular spaces are too alkaline. Their bodies do not generate enough acid end products of metabolism such as lactic acid. Calcium, an alkaline-forming element, also builds up adding to the alkalinity. Candida thrives in an alkaline environment and becomes able to invade tissues and cause serious illness.

Slow metabolizers are also often deficient in hydrochloric acid. Stomach acid normally kills candida. This is one reason acidophilus, an acid-forming organism, often helps alleviate candida."

"Antibiotic overuse ranks high as a cause for candida. Acidophilus and other friendly yeasts help maintain an acidic intestinal environment. Antibiotics often kill acidophilus. E. coli and other bacteria replace the friendly organisms and produce an alkaline environment in which candida thrives."

"Antacids and other drugs that reduce acid may worsen candida by creating a deficiency of stomach acid. Ulcers and heartburn are often due to wheat allergy or factors other than excess stomach acid. Antacid drugs include Prilosec, Prevacid, Zantac, Pepcid, Tagamet, Mylanta, Malox, Gaviscon, Riopan, Rolaids, Tums, Nexium and others. Birth control pills and steroid drugs such as cortisone or prednisone also contribute to candida."

LAB stands for lactic acid bacteria "LAB are also known to inhibit C. albicans colonization of the epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract in mice and subsequent hyphal invasion and systemic infection (45)."

"Lactic Acid *
Acetic Acid *
Short Chain Fatty Acids *
These 3 lower the intestinal pH - making it too acidic for Candida to thrive"


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