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Re: *sigh* there any way i can "exercise" my peristaltic muscles??

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valerie_cct Views: 27,026
Published: 12 years ago
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Re: *sigh* there any way i can "exercise" my peristaltic muscles??

I couldn't agree more with the posting above listing 3 ways to strengthen peristalsis. Unfortunately these 3 items are the only techniques that can actually improve the muscular tone of the colon. There is just no magic bullet.

The walls of the normal colon are lined with muscles and what colonics and enemas can do is to provide them with exercise similiar to what lifting weights do with building muscles in the upper body. They do this after the colon has been cleansed by introducing water to provide pressure against the colon muscles, and then allow those muscles to contract to expel the water. At first pressure from the colonic machine and massage from the therapist help start the process, but after time the muscles have strengthened to the point where they are able to eliminate more each session.

I'm a practitioner of colon hydrotherapy and for the past 15 years have treated a large number of clients who have sought treatment for what is commonly referred to as a "lazy bowel". I was familiar with this condition before I began giving colonics since it's something that had been passed down from my mother's side of the family for several generations, which indicates that there is a genetic component to it, and I was no exception.

Lazy bowel occurs with different levels of severity in individuals, from the very mild to severe cases where daily enemas are required to produce a bowel movement. Fortunately, most people's colonic muscle tone can be improved by abdominal exercises, colonics and home enemas as required. The worst thing you can do is to ignore the call of nature and allow waste matter to bulid up in your colon which over time can deaden the nerves that tell the body when to begin peristalic activity. Today's fast paced life style and family and employment commitments often make this difficult. Women especially tend to be subject to more pressure and stress which is why women are from 4 to 8 times more likely to suffer from constipation than men.

It's important that your bowels eliminate 100% of accumulated fecal waste every day, not every other day or 2 or 3 times a week. Just imagine if your bowels moved every day without fail, but each movement only eliminated 99% of the day's waste. After 100 days, in just over 3 months, you'd be carrying one extra day's waste inside you. Imagine what you'd be like after a year or more? And trust me, I treat people in just this situation on a regular basis.

Enemas don't have to be messy or uncomfortable if they are done properly. I've had them since childhood and still use them often and always feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards. There have been many times when I've actually looked forward to an enema, the most recent being getting home late last night after a long drive home after a family get together to celebrate the 4th of July. It helped me relax and fall soundly asleep after being tense and wound up after the long drive.

So don't rule out colonics or enemas before you give them a try. They are a lot healthier than than allowing waste matter to build up and remain in your colon.

Best wishes, Valerie

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