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Ozone and Magnesium having massive positive effects...
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Published: 12 years ago

Ozone and Magnesium having massive positive effects...

I won't go into my sob stories but I had a smell which oscillated between all the bad things you can imagine for years. Screwed me up badly, considered suicide. Maybe I had tmau, I dunno. Anyway, at certain points in my life I managed to keep it under control so I've been trying to recreate the protocols I stumbled on. I had an Ozone generator when I was 25, felt good, no problems. Had Mg supplements a couple of years back and controlled it well.


For the last week I've been taking Magnesium supplements and that's really helped... believe me I thought I had tried everything. Got inspired by the post on here about the French doctor who took dolomite. Mg really does clean you out. No need to fork out for expensive oils, though I'm sure they're good. I used Milk of Magnesia as a mouthwash, and body deoderant. 2ndly, Mg supplements internally helped. Be careful not to go overboard. RDA is 400mg, some doctors have done up to a gram but please do your own research and take it slow. From what I've read its difficult to toxify yourself with Mg, you will just get a bit of Montezumas revenge. You have to balance it with Calcium but researchers dispute over the ratios. If you're taking a Mg/Ca supplement you may be just perpetuating the imbalance.
If I took too much Mg without Ca I would get a bit sleepy and my blood pressure would feel low.
I would ask those guys on the Mg forum, they probably know a lot more than me. It should be fine for 99 per cent of people but I'd hate for someone to hurt themselves if you're one of the few that high dose Mg is contraindicated for.


Wow this stuff is good, and it's the reason for my handle. As you know, the sweet smell after a storm is partially caused by ozone. That nonsense about the ozone count is a laughable lie. Try and find a documentary called Ozone and the Politics of Medicine, good luck though, cos it's been purged from the net.
Anyway, I went and bought a cheap Ozone generator this afternoon from a medical supply wholesalers, 69US- not going to tell you which brand so's you dnt think I'm advertising. I was going to leave it a week to make sure it's working but I've seen posts here about people contemplating suicide (like I said, I did too, many many times) so I thought I'd get this info up ASAP. 2nd, 03 seems to be working so fast that I thought I'd share my healing journey with you all.
I KNOW it's possible to kid yrself that something is working when you are chronically ill, but I remember the feeling from when I was 25, it's like ingesting pure spring in a bottle when you drink 03 water. You DO have to be careful when you're making it, as it can irritate your lungs and be dangerous if yr asthmatic, but if you do it in a well ventilated place you'll be fine. If it's in water the body seems to love it.
How do I feel? Really fresh! I haven't felt like this in years and it's only been a few hours. All I've been doing is drinking ozonated water and making my own ozonated Olive oil for a moutwash, as I had a been of tooth decay. Magically, the smell from that tooth has nearly gone. It's like, God, I can't explain, just a really fresh feeling throughout my body.
If you get a smelly sock and hold it against the outlet of an O3 - Ozone generator for a few minutes the smell goes! Big deal, right? So what? But it's not just masking the smell, it's killing the bacteria. Weirdly, the sock'll stay fresh smelling for hours.
TPTB are keeping a lid on 03 therapy because it has some massive benefits and could put them out of business.

Anyway, I advise you all to get on the Mg and 03 forums cos those guys'll be able to guide you all a lot better. Why not just go over and ask them on what protocol they'd advise for your conditions? My 03 generator puts out 200mg per hour, I think. I just checked and they've got them on ebay for 50-70 bux, don't know if those brands are any good though.

I wish you all the best with this living nightmare of a condition. I am someone who's spent thousands of dollars on EVERY product out there, a lot of things helped a lot but not as much as these two.

So I am now at your service, I will answer questions on this thread so all can benefit.

Peace to all,

After a sTORM


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