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Re: Dangers of cesium chloride for cancer

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Dangers of cesium chloride for cancer

I am glad they made some of the changes they did, such as eliminating silver chloride, but there are still a few things I am leery of.

DMSO can be a good thing if used carefully and properly.  Though I generally do not recommend it due to the hassles and safety issues.  My biggest concern is people not cleaning the application site properly.  Because DMSO crosses the skin so rapidly it will also take pretty much anything it contacts through the skin with it in to the bloodstream.  This includes soap scum.  So the area needs to be cleaned really well with soap and water, then again with rubbing alcohol to remove the soap scum before applying the DMSO.

My other big concern is the possible reaction of the hypochlorite, improperly being referred to as chlorine dioxide (a very toxic gas), with the DMSO.  This is based on the Ramirez case a while back in which there was a conversion of the DMSO a cancer patient was using in to toxic DMSO4.  Here is a link to where I discussed it before:

Anyway, hypochlorites are oxidizers, and there is not enough known about interactions between DMSO and oxidizers.  We do know that we can oxidize DMSO with heat in to DMSO2, also known as methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), but not with stronger oxidizers.

Hypochlorites make me nervous anyway.  Again very little is known about their action in the body or interactions with other compounds.  Chlorine is needed by the body, but it also forms some of the most toxic compounds known to man such as nerve agents.

MSM is good, but I still prefer to get my sulfur from natural sources as much as possible.  Commercial MSM is not natural.  Again it is synthesized from the industrial solvent DMSO.

I had a lady one time selling MSM through network marketing try to convince me that MSM was natural.  She said it came from trees.  Actually the DMSO is a byproduct of the paper industry.  This is then heated to convert the DMSO in to MSM.  So I told her that is like claiming plastics are natural since they are formed from naturally occurring oil.

I have never been a big fan of colloidal silver either.  I think it is way overhyped.  And I have found that many of the silver products on the market are either not true colloids or contain very little silver. And they charge a fortune for something that literally takes pennies to make.

I have made strong colloidal silver solutions in the past but rarely did much with them.  The last time I used it was about 15 years ago when I cut half of the last digit of my thumb off on a table saw.  What was left of the cut off part was too mangled to put back on so I figured I was going to have to live with a short thumb the rest of my life.  On a couple of tips (no pun intended) from a doctor friend of mine and some natural healers I combined their suggestions.  The doctor showed me some nylon impregnated with silver that could be put over the amputated area and the silver driven in to the tissue with electrical energy to stimulate tissue growth on the amputation.  He only had a tiny piece though about the size of dime.  So I substituted a very concentrated colloidal silver solution that I would soak the amputation in.  My other friends had mentioned regrowing amputated areas with high voltage through argon tubes.  Keep in mind that the body is electric, and electricity has been shown to stimulate the growth of some tissues, such as bone.  I was willing to try anything, so I looked for a tube.  I could not find an argon tube, but I managed to scrounge a neon tube from a photospectrometer.  I hooked that up to a 15,000 volt 30ma transformer.  I would soak the amputated section in the silver then turn on the power and put the amputated silver soaked area up the tube with the 15,000 volts running through it to help drive the silver in (according to the hypothesis).  First thing I noticed is that was a WONDERFUL pain killer.  And it took 6 months, but I grew the entire tip of the thumb back.  There is just a little, hardly noticeable scar, and I have only recovered about 90% of the feeling in the tip of the thumb.  That I can care less about, I was just so grateful to have the rest of my thumb back!!!

Other than that I have ingested very little as I found it was not very effective for things like colds and flu.  I have other things for that.  And don't ask what because the most effective thing I found again is not safe unless you really know what you are doing.  I did this once though with a cold and all my symptoms were gone within a minute.  And talk about nasty tasting!!!

Silver nitrate is something that is best not fooled with.  It can accumulate in tissues, and it can be poisonous.

This is not to say silver is bad.  I do think it has its place.  For instance silver nitrate had a long history of being used in the eyes of babies to prevent herpes induced blindness.  And Silverdene is used to control infections on burns.  It is just I will not use colloidal silver unless I make it myself so I know how much silver is in it and that it is a true colloid.  Even at that I have other things I prefer in most cases such as herbs, ozone, and radiofrequency therapy.

I am going to cut this short and continue with another post so this does not get too long.  Makes it harder to quote and respond when posts get too long.


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