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Using BF&C to restore bones, flesh & cartilage +++

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J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine
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Published: 12 years ago
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Using BF&C to restore bones, flesh & cartilage +++

Well, after receiving two emails regarding using the BF&C formula to regrow nasal cartilage (and another inquiry regarding BF&C), (BF&C is short for bone, flesh & cartilage) seems it's  time to get this truth into  print :)

Below my sign off (you may want to read it first) in an excerpt from "The School of Natural Healing" which gives a brief overiew on how Dr. Christopher came to create BF&C and some of the healing stories associated with it's use.

There are several things that need to pointed out here, because many (many!) people have been led to believe that they can take this formula without doing anything else, and body parts will miraculously start growing back (and I can understand why people might have that assumption).  But that is not necessarily the case!  While it is possible that this might occur, it is not probable.  It seems like everyone in the business of 'selling herbal products' tends to leave out THE most integral aspect of how they work (and what Dr. Christopher and his patients did to ensure that happened)...and that was a FULL BODY/SPECTRUM PROGRAM!  Virtually NO ONE that was treated by Dr. Christopher walked away with a simple bottle of herbs - they walked away with a complete change of diet and/or juicing instructions, a full range of herbal products and a list of protocols...and likely a few lifestyle changes.
This is best explained/understood by reading the following interview with Dr. Schulze, regarding Dr. Christopher's Eyebright Formula:
INTERVIEWER: Why have my readers got such disappointing results with Dr.
Christopher's eye formula?
SCHULZE: The first reason goes to what we talked about earlier; poor
quality commercial-grade herbs. You want to make sure the herbs are
organically grown or wild-crafted. (Note from Unyquity: Dr. Christopher’s children –who own/operate the company now- no longer use organic/non-imported herbs in his formulas AND they have significantly altered Dr. Christopher's original BF&C formula) You cannot trust where commercial
herbs were grown, and how they were treated when they were imported
into the U.S. Why would you want to use a formula to remove toxins
from your eyes, and then use herbs with poisons in them?
On top of that, people are getting the herbs in powdered form. I
think there is hardly any of the volatile oils and potency left in the herbs
they're using.
The second problem is that people are not using the formula
enough, because it's been too difficult to use. Most people will not go
through the trouble of making the eye tea every two days, straining it
and heating it after taking it out of the refrigerator, and then making sure
they don't heat it too much, and then repeating this whole process six
times a day: As I'll explain later, I've made the whole thing much easier.
The third reason people aren't getting results with their eyes is
that, again, this is a dedicated program.
Whatever results the patient gets are dramatically reflected by the amount of work that they put into the program. If someone just uses the eyewash by itself, they can expect some differences. If they use it six times a day; they can expect better differences. But if they use it six times a day along with having that juicer going, and juicing themselves three glasses of carrot juice a day; and getting all that vitamin A in their system, then it's even better.
If they use it along with brain herbs like ginkgo biloba and cayenne and rosemary to stimulate more blood and oxygen to the brain, then it's better still.
And if they use it along with getting on their slant board, or slant couch once or twice a day; now we are talking about seeing dramatic results.  People just tend to do one thing and expect it to create a miracle, and you really have to put the whole program together
I might say that over the years, too much emphasis has been put
on just the herb formula - and not enough on the other things that Dr.
Christopher said and talked about.
If you just use the herbs and don't cleanse your body --
you may never get the healing that others do.

INTERVIEWER: That's a good point, Richard. Over the years, people took out of his teachings what they felt like.

SCHULZE: They just took the herbs. Basically; it's just the herbs.
And if you read Dr. Christopher's writings; if you look at his
books, Dr. Christopher would spend hours telling people about what he
called the "mucusless" diet. It's a high-fat diet that causes eye disorders,
cataracts, and cholesterol deposits in the eyes.
You can't expect to clean the mucus and bacteria out of your eyes
and get your eyes clean if you are packing it in just as fast with your food
program, and if your liver is clogged and dirty and your blood is filthy.
Dr. Christopher created all of these programs that were full-
spectrum. The herbs were just to accentuate all the work that you are
also doing on these programs. And somehow over the years this has
been lost to where they think, "Well, to fix your eyes, you use Dr.
Christopher's eyewash."
INTERVIEWER: And to fix your kidneys, you do this herb, and to fix your this,
you do that, and so on.
SCHULZE: That's what happened. As I just said, the foundation of all
of Dr. Christopher's programs was the mucusless diet. He was a fanatic
about eating a clean food program that cleaned your body; fed you with
super nutrition and also promoted better elimination of the poisons from
your systems.
And, of course, that was his diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds
and grains. And people out there will stay on their diet of Budweiser,
pepperoni pizza, and constipation, use the eyewash and say; "It didn't
work for me." Well, that wasn't the whole program.
INTERVIEWER: So you saw the results that he used to talk about.
SCHULZE: Absolutely. I saw hundreds of patients who had tremendous
results with all his programs. But again, Dr. Christopher used a whole
spectrum of natural healing programs. Yet, so many people today; out of
their laziness, are so stuck with their current life-style that they only use
the herbs. And what is amazing is that, many times, it works. I'm always
amazed at the power of herbs, when people just use them on their own.
INTERVIEWER: And it works when they don't do the rest, but they can't count
on it.
SCHULZE: Absolutely: But you can't ever count on it. And where the
power of these programs really comes through is when, as a foundation,
you use the vegetarian food program; you add to that your bowel
cleansing, which is the beginning.
Of course, Dr. Christopher was strong with everybody about
cleaning the bowel, but he was just as strong about cleaning the liver.
Everybody who worked with Dr. Christopher got a good food
program and the liver and bowel cleansing, even if it was just to work
towards doing that eyewash. Unfortunately; over the years people have
kind of picked and chose what they wanted to from the Dr. Christopher
routines. That's one big reason why people aren't seeing the cures he
talked about.
INTERVIEWER: So they say it didn't work, he was just telling big stories.
He didn't make any of these results up. It's the people
 who have watered down his programs, and who have substituted commercial-grade herbs for the fresh herbs he got from around the state of Utah, or wherever he lived at the time
Why is this so?  In a nutshell (a very tiny nutshell!) the schematics of the human body are so complex they defy science - so complex that they make the schematics of the space shuttle look like a Tinker-toy.  Throughout these schematics our bodies are hard-wired with the ability to heal & restore themselves from anything (and Dr. Schulze/Christopher proved this was true thousands of times).  What we have to do is everything we can to ensure that these schematics can work!  When our diet is NOT natural; when we are dehydrated; when our digestive tract is NOT assimilating nutrition or expelling waste properly; when our circulation is degraded and our oxygenated blood is 'thick as molasses' when it should be thin like water; when our liver & kidneys are compromised; when the electrical hard-wiring throughout our body is demented by unnatural radiation & EMFs...and when this is the case: (staring with the paragraph that begins "One problem, and a very big one") ...the natural healing schematics and hard-wiring do not function "naturally" :(

AND (this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!): The use of various supplements almost always throws off the healing schematics and natural homeostasis of the body... (be SURE to read the info in the link above, PLEASE).  Even THE most innocent of supplements 'Vitamin C', artificially raises iron levels and lower copper levels (amongst other things).  The body's NATURAL HEALING SCHEMATICS CANNOT WORK PROPERLY if one is CONSTANTLY ingesting supplements that do this.  It is NOT NATURAL to isolate any substance from any plant (no matter how needed or beneficial that substance may be), and put it in the body without all the various phytochemicals, alkaloids & essential oils that are found in it's natural forum.  We cannot use 'alternative science' (which is based on allopathic science) to restore our body to it's natural balance & homeostasis.  I call it "supplement roulette", and I highly recommend you don't play.  Look around CZ, VERY few people are ever winners.

Any ONE of these things is MORE than enough to throw off the natural healing schematics of the body - it certainly throws off the body's "prioritization schedule".  The blood must be kept at a consistent 7.35 pH - one point off, and we die - it's that simple.  All the chemicals, poisons and toxins in our body FORCE our liver & kidneys to prioritize just that one aspect of health.  If they are overworked and overburdened, running on hyper-drive 24 hours a day simply to detoxify & balance our bloodstream, how in the WORLD can our bodies be expected to find the time & energy to deal with 'cartilage regrowth' (or any other aspect of the 'backlog' that grows daily while the body is running on less than ample fuel and pure water to even keep the body from degrading)? 
It can't.   And if we expect our bodies to be able to utilize it's natural healing schematics, it's up to us to make sure our body is in as close to it's natural state as it can be.

So, just what IS a full body/spectrum program?  It's some level of the Incurables Program here: 
(This is an outlines of Dr. Christopher's full body/spectrum program which is now 40-60 years old, and must be upgraded and intensified to even have a chance at achieving the same/similar results).  At the very minimum, it's essentially a raw/semi-raw vegan diet (preferably with juicing and/or juice fasting - the juice-fasting makes a HUGE difference very quickly: JUICE-FASTING: The POWERFUL healing therapy!); Superfood for fuel and adequate nutrition (because even with the best of organic diets, we're still lacking vital nutrients);  eliminating all (or as many) toxic chemicals in our food, water, environment; drinking only distilled or RO filtered water; using the herbs one needs to ensure 3 bms daily, colon cleansing; parasite cleansing; basic liver & kidney work/flushing; & daily raw garlic & cayenne.  The list in the first link above addresses everything. 
I can not know which things anyone can 'leave out' and still have success, because each and every aspect of the full program affects each and every part of the schematics in some way or another - and no one can really know WHICH aspects are integral to the schematics needed to achieve the healing desired (and which aspects are most integral for any one individual).
Since both inquires I have received are regarding regenerating nasal cartilage, I will elaborate what I would do if I were doing that (along with as much of the full program as possible):
--I would read through this to learn the proper way to make BF&C tea (and see more BF&C stories):
--I would take 4-6 droppersful of BF&C tincture 3-4x daily (one month = 360 - 720 droppersful = approximately 8.5 - 17.1 ounces (around 2-4 4oz bottles)
--I would make the strongest BF&C tea I could (from the link above) and use it for: herbal fomentations nightly (a cloth soaked in warm tea, applied to the nose/surrounding area, covered with something to keep it moist); soak gauze in BF&C tea and insert into nostrils nightly (alternating nostrils nightly, or both if able); BF&C tea used in a Neti Pot at least once daily (more is always better)

--BF&C oil applied topically (in & out of the nostrils) continuously/daily - (all of the above/below directly to the specific area AND the entire nose, sinus area and any area close)
--Hot/Cold contrast therapy - 1-2 minutes very warm; 1-2 minutes cold - repeated 5-7 times, at least 3x daily (not 'extreme' on the temperature as to not damage sensitive skin).  This vastly increases circulation and brings the nourished/oxygenating healing blood to the area - this rapidly increases healing & restoration of every part of the body.
--Castor oil pack on the nose and surrounding area whenever possible
--Herbal Calcium tincture, 2-4 droppersfull 3-4 x daily
For how long?  I honestly have no idea.  That depends entirely upon the schematics of ones body, how compromised and 'out of it's natural state' it is to start with, the level of damage, and what one is willing to do to put the body back INTO it's natural state.  It's conceivable this could be acommplished in 4-6 weeks, it's more likely to take a 'couple-three' months...but it's very possible one could see substantial improvement in as little as a couple of weeks.  Like Dr. Schulze said:

 Yet, so many people today....only use the herbs. And what is amazing is that, many times, it works. I'm always amazed at the power of herbs, when people just use them on their own.

There are literally thousands of 'herb sellers' out there, that will gladly sell bottles & bottles of herbs without telling people that (almost always) it takes MORE than just the herbs they are selling to accomplish what they want to accomplish.  Heck yeah, I have bills to pay like everybody else, and I'll also sell our top-quality/organic products to anybody that wants to use them.  But I will NOT lead people down some fairy-tale-primrose-path, take their money, and not tell them the truth of how Dr. Schulze & Dr. Christopher accomplished the 'miracle stories' that we read all over the internet!  Dr. Christopher's patients had to do far less than Dr. Schulzes, and we need to do even more than Dr. Schulzes.  But it CAN be done - the only question each of us has to answer is 'how badly do we want it?"   And the one thing I'm doing my best to ensure... is if ANYbody "wants it" and is willing to do the work, this forum WILL provide the support & encouragement they need!

Let truth & freedom REIGN!


From the book "The School of Natural Healing":
Building on his early experiences with black walnut tincture, Dr. Christopher developed the Bone, Flesh and Cartilage formula for skin trouble. The additional herbs made a wonderfully effective remedy for minor burns, infection, cuts, abrasions, bruises, hemorrhages, sore gums, bunions and corns. It also removes calcium deposits that exacerbate arthritis. A nurse in California used it to dissolve a bone spur on her heel. It has healed skin cancers. And it works, as the black walnut tincture does, for eczema, psoriasis, and other chronic skin conditions.

The beloved story of how Dr. Christopher came by the BF&C formula begins when a woman came to his office early one morning, panicky and desperate. Hours earlier, her fourteen-year-old daughter had attempted suicide. She left the daughter in the care of several neighbors to find help from Dr. Christopher. The girl had developed' almost three years before, a severe case of dermatitis, with heavy scales on her face, neck, arms and hands, legs and feet. No physician or specialist had been able to identify her condition, much less find a cure. She began to gorge herself, became extremely overweight, and eventually decided to end her life. As Ray listened to this desperate mother, he offered a silent prayer for help and "a formula came immediately to my mind" as he related it. He jotted the herbs down and gave the mother complete instructions on how to make and apply the fomentation and tea, and sent her to an herb shop to get them.

Four days after this mother had come to his office, she called to report that the scabs and scales were gone, and the girl's skin began to show what the mother termed' "a healing glow." Six months later she was a cheerleader at school and enjoying all the social activities of girls of her age.

BF&C has been known to heal wounds, even surgical incisions that have failed to heal. One California woman had an abdominal surgical wound that had been draining for more than three years. She applied the ointment to the wound and took the capsules internally. Within seven days, the wound was entirely healed.

BF&C has even been known to regenerate tissue. Ray's nephew was a passenger in a car accident, and although relatives held onto him so that he wasn't thrown from the car, he was dragged for some distance along the hot asphalt, and his small fingers were scraped to stubs as far as his first knuckles. Ray gave the child capsules of BF&C and told the parents to mix the powder with honey and wheat germ oil. Within two months, the fingers had healed, complete with perfectly formed fingernails. When Ray next saw his nephew, the child ran toward him and threw his arms around him. "Look, Uncle Ray!" he shouted. "My fingers grew back!"

In a similar story, a young woman came to Ray and said, "How do you like my fingers?" He said he thought they were beautiful, clean, and well manicured. "Can you tell which finger was cut off?" she asked him. He couldn't tell, even when he looked close. She told him her story: her finger had been amputated below the knuckle. She had used BF&C, and the knuckle had regenerated. Gradually, all the bone and flesh filled in, and even the fingernail grew back perfectly formed.

There are MANY more stories of Dr. Christopher using BF&C (along with his complete protocol) to restore all many of bone, cartilage & tissue degeneration.  He had x-ray proof of a woman (with bone cancer) where the cancer had totally eaten away/dissolved a full vertebra & part of another (she, of course, was precariously bed-ridden).  BUT she did his IP program as best she could, cured the cancer, and the vertebrae first filled in with cartilage and then solid bone.  PERFECTLY


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