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Family vs National Domestic Dispute
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Published: 20 years ago

Family vs National Domestic Dispute

Preface: I had been very against rushing to war in Iraq until 2-3 weeks ago. I have now solidly changed my mind and am in complete support of getting in there and changing that regime despite what France, Germany or any of the other nations say or do. Screw them, is my new attitude.

I am not sure why I made such a swift and divergent change and have been searching for answers. Maybe someone can provide me input based on my thoughts...... I don't want to hear the anti-war BS, I don't want to hear the anti-Bush BS; I want discussion about why I may have changed my mind based on thoughts going through my mind.

This is some (but by no means all) thoughts that have been going through my mind in contemplating this change:

- 70 years ago "a man's house is his castle";
- 70 years ago a man could beat the crap out of his wife and a policeman would never enter that house ("domestic dispute");
- 70 years ago a man could have an assault rifle, pistols, dynamite, cyanide, etc and no one would take it away;
- Today, if a man raises his hand to his wife, the policeman kicks down his door, beats him with a club and puts him in jail for 10 years. He now goes to jail for owning an assault rifle or any other deadly device. And we ALL think this is GOOD.

We changed our views, beliefs and laws in the (Western) domestic world to make it a better place for all people, in that house, neighborhood or city.

- 60 years ago the world looked away when Germany was frying Jews by the millions .... "domestic issue"; when they moved to killing Jews in Poland, Austria, France (yes, the Vichy): don't get involved.... "domestic issues"
- 60-100 years ago the world looked away while the Japanese slaughtered, tortured and enslaved Koreans, Mongolians, Chinese, Philippino's, Indo-Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.... don't get involved... "domestic issues"
- 60 years ago we had to fight a 5 YEAR LONG WWII to correct those injustices - This was a "great war for a good cause" fought by "The Greatest Generation"..... and this was claimed a GOOD thing.
- 58 years ago the US dropped atomic bombs that killed 50-100,000 men, women, children...... of course that was a terrible thing, but it was viewed as GOOD because it saved millions of lives that would have been lost on all sides with an invasion of Japan to end the war.

We could go on with dozens of examples of why/how the world turned a blind eye to wicked regimes that slaughtered their own people.... in the name of "National Sovereignty" and "domestic dispute", the world still simply turns away from "domestic" human suffering. We looked away while dozens of countries built nukes around the world.

- Has not the Iraq regime gassed his own people by the 10's of thousands?
- Gassed his neighbors?
- Invaded his neighbors "house" in 1991?
- Doesnt all of his illegal weapons offer a grave threat to his neighbors and others in the world?

- Is it not time that the world move forward just as we have on the domestic side?
- Is not the UN resolutions, just like modern domestic laws that were put in place to protect women, control weapons and dangerous items?

I don't want the US to be a world policeman who "kicks in the door, beats the "head of state" with a stick and locks him up for 10 years....... but it is obvious that the UN will not and cannot enforce the laws (resolutions) that will protect the Iraqi people, the neighborhood and the world.

I would not have liked to be the FIRST policeman who went up to that "domestic dispute", kicked down that "man's castle door" and hauled the bad boy to jail. But, that first policeman did a right, just and GOOD thing for us all. He was certainly chastised and criticized by all the "boys at the pub" (France/Germany), but what he did was right....

I think this is one reason I have changed my mind.... Somebody tell me where I am off.

PLEASE........... I don't want to hear any lectures about "national sovereignty"..... I have a right to privacy in my home, too, but I can't beat my wife or make illegal drugs in my home.


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