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Additional things that have popped up in the last few days...
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Published: 10 years ago
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Additional things that have popped up in the last few days...

Hi Unyquity,

I hope you are not overwhelmed with inquiries! I do appreciate you taking the time to consider my situation and am patiently awaiting your advice!

That being said, some things have happened that I'd like to add, in the last 48 hours. Well about 5 days or so ago, I started taking a probiotic called 12 plus I think? It's by Dr.Ohiira. I had read good things about it, so decided to try. I took 2caps once a day for a couple of days, then 1 twice a day for the last few days. At first I noticed that my stomach was bothering me, like maybe it was up (I tend to push my stomach down when it gives me problems. Also, I was really really gassy maybe around day 3, so thought perhaps it was working over my system. I gave myself an enema on Day 4 because I was so uncomfortable. Because severe irritation and IBS are constant for me, just doing the enema produces pain that can last for more than a day, along with spastic stools. I did take some slippery elm after the enema- about 1tbsp in warm water, but didn't notice it helping.

So on day four, the evening, I went to the store, I wasn't feeling good- started to get nauseous, heart racing, my brain was off- and my stomach was cramping like I had to have diarrhea...I used the restroom twice and could not get anything out. On the cab ride home I started reacting to those air freshener thingies....since I have gotten weaker physically, chemicals are starting to bother me again- and by the time I got home just had to wait out the severe nausea, brain fog and dizziness.

The next day, was exhausted and in bed for hours before I could make myself get up- which has been the norm for me for weeks- and my stomach was really hurting again. I had a completely emotional breakdown, which was preceeded by just too much stress thats been going on...Finally around 11am, I had the runs, and continued to have the runs like every 10 min for the next hour...I had to go out to a physiotherapy session with a new clinic for my ankle, and made it, but late! I ended up going a few more times while there, then when I got home, was in the bathroom again every 5-10 min until about 9pm. I noticed that while this was happening too, that my vagina burned, and I was releasing a lot of discharge, which I assume could be yeast. And at times, just a ton of gas.

I took some superfood during that afternoon, and had a banana and a couple of apples. I also put come lemon in water, and some salt in water to prevent from getting dehydrated. I didn't feel sick, except being dizzy and having back pain, but this stuff was just flushing me out completely! I also took Intestinal Formula #2 twice to try and bind things up.

Today I haven't gone at all. I have had three bananas, superfood and a bit of cucumber. I still feel terribly bloated, and my head feels sick. Basically this is a version of what I go through every day. It seems that no matter what, any pressure in my gut, any gas, anything passing through, hit some sort of toxicity, which then makes me feel sick. I go from feeling dizzy, bloated, sick, toxic- like every day. I should probably just have juice, but I know the detox that it can provoke, but I will try to make some later. I also had formula #2 twice today as well.

So, I don't know if I should continue this probiotic. I prefer not to set off such a dramatic cleansing again. In the meantime, do I start a bowel cleanse? Would that help with this contant toxic feeling?

On a side note, the physio recommended some strengthening exercises for my ankle, and thinks that it will take another 4-6 weeks to get better. I haven't done the castor oil packs yet, but have continued the hydrotherapy and ice.

Thanks so much for any and all your help.


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